11-13-2019, 03:06 AM
This is the complete M&E iso track from the blu-ray of this Hammer film, Vampire Circus. The score is by David Whitaker. Files are in wav edited by me.
Please PM me for the link if there is interest.

2.Main Title
3.The Circus Comes to Town
4.To Steal Money From Dead Men's Eyes
5.The Plague / The Sign
6.Circus of Nights
7.Tiger Dance
8.Anton's Entrance
9.Emil's Entrance / Face Off
10.Emil and Rosa
11.Unearthing Count Mitterhaus
12.Mirror of Life
13.Dora on the Run / Bodies in the Woods
14.Anton and Dora at the Circus
15.Mirror of Death
16.The Boy's Bodies Are Found
17.Emil Shot / Anna? / Emil Takes Rosa
18.Drink the Blood, Cousin
19.Anton and Dora at the Mirror
20.Students Attacked
21.Twins of Evil
22.Chapel Attack
23.The Hunt Begins
24.Dora Abducted / The Hunt
25.Emil Kills Anna / Anton Attacks / Emil's Death
26.The Count Awakens / Anton and the Bow
27.Fire / The Bat / End Titles

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great stuff

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Hi. Interested by your work. Possible to have a link. Thxs in advance

11-13-2019, 08:23 PM
When did you rip this? Why I wonder is that I already have this 27track in wave that I got somewhere else...wonder if this is the same rip that starts with an 11,12 min track (all unnamed)

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absolutely fabulous and Amazing upload!!!!

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Got it. Thanks. I remember the intro included in that re-recording.

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