11-13-2019, 01:41 PM

Composer: Geoff Zanelli


Doubtful these exist yet, but does anyone know if they do (and if they do, please upload!)?

There are many uses of JNH's Maleficent score in the film (including e.g. 'The Christening', 'Welcome to the Moors' etc.) that are not included on the released OST. There are other cues in the movie that are not on the OST (such as Maleficent's introduction and flight at the beginning, Maleficent creating the bridge, during the dinner scene's escalation of tensions between Maleficent and Queen Ingrith, etc) that are all really really good!

Perhaps if we don't see these soon maybe someone might upload a DVD rip once it is released.

Also interested in hearing opinions on the score. I personally think it's incredible and Zanelli's best work.

Thanks all - fingers crossed for the release!

11-14-2019, 05:58 PM
I also think it's really good, but I hope next time we get an adventure/fantasy score from him, it's all him.
Now he did a Zimmer & Newton Howard impression. Both of them were really great.

Nowet him do his own thing. His stuff for Christopher Robin was incredible. I want that with a mix of Maleficent 2 and then all his own themes. That will be amazing!!

11-15-2019, 12:21 AM
The reprise of �Queen of Fairieland� at the end of the film was fantastic, shame it wasn�t on the album.