11-15-2019, 09:31 PM
The Film Music of Teddy Castellucci
A fun collection of music from various comedy films scored by Castellucci. The commercial OSTs included no tracks of score, although there are apparently full-score promos of each (some lossy). This 15-track compilation includes music from 50 First Dates, Mr. Deeds, Little Nicky, and Anger Management. There are 3 more tracks (from Deuce Bigalow and Big Daddy) that also appear on a rarer compilation called “Music By Teddy Castellucci*” 6450kZljHQm-mMZ7Bys2mKLS8OZN5jf2rgCqfl4juo7xfnsswNwAEKsPNGxRLb HgNMcE3fAbLe1kqIq7sdbfh3r6NZO0OxJXkX2tVE8FQkc_HYSv 5nCiyxWnNaXPXvHPhSzSXEmra2VgJjOi6ek4-3YMmBZkkR2HiCRFGWIlNlKfqxQPgAl1Y71Z-9286Mll9U_hfSuvjvMK8_9hKV-nD1HcoD9xkUke2goHs0uwQ44zHowtb4Fg5M9IYrJrsMnTyxXbb qwGfj2n9QkFEd5b_SWDrfJnBmYNbx9Lf1nKWdhs0oeo976apxR 37lzmk07AqhYPcsnVlXcsUEbGloo1lvw7By4Z-v0GbnEOoFXOtFFh4Vbou4oBqvXDffT9Cn0Pxt_ExD6fn-eyzG-LKVO4oBZkd4oICqQhMOd2PSj1X_DKtPT7pdivdt6i-d33j5_g6nELm0eitbOsIZi2-Cpl2SYOW4I77ez_sNqucdC9D1fJH0lnMxiI0sdfRp7jfgTa-G_jCSJyEB1r3dPF_-0sqCskmCrGzXu2uZTqlZxN2TEzqrQtQk_q17S_0yRxUT2uvKRJ PKHfeW1CPyjnH--XxE1-INPHeUjjhX8_ZAyoqiGUpobo4gMPG4xKkcHj7Vks2fARc=w793-h350-no

15 tracks on Greenspan Artist Management Promo
Lossless CDR.
LINK is in spoiler.
*The "Music by Teddy Castellucci" promo can be found here: Thread 237414


Password: crybaby
NOTE: This PROMO was distributed free and contains music not released commercially. As of the upload date it had not been registered with the US Copyright Office. However, anyone with sufficient cause can request I remove the link by contacting me by PM or by entering a reply. Thank you

11-15-2019, 11:01 PM
thank you, great share like always! :O