11-15-2019, 09:31 PM
Music by Teddy Castellucci
Another fun collection of music from 3 comedy films scored by Castellucci. The commercial OSTs for these 3 films included no tracks of score. This 12-track compilation includes Big Daddy, Deuce Bigalow and The Wedding Singer. 3 of these tracks also appear on another promo called “Film Music of Teddy Castellucci*” ArOSg1p62MMyEOg09GZA0MLRSGOFtzHumoo64Jiqpn-rgjot3Hn66KN8qFHG5gY8TzXfMy1JwXRqq6-wzSAsDvPkwvZmaUwNbN1qTYoQgJPYGMRzwxFOf0ExQBRK0FIO7 61msJZJTwyQw8H9p7nY9X4xsh4jsReLC11hfdKUDOmNIQkCNJ9 4oWO6Osr118KbGWlU8wwC0YDRpKiBaHneBlQwCVA0k6fKahBSS oonXLyDoh4c-kgFUlcWBWuo2ZPy02q3nvgpiheEWM7x_nUstt06Zxf0qd5gQQ-iW9mNWEs037Lu30ak_dhNXlQh-rTrpHhpLdGP3INz_39Y1h9prvs9QmEBa9BJI0b9bou6xjpEk46 y0D2kRpQfO0n9UqLwDOpe5lo-Dce22PUvr6GgVq6CXerFbK49do9SUsBDkzQryIp4oC-afVC8FkPU0erb6CH7zCAoptjjG4-oGwlr13JTu6bFiVIorAP1xzKe53Ny3_AKUNwpfXbY8YXuJgdge sa14Hm0RZRtvtyqp8kNcmJafh27V0_DN-zk8RVb2B9WFtuPg0qUbYW27_bUKDNCgYqRXvmo-xk5Pwvcz0Z0=w801-h350-no

12 tracks on Blue Focus Management Promo
Lossless, pressed disc.
LINK is in spoiler.
*The Film Music of Teddy Castellucci" Promo can be found here: Thread 237413

Password: crybaby
NOTE: This PROMO was distributed free and contains music not released commercially. As of the upload date it had not been registered with the US Copyright Office. However, anyone with sufficient cause can request I remove the link by contacting me by PM or by entering a reply. Thank you

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thank you, great share like always!! :)

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Many Thanks