07-03-2005, 09:33 AM
split infinity's guide says the following:

SECOND OPTION (this is the one you MUST see to get 100% in the end): Soooo, you wish to know about other, MORE secret approach? Instead of following the girl when you spot her for second time, CONTINUE climbing up and up. At the peak of climbing go LEFT when you can, and now SLOWLY walk toward the floating rocks and hold Circle so that Yuna jumps there - score WHITE CAPE ACC.

I've reloaded the game about 10 times because slowly "walking" to the edge isn't working...she simply will not jump. The rock with the chest eventually raises out of reach, even if Yuna NEVER "runs".

Am I missing something?

07-03-2005, 09:40 PM
nevermind :)

matt damon
07-03-2005, 11:15 PM
oh that!!!!!lol, yeah, that was annoying. umm....if she is not jumping then you are not doing something right. she should jump. also, i don't think that's neccesary to get 100%.

07-06-2005, 03:19 AM
Getting side accessories and stuff isn't even necessary to 100% --- only viewing scenes is. So as long as you saw the infamous "hot springs" scene, you're okay.