07-18-2005, 04:50 PM
i currently have 2 h2h weapons cause i wanted to see what differance was between 0delay and 91 delay,

so i head to the dunes and start to kill stuff with my mythril +1 knuckles

after about 10 fights i change h2h weapon to my tropicals kill 10 mobs,

then i ponder to myself whats the differance in fact i dont know i couldnt figure it out :S
besides mythril's missing a bit more and doing a bit more damage and tropicals hitting more and doing less damage i didnt see much and thats just due too 10 accuracy on tropicals >.>

(when i said the above i mean i dont see variation in when the h2h weapon hits mob it looks constant with both)

so i ask u whats the diferance between 0delay and 91 delay???

any thoughts or comments that may help i am thankfull for >.>

07-18-2005, 06:36 PM
Delay is the time between hits. In H2H case, it's the base Delay of your H2H (I don't know what that is) added with the weapon that you're using.

07-18-2005, 08:40 PM
hmmm well i kinda understand what u are saying but i am also curious now what is bast time (delay) on h2h combat?

where could this be found..

and i DON'T think delay on h2h weapon matter for some reason.. i may test my 2 weapons farther maby even in ex partys and see if that makes a differance on an IT mob but my theory is no it wont >.<

07-18-2005, 11:43 PM
Delay matters, especially on H2H weapons. I can't give you an exact formula or calculation; for that you can hit this thread ( and sift through the complicated mathematics to find the 'delay and haste' part.

Speaking of Haste, it seems easier to notice the difference with Haste, and +Haste% gear. My experience: with Spartans ( my delay was ~5 seconds. Weapon delay +113. With T.M. Hooks +2 (, ~4 seconds, weapon delay +71.

+0 weapons are obviously faster, but weaker. If you had a higher damage, higher delay weapon, but still a similar hit rate (accuracy) the +0 weapon... let's just say you should put the +0 away.

How Typo went about choosing weapons? Until T.M. Hooks, just try to find the highest dmg weapons possible.

At higher levels post have alot of choices, and it's all about finding the right balance between dmg/delay for you.

07-19-2005, 12:38 AM
i had had my heart set on CC but at a cost of 5-6mill and will probabily go up i may just wait and get the Spartan Cesti at 58 and see how they go i can stretch mythril +1 (till i think darksteel knuckles) witch if i recall are a bit more damage

wow that guy has done alot of research on monk

i also read a few other threads there on the thoughts of whats better and i geuss its all debatable

i read somewhere that 3% haste on fuma is like 1 extra attack in like 50 atatck turns it doesnt sem like much but it sounds like there is more to it ....

i am 45 cause i have been avoiding leveling monk...

i got last job other night got me rank 5 >< i hate castle and NOOB level 60's
the level 60's with me had no clue where to go omg i used 16 powders >>the second time<<

the first time i had a white / red invising me so it wasnt too bad but they decided to get aggro white ben... war MS, and red chain... escape.. >< then they bailed

i hope now that i am rank 5 and have all jobs i find nothing to bother me till cap then af and h2h weapon at 58 and gil for it..

so i set my sights for 60... at 60 i may have to level war till 40 give or take so i can be good till 75.. and this is good goal till like next year lol

07-19-2005, 04:06 PM
off topic UPDATE SUX...i hoped to get on and get a level or 2 today at this rate ill be lucky to get on ><

its been 30 hours and 26 minutes and still cant get on wtf SE doing ><