08-09-2005, 12:41 AM
which weapon do u guys
like i like the duranda.

08-09-2005, 02:59 AM
What level?.. Do we have to have it to like it lol?

your post also asks what weapons and armor yet u never said armor u liked ?

hehe chain mail thats PIMP :D

neckchopper <>

its a good axe

equips depend on level <> hmm,\ more fun things..

>O< the best weapon yall ever get >>

what is duranda >< i checked ally couldnt find nothing >< maby i be a little tierd from your post i assum u are in ya 30's but dont really know....


08-11-2005, 04:00 PM
duranda is two hand sword lvl 48 warrior/dark knight/paladin.
the armor i like best is the scale armor.

08-12-2005, 10:27 PM
Excaliber... problem is that the sword is a total pain to get. ;_; But since the thing does damage proportional to your current HP (thus ignoring defense but I don't know the percentage) and has Knights of Round WS (which I believe has a higher percentage of proportionality than a normal swing)... it better be damn hard to get.

08-15-2005, 07:34 PM
yea it is

09-23-2006, 04:26 AM
Here is a DRK gear guide I have been putting together for my LS. I haven't finished it 100% because I took a break for a few months an came back to a TON of new gear that I have been digging through deciding what is best. I will continute to edit the guide so check back every so often for updates. Here is the guide, any additions please tell me and I will be sure to add them in.

1 Bronze Zaghnal ~ Dmg:14 Delay:480
10 Legionnaire's Scythe ~ Dmg:27 Delay:495 Str+2 Vit-1 ~ Very nice scythe for a low level, recomend using until level 20 when you get cruel scythe. Nothing is better until then.
20 Cruel Scythe ~ Dmg:40 Delay:513 Int+2 Mnd-2 Light-2 Darkness+2 Additional effect: Impairs evasion ~ Replace this with Legionnaire's Scythe. This scythe is very nice because the additional effect kicks in quiet often, helps your pt mates out alot.
27 Frostreaper ~ Dmg:42 Delay:480 Ice+6 Additional effect: Ice Dmg
30 Mercenary Captain's Scythe ~ Dmg:51 Delay 528 ~ Strongest scythe up till 43
37 Harvester ~ Dmg:53 Delay:480 Additional effect: Vs. plantoids = weight
40 Mythril Scythe ~ Dmg:64 Delay:528
43 Raven Scythe (AF) ~ Dmg:68 Delay 528 Str+2 Int+2 ~ Wonderful scythe, best AF weapon imo. The dmg is very nice, an the +str an int is great for ws modifiers (even tho all ws at this lvl suck)
47 Falcastra ~ Dmg:66 Delay:466 Dex+4 Agi-4
49 Barbarian's Scythe ~ Dmg:76 Delay:528 Accuracy-5 Attack+25 ~ This is a nice scythe, i personally didnt like it because im a elf an the -5 accuracy really hurt me. Suggest any elvaan to skip this an stick with their Raven Scythe for now
53 Bone Scythe ~ Dmg:78 Delay:502 ~ Switch from Raven scythe to Bone
58 Vassago's Scythe ~ Dmg:84 Delay:528 HP-5% Accuracy+5 ~ This is a must get scythe, it can be on the expensive side, but it is extremly powerful, i personally used this scythe until 66 ( plus it looks bad ass)
62 A L'Outrance ~ Dmg:76 Delay:480 Additional effect Vs. beasts: Darkness damage ~ Decent scythe, you can use this if you cannot afford a Vassago's. It drops off a doomed NM in Onzozo called Hellion (can be taken down by a pt of 70's)
65 Darksteel Scythe ~ Dmg:89 Delay:528
67 Ascention ~ Dmg:79 Delay:480 Fire+8 Light+8 Additional effect Vs. undead: Fire damage
73 Death Scythe ~ Dmg:97 Delay:528 Additional effect : HP Drain ~ This is personally my most favorite scythe, the HP drain kicks in alot but doesnt drain alot of hp at a time. Best scythe to do spiral hell with imo, i highly recomend getting this (very cheap also, costs about 20k)
73 Orichalcum Scythe ~Dmg:97 Delay:528 Acc+2 M.Acc+2 ~ This was my choice for a end game scythe.
73 Tritons scythe ~ Dmg:98 Delay:513 Acc+3 M.Acc+3 ~ HQ version of O.Scythe. RARELY crafted
Great Sword
1 Rusty GreatSword ~ Dmg:14 Delay:456
5 Death Bringer ~ Dmg:20 Delay:466 Attack+8 Def-6 ~ Can be quested from Zeid or bought on ah for like 2k
13 Burning Claymore ~ Dmg:27 Delay 431 Additional effect: Fire Damage
18 Braveheart ~ Dmg:30 Delay:444 Dex+2 Accuracy+5 ~ Beautiful greatsword for a low level, both stats are very important for drk
20 Mercenary's Greatsword ~ Dmg:33 Delay:431 Attack+7 ~ Suggest skiping this and staying with braveheart
24 Barbarian's Sword ~ Dmg:37 Delay:444 Accuracy-5 Attack+15 ~ Like the Barbarian's Scythe this sword is powerfull, but the Accuracy down is not good for darks natrual low accuracy (especially if your a elvaan)
27 Inferno Sword ~ Dmg:40 Delay:456 Additional effect: Fire damage
31 Demonic Sword ~ Dmg:44 Delay:456 Darkness+8 Additional effect: Darkness damage ~ Switch from barb. to Demonic
39 Ice Brand ~ Dmg:53 Delay:456 Ice+8 Additioal effect: Ice damage
47 Faussar ~ Dmg:61 Delay:480 ~ Decent damage, Trade up from Demonic sword, keep this until level 54
54 Dark Steel Claymore ~ Dmg:71 Delay:489
60 Zweihander ~ Dmg:76 Delay:456 ~ Nice sword, strong and looks a little cool, you can stick with Darksteel Claymore if you do not wish to purchase this, there wont be much of a damage differance
62 Arondight ~ Dmg:79 Delay:480 Fire+7 Water+7 Additional effect: Water damage Rare/ex ~ Very nice sword, recomend camping Cancer for this. Cancer is a lvl 65 crab nm in kuftal tunel (H-7 of map 1)
*66 Mythril Heart ~ Dmg:80 Delay:480 Additional effect: Dispel ~ {Impossible to gauge} greatsword, one of my favorites, the dispel kicks in usually within the first 2 hits in the fight for some reason. It can be expensve but it is worth the money
*70 Balmung ~ Dmg:80 Delay:480 HP-5% Accuracy+5 Attack+13 Additional Effect: Dispel ~ VERY strong sword, VERY expensive as well. If you have money i suggest selling the mythril heart and purhasing this baby, it can be used to 75
72 Subduer(Unlocked version) ~ Dmg:72 Delay 444 Latent effect: Dmg:85 Latent effect: Critical Hit Rate +6% ~ Best greatsword once latent is broken. Latent is broken by doing 500 ws points. This is droped in 2 KSNMS Double Dragonian and Seasons Greetings
73 Balin's Sword ~ Dmg:84 Delay:480 MP+13 Str+4 Int+2 ~ If you cannot afford a Balmung or cannot do the KSNM's, this sword is great for Spining slash because its based off STR and INT, additional 13 mp is nice for us elfs too
*75 Ragnarok ~ Dmg:86 Delay:431 Accuracy+20 Increases rate of critical hits "Scourge weapon skill" ~ Final upgraded relic great sword, if you have 200 mil to spend on upgrades then this is the sword for you, everyone else stick with the subduer or balins

Axe's(Level 71+ only - DRK/NIN)
68 Archa d'Armas ~ Dmg:46 Delay:228 Str+2 Dex+1 Vit-3 Agi-2 ~
71 Tabarzin ~ Dmg:49 Delay:288 Hp+10 Dex+2 Vit+2 ~ Decent axe, the +2 dex is nice since you can dual wield it
72 Woodville's Axe ~ Dmg:50 Delay:288 Str+4 Spell Interruption Rate -5% ~ 1 of 2 best end game axes, INCREDIBLY strong dmg, great for rampage
73 Maneater ~ Dmg:43 Delay:276 Hidden Effect: Attack+18 Hidden Effect: Accuracy+5 Latent Effect: Dmg:49 ~ This is the best end game axe (along with Woodville's) Hidden effects/latent is set off when you have less then 100% tp, once you go over 100% you lose the effects until you WS. This is my personal Favorite axe

Sword (Level 71+ only - DRK/NIN)
65 Ifrit's Blade ~ Dmg:36 Delay:236 Str+3 Attack+10 Additional effect: Fire damage
70 Ridill ~ Dmg:40 Delay:236 Occasionally Attacks 2-3 times ~ Best sword imo, very hard to get tho because it drops off Fafnir in Dragons Aery which is camped by GS botters, If you have the patience an people who will help you, camp that badboy because this will be your best offhand weapon

1 Bronze Cap ~ Def: 2
10 Faceguard ~ Def: 5
15 Bastokan Cap ~ Def: 6 HP: 2 MP: 2 INT: 1
21 Beetle Mask+1 ~ Def: 10 Vs. Ice: -3 Evasion: 1
*24 Emporer's Hairpin/Empress Hairpin ~ HP: -15 DEX: 3 AGI: 3 Evasion: 10 ~ Great head piece, can be very expensive, and hard to claim Emperor due to all the campers
30 Centurions Mask ~ Def: 12 DEX: 1
40 Iron Musketeer's Armet ~ Def: 17 VIT: 2
*43 Walkure Mask ~ Def: 11 HP: 15 Attack+6 ~ This mask an the Valkryies are both great maskes, it is the players choice if they want additional hp or mp, both are rather expensive an drop off nms in beadeux
*43 Valkryies Mask ~ Def: 16 MP: 10 Attack+7~ (read Walkure Mask)
*45 Luisant Salade ~ Def:16 * Str+1 Dex+1 Agi-1 Accuracy+1 Attack+1 Evasion-3 ~ Very expensive and very rare
60 Chaos Burgeonet ~ Def: 23 HP: 12 STR: 4 Dark Magic Skill: 5 Enhances Souleater Effect ~ macro in for WS and absorbs
60 Patroclus's Helm ~ Def:21 Str+2 Evasion-5 Haste+2% Enmity-5 ~ Drops off Biast, NM dragon in xarabard
68 Celata ~ Def: 22 Accuracy+3 Attack+4 Evasion-2 ~ If you cannot get a O-hat this is your next best choice since it is relativly cheap and has attack + as well
70 Optical Hat ~ Accuracy: 10 Evasion: 10 Ranged Accuracy: 10 ~ Best head gear for TP gain
*71 Black Sallet ~ Def:22 Accuracy+5 Attack+9 Damage Taken+9% Enhances Effect of 'Absorb' Spells
*73 Hecatomb Cap ~ Def: HP +12 Str+11 Dex+5 Slow+9%
74 Ace's Helm ~ Def:28 Str+4 Accuracy+7 Evasion-7 Haste+4% ~ Drops off King Vinegarroon in west altepa, good helm for TP gear
75 Chaos Burgeonet +1 ~ Def:27 HP +12 MP +12 Str+7 Dark Magic Skill +5 Enhances Souleater Effect ~ Macro for WS/Dark Magic
75 Wyvern Helm ~Def: 30 HP: 30 STR: 5 Vs. Fire: 10 Addition Effect: Blaze-Spike ~ Macro in for WS

1 Bronze Harness ~ Def: 4 ~
10 Scale Mail ~Def: 11~
16 Bone Harness+1 ~ Def: 15 Vs. Fire: -3 Evasion: 1~
18 Garrison Tunica ~ Def: 15 Dex+1 Chr+1 ~ little extra dex never hurt
21 Beetle Harness+1 ~Def: 18 Vs. Ice: -3 Evasion: 1 ~
24 Chainmail ~ Def: 21 ~
30 Centurions Scale Mail ~ Def: 23 Vit+1 ~
40 Royal Squires Chainmail ~ Def: 31 Dex+1~
43 Royal Squires Chainmail+1 ~ Def: 32 Dex+1 Inside Nation's Control: Attack: 6 Inside Nation's Control: Ranged Atk: 6~
45 Brigindine Armor ~ Def: 32 HP+10 Dex+2 Vit+2 ~ Stupid checkerboard armor, but it has dex which is nice for drk, make sure to bring some checker pieces along when you die d(^.^d)
*45 Luisant Haubert ~ Def:30 Str+2 Dex+2 Accuracy+3 Attack+3 Evasion-12~ Best body armor to wear until haubergon but like its other parts, its very expensive and extremly rare to be on ah
55 Royal Knights Chainmail ~Def: 43 Str+2 Dex+2 Attack+3~ Replace your checkerboard armor with this
58 Chaos Cuirass ~ Def: 46 Hp+20 Vit+3 Attack+5 Enfeebling magic skill+5
*59 Haubergon ~ Def: 45 Str+5 Dex+5 Agi-5 Accuracy+10 Attack+10 Evasion-20 ~ This is by far the best body piece for dark, you can wear this all the way to 75
*69 Hauberk ~ Def: 47 Str+5 Dex+5 Agi-5 Accuracy+10 Attack+10 Evasion-20 ~ This is the same stats as a haubergon but it is part of the thick set (set for TP gain) sell your hauby in an purchase this baby
*71 Plastron ~ Def:40 Str+8 Attack+16 Damage Taken+14% Adds 'Refresh' Effect~ Great to macro in for WS, VERY expensive usually costs around 30 mil, dont worry if you cant afford it 90% of us darks cant
*73 Hecatomb Harness ~ Def:50 HP +16 Str+12 Accuracy+10 Slow+13% ~ Made from N.Abj body that drops off kirin, best body to macro into WS
*73 Adaman Hauberk ~ Def: 53 Str+10 Dex+10 Accuracy+15 Attack+15 Evasion-10 ~ Made from E.Abj body that drops off Niddhogg (dragons aery) If you ever get this baby you can sell your haubergon/hauberk (which ever you have) an replace it with this
74 Chaos Cuirass +1 ~ Def:49 HP+20 MP+20 Str+7 Vit+7 Attack+10 Enfeebling Magic Skill+5 ~ AF+1 is aquired in Sea (end of CoP)

1 Bronze Mittens
10 Legionnaries Mittens
15 San d'orian
15 Bastokan Mufflers
30 Royal Squires Mufflers
40 Ogyogos' Bracelets
*45 Luisant Moufles
*50 Enkalodos' Bracelets
50 Royal Knights Mufflers
54 Chaos Gauntlets
60 Pallas's Bracelets
68 Thick Mufflers
70 Alky Bracelets
*71 Black Gadlings
73 Hecatomb Harness
73 Adaman Mufflers
74 Chaos Gauntlets +1

1 Bronze Subligar
10 Scale Cuisses
16 Bone Subligar+1
*21 Garrion Hose
25 Bastokan Subligar
40 Royal Squire's Breeches
*45 Luisant Brayettes
55 Royal KNights Breeches
56 Choas Flanchard
69 Thick Breeches
*71 Black Cuisses
73 Adaman Breeches
74 Chaos Flanchard +1
75 Galliard Trousers

1 Bronze Leggings
*7 Leaping Boots
10 Scale Greaves
16 Bone Leggings+1
21 Beetle Leggings+1
24 Greaves
*24 Winged Boots
30 Royal Squires Sollerets
34 Bastokan Greaves
*Luisant Solerets
50 Royal Knights Sollerets
52 Chaos Sollerets
67 Rutter Sabatons
68 Thick Sollerets
*71 Black Sollerets
73 Adaman Sollerets
73 Hectatomb Leggings
74 Chaos Sollerets +1

1 Nations Ring
14 Courage RingsX2 ~ Str+2 ~ Best low level STR ring
30 Raja's Ring ~ If you completed CoP and chose this ring, it will be your best STR ring to wear to 75. The str from the ring increases as you level up to +5 str.
34 Venerer RingX1 ~ Accuracy+3 ~ Great low level acc ring, it is rare so you can only wear 1
36 Puissance RingsX2 ~ Str+3 ~ Upgrade your Courage rings to these
*40 Sniper's RingX2 ~ Accuracy +5 Ranged Accuracy+5 Def-10 Darkness-20 ~ GREAT acc ring and is wearable to 75
*40 Woodman's Ring (X2 ~) Accuracy+5 Ranged Accuracy+5 ~ If you dont like the -10 def and -20 darkness from the snipers then you can aim for these rings. They are questable
54 Sun RingsX2 ~ Str+3 ~ Switch Puissance rings for these
* 57 Toreader's Ring(X2) ~ HP+10 Accuracy+7 ~ Obtained from trading item Impetuous Vision for the ring after beating promy vhazl
72 Ruby RingsX2 ~ Str+4 ~ Switch Sun rings for 2 of these for macros.
*74 Flame RingX2 ~ Str+5 Int+2 Mnd-2~ If you can afford it, roughly about 1 ,000,000 a piece, these are the best rings you can get for drk.

1 Rabbit Mantle
12 Travelers Mantle ~Evasion+3 ~
21 Night Cape
47 Jaegar Mantle
55 Royal Army Mantle Str+2 Mnd+1 ~ Rare / ex back piece to macro in for ws. Costs 50,000 CP if you are from San d'Oria
61 Amemit Mantle ~ Str+1 Att+10 R.Att+10 ~ Good mantle to wear if you cant get the CP for Ryl. Army mantle. The 10 Att is nice too.
*61 Amemet Mantle +1 ~Str+2 Att+15 R.Att+15 ~ If you have the money you should purchase this instead of a foragers. Foragers only has 1 more STR then this and same attack but foragers costs about 4 mil extra
*71 Foragers Mantle ~ Str+3 Att+15 ~ This only has 1 more str then the Amemet Mantle+1. If you feel you need that extra str and are willing to pay insane prices then you can go for this mantle. If not stay with the amemet mantle+1

21 Spike Necklace ~Str+3 Dex+3 Mnd-6~ Macro in for ws
30 Ajase Beads ~ ~ very nice neck piece for lvl 30, drops off nm in meriphated mountains(spell check) that pops every 21 hours (no place holders)
*33 Peacock Charm ~Acc+10 R.Acc+10 ~ GREAT neck piece to buy if you have money buy it, or do BCNM. This is perfect for drks low acc
33 Peacock Amulet ~ Acc+10 R.Acc+10 ~ This is the rare/ex version of the peacock charm. If you cannt afford the charm an want to have more acc you can camp Argus in maze of shakhrami
55 Royal Guards Collar ~ Accuracy+4 Attack+4~ Use this until 75 for TP
60 Chivalrous Chain ~ Str+3 Acc+5 Store tp+1 ~ Purchasable with Assault points. Great neck piece. Str and acc is not common in a neck, and the store tp+1 isnt bad in the long run
65 Grand Temple Knight's Collar ~ Accuracy+5 Attack+5~ Trade your Ryl Grd collar for this, obtained from CP
73 Justice Torque ~Str+5 Scythe skill+7 Great katana skill+7 ~ For ws's with scythe. Drops in sea from nm Jailer of justice.
73 Prudence Torque ~ Int+5 Great sword skill+7 Club skill+7. Nm in sea called Jailer of Prudence has to be killed to get this great great sword torque.

7 Leather Belt ~ Defense 1 ~ Only belt wearable at this level
15 Warrior's Belt ~ Hp+3 Vit+2 ~ Again this is one of the few lower level belts. Wear this until 18 and purchase a Brave's belt / Samsonian Belt
18 Brave Belt ~ Str+2 Dex-1 Vit+2 Agi-1 ~ Highley recomend buying this belt. Good belt to macro in for WS or can wear full time. If you cannot afford this belt buy the NQ version of it, the Barbarians belt
18 Barbarian's belt ~ Str+1 Dex-1 Vit+1 Agi-1 ~ Good cheap belt. If you can afford it buy the HQ version, the Bravebelt
30 Mrc Captains Belt ~ Dex+1 Vit+1 Agi+1 Int+1 Mnd+1 Chr+1 ~ Decent belt, some people prefer this over the Brave/ Barbarians belt but I prefer the Brave/ Barbarians for the Str +
40 Tilt Belt(Good for it's level) ~ Acc+ 5 Eva-5 ~ Great belt to wear for TP gain until 48 where you should trade up for a Life belt.
43 Swordbelt+1
48 Life Belt ~ Acc + 10 ~ The perfect belt for DRK. This belt is usable all the way to 75.
*55 Speed Belt ~ Haste +6% ~ Good belt for TP gain. Very hard to aquire on most servers due to the extreme amount of botters.
*58 Master Belt ~Acc+5 Att+5 ~ I would advice to stick with the Life belt over this, but if you feel you need to comepensate for lower att ( if your a taru perhaps) then you can get this, but 5 att is not worth losing 5 acc
71 Warwolf Belt ~ Str+5 Dex+5 Vit+5 Enmity+3 ~ This is a great belt to wear at high levels. Macro in for WS

10 Optical Earring ~ Accuracy+1 Attack-2 ~ Decent for TP gain, we have enough attack to not care about losing 2
10 Energy Earring ~ Mp+2 ~ There really isnt anything else to wear at this lvl
16 Bone Earring+1(X2)
21 Beetle Earring+1(X2) ~ Attack+3 Evasion-3~ Nice earring for a low level, you can wear these until 55 like i did
*52 Accurate Earring ~Accuracy +2 ~ Use if you feel you lack accuracy, but i would stick wtih the attack earrings for now you get an assault earring soon which is attack an accuracy
55 Spike Earring(X2) ~ Attack+5 ~
*58 Assualt Earring ~ Accuracy+2 Attack+5 Evasion-2 Def-3 ~ Best earring imo, this is a very important earing for a drk, switch 1 spike earring for this
63 Coral Earring ~ Attack+5 Evasion-5 Magic damage taken -1%~ Switch the other spike earring for this earring
*67 Triumph Earring ~ Str+2 ~ Good earring to macro into a WS but its quiet expensive an rarely on AH
* 67 Vampire Earring ~ Nightime Str+4~ Good earring for a WS at night, but like the triumph its expensive and not on ah alot
70 Fenrir's Earring ~ Daytime Attack+10 Nighttime Ranged Attack+10 ~ After defeating fenrir you can chose your prize, if you take this you can switch it with your Coral during the day for an additional 5 attack
72 Abyssal Earring~ Int+2 Scythe Skill +5 Dark Magic Skill +5 ~ Nice earring for drks, you get this as a reward for completing DM
72 Bushinomimi~ Str+2 Great Katana Skill +5 Parrying Skill +5 ~ the 2 str is ok for WS macro i guess but the rest isnt that great
72 Supanomimi~ Agi+2 Enhances Dual Wield Effect Sword Skill +5 ~ Good for drk/nin
75 Brutal Earring ~ Enhances Double Attack Effect * Store TP +1 ~ gained

Ranged Attack
55 Lightning Bow ~ Dex+2 ~

The new sachets - race specific
58 Tiphia Sting
55 Goblin Grenade ~ Str+1~
*63 Bomb Core ~ Attack+12~
Ill finish writing stats an suggestions on each thing soon. just wanted to get this up first

Job Abilities
1 ~ Blood Weapon ~ 2 Hours ~ Lasts 30 seconds ~[Allows you to drain your target's HP with your melee attacks] Best if used with Souleater and dagger or axes.
5 ~ Arcane Circle ~ 5 Minutes ~ Lasts 3 minutes ~ [Grants resistance against arcana to party members within area of effect]
15 ~ Last Resort ~ 5 Minutes ~ Lasts 30 seconds ~ [Enhances attacks but weakens defense]~ Use before WS, but becareful because Last Resort draws about the same hate as provoke does
20 ~ Weapon Bash ~ 5 Minutes ~ Instant ~ [ Delivers an attack that can stun the target. Two handed weapon is required] Use to stun AGA spells if your Stun spell isnt ready
30 ~ Souleater ~ 6 Minutes ~ Lasts 1 minute ~ [Consumes HP to enhance attacks] Takes 12% of your Max HP and adds 10% extra DMG to your attacks, best if used with WS (do not use with multihit ws, you will die)

Hands, Legs, and Feet sections still have to be finished. Any help will be greatly appreciated. All information I used in this guide was obtained from and Enjoy the guide :)

09-24-2006, 03:59 PM
Well, as I haven't really levelled WAR or DRK too much, on account of WHM being my main, I can't really remember what one sword stood out from the rest for me, one WAR weapon I do NOT like though, is Chaosbringer. What a worthless hunk of junk.. Crappy damage, slow as an asthmatic slug - if it wasn't required to unlock DRK, then there would be absolutely no reason to equip it.

(Okay, it's not entirelly worthless, in that it can be used later to gain the better sword Deathbringer, but that's besides the point.)