08-13-2005, 10:09 AM
There are many ways to make Gil in game, here are some:

Air Elemental Farming

Level 30+

Air Elementals are found commonly in La Theine Plateau, And they consistently drop 1-2 Wind Clusters, which sell for 3.5 � 4.5K on most servers! This is an immense profit from such a common enemy.

Crystal Farming

Level 30+

Orcs native to San D�Oria drop Fire Crystals - worth about 2-3K per stack on most servers. Going to Ghelsaba Outpost and making a �train� and then killing them with an Area of Effect Weapon Skill quickly racks up the gil, and the crystals.

Moat Carping

Moat Carping is quite possibly the easiest / most reliable means of cash income, seeing as you can do this at ANY level, including level 1. To begin this- you must acquire a Fastwater Fishing Rod, and a few stacks of Yellow Insect Paste. (About 150 gil per stack of 12 on the AH) Then, go through Port San D�Oria, or any other freshwater spot. Set up your equipment and begin fishing! Moat Carp should steadily come in, and sell for 4K a stack on the AH! Note: The only drawback to this is that Fishing becomes highly redundant, however there is sure to be a way to ease the pain.

Leaping Lizzy

Level 30+

Bastok�s own version of Jaggedy Eared-Jack, Leaping Lizzy, is rather painless to kill- being only about level 16. The reward is tremendous though; with Leaping Boots selling for about 250-280K on most servers. The secret to LL hunting is to have sharp eyes when using the �Wide Scan� ability ( only available through BST or RNG sub. ) If you are constantly widescanning, chances are you�ll see the pop first and get the monster! LL boots are about 55% drop rate, and are highly useful for THF, RNG, and NIN.

Light Elemental

Light elementals are found on Lower and Mid. Delkfutt�s tower as well as Qufim island, but only appear during double light weather. (Aurora Borealis) Because of this somewhat rare weather effect, this is not a highly reliable means of income, but a profitable one. As with all Elementals, you�re after their element cluster, they can sell for around 10-12k per clusters.

[Note]: Several Monsters listed here, mostly Giants, drop Delkfutt�s Tower Chest keys: When used on a Treasure Chest, they can drop Gems or about 4-5K Gil. They have a 20 minute pop time. A smart way to go about using the chest keys is this: Acquire a key, open the chest, find another key, resume farming until next chest pop time arrives, then check all chest pop points, (they are fairly close together, and out in the open). and open when you find it. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Magic Pot Farming

Ahh Magic Pots, dating back to before FFVII, this is a classic FF enemy, this is no exception in FFXI. Magic Pots / Jars are found in Lower / Middle Delkfutt�s tower and drop Pot Shards, which sell for 12-15K a stack! As usual, THF sub ( 15+ ) helps with drop rate get about 15% higher.

Doll Farming

These Giant Robot like Creatures pack a mean whallop at lower levels, but lose their sting at 45+. They Drop Doll Shards- (10-12K a stack) and Mercury (10-15K a stack)
Jagd Dolls and Panzer Dolls are what you are after- kill and get rich. As always, THF Sub (above or equal to 15) greatly helps with drop rates.

Delkfutt�s Tower

Level 40+ (Lower to Mid Delk)

Level 50+ (Mid to Upper Delk)

Delkfutt�s Tower is a cookie jar for gil. Using THF sub (Level 5, yes level 5) or above, doubles your gil drop from Giants. Giants drop 100-300 gil per kill, and by mass farming them, that adds up quite quickly.

Maybe you will offense farming, but No Pains No Gains! Farming money is not illegal while farming then selling is. Though the price of Gil has been dropping off according to Game Money Research (www.gameusd.com/ffxi-gil.htm), why not making it yourself instead of buying when you lack of money? Try them and you will be rich too.

08-13-2005, 05:06 PM
The only problem is Lizzy doesn't drop Leaping Boots anymore. He drops an item "like" them that are rare/ex now.

08-13-2005, 05:26 PM
If you're in Windurst, fight Crawlers in Sarutabaruta (from about lvl 5-6) for Silk Thread or Crawler Calculi. Crawler Calculi sells for around 1k gil each at the AH (they can't be stacked though, being RARE/EX items), but Silk Thread however sells for about 3k gil each - and about 20k gil for a full stack. Making them very lucrative to farm.

You can also trade three of each in with a Mithra NPC in Windurst Woods for 600 gil as a part of the 'Creepy Crawlers' quest, but really, that is daylight robbery given the better prices you can get for them at the AH. So, only use this option if you need gil in a hurry and can't be bothered waiting for them to sell at the AH.

Crawlers also drop Smooth Stones, another RARE/EX item, but apart from being needed for a certain quest in Windurst Waters they are practically worthless.

They also drop Earth Crystals as well which can be stacked and go for about 3-4k gil a stack. Just be aware though, Crawlers can be deadly at low levels, as their Poison Breath attack lasts for ages and can easily kill you at low levels. So, take along plenty of Antidotes before fighting them (or have the White Magic spell Poisona available).

08-14-2005, 12:04 AM
3/4k a stack? Dammmmmmmmn They only go for like 1-2k a stack here on Cerberus.

And most elementals don't even go for 10k a cluster

I usually go for the Air Elementals in Tahrongi Canyon or Thunder Elementals in Qufim Island. On Cerberus Wind is generally going for 3-4k at AH and Lightning clusters 2.5-3.5k each..

08-14-2005, 06:01 PM
Depends on the day really. Sometimes Earth Crystal stacks sell for only around 1.5-2k, but lately, they've been going for 2-4k at Windy on Midgard. I don't know how much they go for at Bas, Sandy and Jeuno though...

Hence, I've been farming Earth Crystals quite a bit, although Fire Crystals are still the most lucrative Crystals to farm, as here at Windy on Midgardsormr I've seen them go for about 5-6k a stack. Don't ask me why there is such a huge discrepency between servers - gil farmers are active on all servers, so they're not really to blame for once.

I guess with Midgard's declining population (apparently Midgardsormr is now underpopulated - so much so that Square Enix were offering a server migration here to Midgard recently in an attempt to 'balance' server population out), it's actually driving AH prices up rather than down.

But I'm just being hypothetical..