08-27-2005, 04:57 PM
Well other day i hit 49monk am 900tnl

some other jobs i have leveled are 38 sam, 33war and 32 thief

cap is a pain i have been trying to get it for like 4-5 days now ><

i have got mold and coal

<> am getting bored so i been harvesting/ killing while doing so

in 3 days made me like 400k roughly

i now have grand total of 1 mill >.>

and just dunno what i wanna do any time i get gil i wanna craft >< witch is cool and all but h2h weapons are not cheap not one bit...

at 58 i wanna get spartans there like 2 mill /sigh i dunno i may get tm+1 till then... but the -10 def on them blows with my 2 snipers thats -30 def and dunno how well that would go if i ended up a SATA partner or taking hate <> and ya a galka monk as i am i take hate a bit

i have been looking at all kindsa crafting guides and right now i think since when i harvest i kill bees for bee chips if i made them into bee wax while farming i would have more room more items more gil faster

so level alc.. would be good right now its at 20 with a higher level i could hq

also thought about leathercraft since a 36 leathercrafter can make 400k a day.. on ram leather done right

if i did this i would wanna then level thief to 45 <> take a month + maby ranger to 20 something for better wide scan

i think i am at crossroads with game and dunno what be best to do anymore

any advice what yall do when ya get bored?

or what crafts u do for gil and profit my crafts are <> winging it off top of my head >>
cooking 58
smithing 41
gold 21
cloth 21
wood 22
alc 20
fishing 15
leather 4
bone 18

^^ i think that them all

>< poor level 4 leather /cry ..

like 3 ls members i know make like 200k-400k a day on leather if they farm rams

in last week guy went from under a mill to like 3mill.. or close

i am lucky my ls has alot of people who have been playing a long time yet unlucky cause they distrust younger people in ls to get cap, af, and stuff then leave <> i geuss alot of people have joined in past got these things then left said they disliked ls so i pay for that being i am one of the lower levels in ls

if i am luck i make get 2 astrals outa my 300 seals 2 my friends are level beast and want me to join them in bcnm 20 when they go :D thats awsome

also interesting fact... this bcnm can be soloed by 1 beastmaster

all u do is go in charm one black bat send at other black then at coly use 2 hour,
wait till ya bat near death feed it, once it dies charm other black bat send it at coly, once this bat dies its fight till death with coly

only thing if u do try solo and miss first charm u are dead

soo alot of + charm be good

>< see am bored am rambleing now haha

well if anyone has question just ask or any advice <> feel free <> o where hell typo.............................. this forum dead without ya >..>

08-27-2005, 06:38 PM
Hmm, well, although I'm still very much a low-level player (lvl 20 WHM being my highest Job level currently), as I haven't been playing much lately, if you're bored, some things you could do (which I normally do in the game if I'm particularly bored):

Speak with NPCs in towns and do more mundane quests (I admit, some may find you travelling around killing mobs for certain drops). Although the rewards may not be worth the effort, it increases your fame in that town, which can be helpful in buying items from stores.

Although I assume your rank is probably high, if you haven't already, work on any missions you may be neglecting. Or, if you're bored with your current city, switch alliegences to another city - it's the only way to discover the entire backstory of Vana'diel.

Grab a chocobo from the stable and take a ride through the wilds. I never get bored looking at the scenery in the game, although the mobs are normally too distracting for me to take too much intrest in the surroundings though.

If you have a linkshell, chat with friends on it. Some of the discussions I've had on linkshells in the past have been very interesting, and may not neccessarily be related to playing the game - I've seen other linkshell members talking about such things from philosophy to what they're planning on doing on the weekend (in the real world). It's just like a Forum. If you don't have a linkshell, create your own (they sell for 8000 gil each in Sandy and, I think, Bastok), and give out pearls to it to anyone you like.

Or, chat with friends on your Friend List (I assume you'd have a few people registered on it - give them a call, and find out how they're progressing in the game.

If you're really bored, (and are not already doing so) why not try gardening or fishing? However, if you're anything like me, it can be pretty monotonous with little, if anything, to show for the time invested (plants die after only a day and I catch nothing fishing - not even Rusty Subligar or Rusty Buckets! :laugh: )

There is a lot to do in FFXI, besides endlessly levelling, farming and crafting. You just have to know where to look, and make your own amusement. :)

08-27-2005, 10:36 PM
I am rank 5 fame in sandy is max and i think bastok is max as well

as for ls convo ya its not all game related >> my 1 ls name is Then brothers grim

well funny a movie came out i velieve today with that name <> ls been around more 6 months

guy in my 1 ls spend all his time choco digging as he makes 400k ++ per trip he is a rich bitch lol i have done a bit of choco digging best thing i got was uncommon elm log in konchest highlands

chat i do alot of on game when am on 1 thing i neglect is leveling >< and cant do much that without cap as now i am 49 and if i level i like to level long hard on days off

i could always get windy fame i geuss... since i think it lacks

i wouldnt mind getting all tele scrolls to sell and all ninja scroll that 1.5-2mill easy

but 49 walking in sea serpent gretto well <> you can have this death! lol
(or should i sam i..)

and ya farming well i have like 6mill ++ in gear sooo i know more then leveling just sux

i would fish but can only catch 200 per day ><

if u wanna level fishing do it slow easy and make gil get worms or insect paste and rod of ya choice go to north sandy near mh fish there catch moat carp they cap at 11 BUT
the tri couloured carp cap at like 30+ so u can just stay there till then make loads doing so >.>

i think ls's are sold in every nation ^^

hmmm as for gardening i could try that maby.. i have pot and table in mh anyway <> what seed ya suggest ? i currently sell herb grain and vegy lol?

08-28-2005, 03:23 PM
well i found something to do ^^

i decided getting crawlers nest map would be a way to check out the games land scape lol and wow so far i have been in areas i never new were even around

i have 7/17 tablets so far i need 8 more for map since it requires only 15/17 ^^ i am gonna not get tablets from batallia downs and souromugus champaign

those 2 i hear are mega hard >< so i am doing all the others i have done ones in sandy side and bastok side now to windy ^^

08-29-2005, 11:32 PM
boo ya have map ^^

may blow my gil into alcemy next since hqing bee wax be very profitable since i farm bee chips >.>