Galahad McCloud
10-04-2005, 01:00 AM
I might be a little late to do this, but i shall detail my extensive adventures in the world of Vana'diel as best as i can remember. Being that ive been playing for a year now, alot of things might seem sketchy and some will remember how it was like before FFXI got invaded by gilsellers (mostly chinese players, as well as american players that hunt certain items and sell the gil they get from it for money) and when things used to be more friendly.

I never really wanted to play FFXI, as i didnt like the idea of pay-to-play, nor did i like starting something new and having to deal with idiots and such. After reading some reviews and doing some research on the game, i decided that i would venture into the world of Vana'diel, and see just what is in store for me there.

About a year ago, i started playing FFXI after buying myself a new PS2 and the HDD that came with the FFXI... After updating the PlayOnline browser and FFXI itself, i decided to go through the character creation process.

At first, i wanted to be a galka, being big they have alot of strength and defense... But after careful and close consideration, i ended up picking Elvaan Male from the nation of San d'Oria with the job of Warrior. Choosing a name was more difficult than choosing the character itself, as i had no idea what name would best fit an elvish type character (and none of the names the auto-name generator provided was any good to me). I decided upon the name of Fatali (one of the many words that mean "Fated" in latin), and began my new journey.

Upon entering the graceful nation of San d"oria, i noticed in the opening cutscene that this nation was more civilized than Bastok or Windurst, but being so advanced also made alot of the Elvaan NPC's very cocky (especially the military force of San d'Oria, the Royal Knights). Being relatively new to the whole MMORPG world, i decided to take some time to figure out the menu's and controls, which isnt all that hard after reading through the instruction booklet for a bit and testing out various things. Being new, the first thing you do is talk to as many NPC's as you can, starting quests that you have no idea what they are about or what a quest is, or even where to get the item needed for the quest. Also being new, you are a stranger to the world and dont feel like talking to anyone, having little-to-no gil doesnt help much either, so the only thing really left to do is explore the outside of the town in West Ronfaure after setting my Home Point.

SIDE NOTE: IF you dont find the Home Point (here after refered to as HP) in any of the areas before leaving town, and die... If you visited the Mog House before leaving town, then you will get sent there instead of the HP.

I'll tell you this, you learn really quickly what to mess with and what NOT to mess with at lower levels, and also when to push your luck. Being level 1, the only thing you can fight are Wild Rabbits and Tunnel Worms till about level 4-5 or so, selling ore that you get from the worms and trading in the hide from the rabbits to get gil and quest fame. This usually takes 1-5hrs, depending on how good you are, how much you rest, and how fast you kill things, also depending on what you have equipped.

When i reached level 5-6, i found out that the rabbits wouldnt give any exp to me unless i furthered the forest and went to kill enemies known as Forest Hare and Carrion Worms (around here, you can also start fighting Orchish Fodder, Orchish Mesmerizer, and Orchish Grapplers)... After reaching level 6, i decided to go back to town and re-equip myself with anything new that i can use, having collected some gil from my small trek outside of town (and the support of some people that i had gathered the courage to talk to), i could get me stronger equipment and perhaps even a High-Quality (here after refered to as HQ or +1) piece of gear.... I also managed to get myself a Linkpearl (here after refered to as LS), they were called DragonKnights...

This LS i had gotten was run by a taru named Dragonlady, she was a Red Mage (here after refered to as RDM), she had saved me from being pwned by an orc and invited me to her LS after i was done fighting... She herself, was very skilled, being new herself, her sense of direction wasnt very good (even till this day, almost lvl 75, her sense of direction is still as poor as ever XD)... She had gathered up a group of misfits (myself, Malachia, Lordvader, Shale, Dragonlady, and Aleksis), we were always together from that point on...

But thats a story for my next day of adventuring....

Galahad McCloud
10-05-2005, 08:17 AM
Next day of adventuring begins, i log in and meet up with my newfound group of people to game with, and find out that theyve already started on some quests. They quickly bring me up to speed with what they are doing, and after completing a couple of quests and missions (plus the ones that they did), i was able to get to rank 2 and get myself some nifty items from what we did, after a bit of working on that, we departed from each other to go and exp some more... But not before we head on over to Ghelsba Outpost (first base of the beastmen known as the Orc's) for a little fun, we were joined by a couple other LS members that were same level range as us...

SIDE NOTE: At around this point, ANY and ALL quests that are repeatable, are very much helpful, as they give gil (no matter how little), items, AND fame (which is very very much needed later on for certain quests and areas)....

At Ghelsba Outpost, we just walked through killing everything we could kill, getting what little (and pathetic) exp we could get from the orcs, taking the top road up, we head on up to near the entrance of Fort Ghelsba, where Warchief Vatgit was roaming around. We decided to try and off him, stupidly, just for fun (LOL)... We soon realized, after he ghosted pretty much the entire party in less than 30 seconds, that we would need to get bigger to come back and play with him (we did, at level 12, shortly before going to Valkurn Dunes, we headed back to him and payed him a visit... We got pwned again, only this time, we gave him a run for his money XD)....

After leaving the group, i went and did some exploring, went to East Ronfaure and down to King Ranperres Tomb for some better exp than just what the forest was providing... Being almost level 10, i could fight Goblins and Sheep, as well as Crabs with ease... Being Warrior (here after refered to as WAR) helped me to exp fast with good defense and good attack...

After hitting level 10, i complained to my LS about the crap exp i was getting, so they told me to goto La Theine Plateau and exp off the monsters in there, and after getting directions to that place and setting my HP right outside the zone to LTP (La Theine Plateau), i decided i would save that bit of adventuring for another day and logged out for the night...

10-05-2005, 04:21 PM
Yay, 'nother journal! Heya GM, gonna make this a sticky~ ^.^

Galahad McCloud
10-05-2005, 10:37 PM
thank you typo, im still kinda rusty at writing these things, at least until i get it up to speed with the recent gameplay things ^^

i'll write a journal entry tonight, from like lvl 10 till lvl 35 or so, i kinda forgot alot, so i'll have to think back on it

but i'll tell you this, my being a warrior, ive done some pretty crazy and unbelievable things ;) and any of my friends that are around today, will vouch for it and tell you that i really did do what i say i did... itll make for good reading, thats for sure ;)

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