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This is a new guide from me. It'll be going up on GameFAQs and NeoSeeker soon, but in the meantime, please enjoy this free preview available only at Final Fantasy Shrine forums for a short time:

Hello, and welcome to Agent0042's guide for the Airship non-verbal
dialogue and CommSphere Dialogue for Final Fantasy X-2. Why this
guide? Well, while it's neat to read scripts for games online, these scripts
don't often include a lot of the optional dialogue, much of which is quite
enlightening or funny. Paine and Rikkus' dialogue on the Celsius changes
almost every-time some sort of story event happens and there's a lot to be
gleaned from it. The same thing goes for the area status descriptors in the
navigation menu. Brother and Buddys' also changes throughout Chapters 1-4,
but not quite as often (only after major events.) There are a lot of neat
CommSphere scenes as well that add interest to the game.

Note: If you see an , that means that this is a "default" dialogue, this
will appear if you return from any area without doing anything else
that would trigger a different dialogue. These change from time-to-time
as story events unfold. There are also section-specific default dialogues,
these are denoted by the same indicator, but should be easy to figure out.
Brother and Buddy and other characters will say the same thing until a
story event changes what they say, so there is no special indicator for

*** Please be aware that the guide you are viewing is in progress.
I am fully aware that I am missing a fairly substantial amount right now.
This information will be added in as soon as I have a chance, so please
do not submit it. The only submissions I am accepting at this time are
corrections (I'm doing my best not to make mistakes --- please make
absolutely sure that I am wrong before submitting any correction.)
and information from Final Fantasy X-2 International and Last Mission.
(I don't have this --- if there's anything that can be added to this guide
from that and you can submit it, I would ultra-appreciative.) ***

*** One final thing --- I am not included any airship dialogue / information
for Episode Concluded scenes, as these are already covered in my Episode
Concluded Script. ***

First Time on Airship

Rikku: It's kinda hard to be sphere hunters when we can't even track
down a sphere to hunt...

Brother: Ib, ib yht yfyo! (Up, up and away!)

Paine: You might as well take it easy until Buddy picks up some

Buddy: Still analyzing.

After returning from the first mission

Rikku: Just leave him! We're safer on auto-pilot. Which raises an
important question: What does Brother actually do
around here?

Paine: The treasure sphere? Ask Shinra. He should be about done
with his analysis.

Buddy: Give me a few minutes, Yuna. I'm scanning for new data.

Buddy: I'm almost done! Chill out.

After talking with Shinra

Rikku: Come on, let's go, go, go, go!

Paine: I really hope the next sphere is worth the trip.

Brother: If the fiends are too tough for you, come home
lickety-split, Yuna! We can find weaker fiends
around Spira for you to kick around until you're
stronger. Then you try the mission again.

Brother: Be careful!

Buddy: That's right, not one but two treasure spheres!
One's somewhere on Besaid Island and the other
is in Zanarkand. Thing is, Zanarkand is issuing
warnings of high fiend activity. You might want to
steer clear until you've toughened up a bit.

Besaid Island - Hotspot

- Besaid Island Sphere Hunt -

Sphere waves coming from Besaid! Gather information in
Besaid Village, and find that treasure sphere!

Kilika Island

- No Missions -

Two years after Sin's attack, the Youth League has rebuilt
Kilika. However, rumor has it that New Yevon supporters
are stirring up trouble there now.


- real Commotion? -

Luca, city of pleasure. Yuna-hungry crowds packed the
stadium, but did they get what they paid for? The true
story behind the music!

Mi'ihen Highroad

- No Missions -

Chocobos used to be the main mode of transport on the
Highroad, but they're gone now that everyone's using

Mushroom Rock Road

- Mushroom Rock Fiends -

Heading for Youth League Headquarters? They're busy
planning some kind operation, and the fiends are
multiplying like crazy!

Djose Temple

- No Missions -

Those machine-crazy Al Bhed Machine Faction guys are
hiring helpers! Could be good gil for the Gullwings!


- Guard the Hypello -

Getting reports of bandits along the Moonflow targeting a
Hypello freight wagon. Protect the wagon and pick up the


- No Missions -

Sphere hunters have moved in on the deserted city of the
Guado. I hear Leblanc's got her "chateau" down there!

Thunder Plains

- No Missions -

There's never a sunny day on the Thunder Plains. I heard
Rikku used to hate the place...

Macalania Woods

- No Missions -

The woods have been changing rapidly since Macalania
Temple sank. That can't be good news for the locals...

Bikanel Desert

- No Missions -

The Al Bhed are excavating the Bikanel Desert. There's
treasure to be found, but you need an invitation to join
in, apparently.


- No Missions -

New Yevon is set up here. They organized not long after
the Calm came. Let's go somewhere else, okay?

Calm Lands

- No Missions -

This is where high summoners once fought Sin. It's a big
tourist attraction now, with lots of games to play, too!

Mt. Gagazet

- No Missions -

Some of the Ronso are having a tough time burying their
hatred for the Guado. Man, I'd hate to be their elder!

Zanarkand Ruins - Hotspot

We're getting sphere waves from deep inside the ruins.
Given the place, I wouldn't be surprised if this one was
a thousand-year-old sphere!

After visiting Kilika (no missions)

Rikku: I hear New Yevon party members aren't too welcome in Kilika.

Paine: Kilika is divided. You hear about more and more places like that
these days.

Airship Auto-Return - after completing Luca mission

Rikku: If a Rikku impostor ever shows up, do I have to
dress like that?

Paine: "The Gullwings Prized Garment"? That couldn't
have been fun.

- Mission Complete -

It may be the off-season for blitz, but there are signs of
another sport taking root in the streets of Luca.

After talking with Rin in Luca

Rikku: Sphere Break? Sounds like fun! That Rin's a clever

Paine: Sphere Break? How about "give me a break"?

Visit Mushroom Rock Road, see Ormi and Logos

Rikku: I've got a hunch that Ormi and Logos are
looking for a treasure sphere!

Paine: Leblanc? If we run into her, we'll just have
to lay down the hurt again.

After viewing Yaibal scene at Mushroom Rock Road

(Note: Doesn't matter whether you accept the gauntlet or

Rikku: Did you see Yaibal's face? I think he's a little

Paine: I guess the Youth League can't even defend
their own front yard.

- Mushroom Rock Fiends -

Yaibal of the Youth League is challenging sphere hunters
to take on the local fiends. No way we're backing down
from a challenge, right?

After visiting the Den of Woe

Rikku: That sure is a weird sphere we found.

Paine: A sphere like that's got to be a dud.

After Mushroom Rock Road Mission Complete

Rikku: I hear almost all the ex-Crusaders joined up with the Youth League.

Paine: These Youth League members have too much energy for their own good.

- Mission Complete -

Mevyn Nooj's Youth League has established their headquarters on the site of
Operation Mi'ihen.

Airship - Visit Djose Temple but do nothing

Rikku: You've never met Gippal before? Oh, right...He
wasn't there when know.

Paine: Al Bhed tend to get worked up easily. But we
don't know anyone like that, right?

- No Missions -

We have to interview with Gippal before excavating.
Hey... what happens if we don't pass?

After saying "Fooled you" to Gippal

Rikku: Ooh, Lady Yuna! I've never been this close to
a celebrity! *giggle!*

Paine: So what business did you have with Gippal?

- No Missions -

You can't expect to pass an interview if you're not
serious about it! Get real and get back in there!

After telling Gippal you want to dig

Rikku: Let's hurry and go to Bikanel! I'll get us
through the desert in no time!

Paine: Do we have to go play in the sand? We're
supposed to be sphere hunters.

- No Missions -

I hear you can take some sort of test to get more
gil for digging. Get some field experience, and we
might be able to negotiate a raise!

Bikanel Desert - Hotspot

- Part-time Diggers! -

With Gippal's letter, we're good for helping them
excavate that desert! Hold it high and proud!

Visit the Moonflow and then return

Rikku: Shinra doesn't seem like the type that would be into shoopufs.

Paine: A lot of people were at the Moonflow. I wonder what's up.

- Guard the Hypello -

Bandits are targeting Hypello freight wagons near the Moonflow! Let's find
whoever's in charge of the Hypello and get to the bottom of this!

Airship Auto-Return - after completing Shave the Hypello

Rikku: Isn't helping people a nice feeling? And we
even snagged a sphere!

Paine: I still can't tell the Hypello apart.

- Mission Complete -

That guy the Hypello call the "chief" is a serious
weirdo. What do you think he's up to?

View Macalania Woods scenes and leave

Rikku: Have the woods changed that much? They
don't seem that different to me.

Paine: Some say that, without the power of the
fayth, the woods will disappear.

After talking to Tromell

Rikku: Tromell was seriously down in the dumps
back there, wasn't he?

Paine: Tromell and the Guado plan to fade away
with the woods.

Airship - after finding all three with musicians

Rikku: So if the woods fade away, does that mean
whoever's living there will, too?

Paine: I wonder what's happening to the woods.

After completing the digging mission in Bikanel Desert

Rikku: Let's go dig again and rake in some serious pocket change!

Paine: Yuna, look at me. You do remember that we're sphere hunters, right?

Visit Mt. Gagazet, view initial scenes and leave

Rikku: No wonder Kimahri seems so troubled. He takes his
duties so seriously.

Paine: Not every problem goes away with the coming of
the Calm.

- No Missions -

Some of the younger Ronso want revenge against the Guado
so badly they're ready to defy Elder Kimahri! Should we
go hear their side of things?

After entering Besaid, but do nothing else

Rikku: Hey, don't you think Wakka was acting kinda weird?

Paine: You do remember why we went to Besaid, right?

- Besaid Island Sphere Hunt -

Something's up with Wakka! Maybe Lulu knows what's going

Talk with Lulu, but don't stay for the night

Rikku: Hmm, I wonder what kind of mom Lulu will turn out
to be...

Paine: Still homesick?

- Besaid Island Sphere Hunt -

You grew up on Besaid, right? Don't just drop in and
leave. Why not spend the night?

Spend the night, but don't talk to Lulu

Rikku: So, uh, what was it we were doing in Besaid again?

Paine: We're still picking up sphere waves from Besaid.
Let's get that sphere before someone else does.

Talk to Lulu, doesn't matter what you tell her

Rikku: So there was a cave in Besaid. You've never
been there, Yunie?

Paine: A cave, huh... Maybe the sphere's in there?

- Besaid Island Sphere Hunt -

First Wakka's acting strange, now he's off in some cave!
Ask the villagers --- they might know where it is. Don't
forget to find that treasure sphere!

After talking to Wakka in the cave

Rikku: Knowing Wakka, he'll be pacing around
in that cave for a while.

Paine: What happened to our sphere hunt in Besaid?

- Besaid Island Sphere Hunt -

It's good we found Wakka, but we still don't know if
there are any spheres in that cave! Gullwings? Check it out!

Airship Auto-Return after Mission Complete
(If you completed this before Zanarkand mission)

Rikku: So Wakka wants to see a father in action? He can
forget about that good-for-nothing pop of mine.

Paine: First there's a sphere, then there isn't. Is he
always like that?

Buddy: I'm picking up a treasure sphere somewhere in Zanarkand!

- Mission Complete -

You grew up on Besaid, right? Not a peep about Chappu's sphere yet.

Return after viewing initial Zanarkand scene

Rikku: Someone must be brining tourists to Zanarkand.
But who could it be?

Paine: "Visit the lovely ruins of Zanarkand?" It may
be famous, but come on...

After talking to Isaaru

Rikku: Come on, Yunie! Let's go find Pop and beat an
apology out of him!

Paine: Perhaps the Calm has changed Spira's summoners
most of all.

- Zanarkand Sphere Hunt -

Isaaru, the former summoner, has turned up, and it
looks like Cid's the one who thought up this tourist
trap. Hmm, but what about that treasure sphere?

After receiving the "monkey" clue

Rikku: So the clue for the ruins is "monkey"!
I knew it!

Paine: Keymon...keemon...kimon? Sorry, but there
is no way the clue is "monkey."

- Zanarkand Sphere Hunt -

The clues are "key" and "mon"? And this has something
to do with the treasure sphere? Whatever... Let's go

After telling Cid off

Rikku: Yunie, I'm sorry about all that. Lousy old man.

Paine: We're still picking up sphere waves. Let's take
another good look around Zanarkand.

- Find That Treasure Sphere -

Cid's doing well as always. But where's that treasure
sphere? Gullwings, did we miss out?

After seeing through Isaaru's game

Rikku: It's kinda hard to stay mad while talking to

Paine: Remember where Isaaru was? I felt wind
blowing from the back of that area.

- Zanarkand Sphere Hunt -

Clue? Password? This doesn't have anything to do
with the treasure sphere... but we're getting readings,
so trust the sphere oscillo-finder!

Airship Auto-Return after Mission Complete
(If you completed this before Besaid mission)

Rikku: Zanarkand's swarming with people, the sphere was busted... oh, poopie!

Paine: Let's find another sphere quick. I need a happy ending.

Buddy: I'm picking up a treasure sphere somewhere on Besaid Island!

- Mission Complete -

The treasure sphere's broken? A sad day for the Gullwings... Well, on to
the next one!

After completing both Besaid and Zanarkand missions

Kilika Island - Hotspot

- Kilika Island Sphere Hunt -

Sounds like a fight on Kilika over an "awesome sphere"!
Go, go, Gullwings! Hustle!

Start of Chapter 2

Buddy: There had better be something awesome on this
awesome sphere. Go see what Shinra's got.

Buddy: You wanna know what's happened in Kilika since
we crashed the party, right? Don't worry, I'm
on it. You'll be the first to know, Yuna.

Brother: All of Spira will be smitten with ME, leader
of the Gullwings!

Brother: Everyone will want to join my group! It will
be a Gullwing gala! Whee!

Rikku: We'll snaggle ourselves some spheres and
shakey-shake our way into stardom! Forget
"High Summoner Yuna." You'll be Gullwing Yunie!

Rikku: Brother, who said you could have all
the fun, huh?

Paine: We definitely went too far. Let's... just not
talk about it.

Paine: If bad stuff happens... Let's just hope that
it's not as bad as this feeling I'm getting.

Buddy: (if you head for the elevator) The sphere
analysis is complete. Let's find out what's
on it.

Buddy: (second time) We always watch spheres together.
It's Gullwing tradition, remember?

Buddy: (further attempts) Okay, now you're just being
silly. Get back in here. Everyone's waiting.

After Brother announces "Front and center"

Rikku: What does he want now?

Rikku: The voice on the sphere... Don't you think it
sounds like... you know?

Paine: The Gullwing boys sure like to play together,
don't they?

Paine: I can't even imagine what they're cooking up
this time.

After the concert announcement

Rikku: Dance! ~@ Dance! ~@ Yunie, Yunie, I wrote a song!

Rikku: I know! I'll dance with you!

Rikku: Maybe you could dance the sending? Actually,
forget it. That would be a serious downer.

Paine: Brother and Rikku are agreeing again. Take cover.

Paine: Maybe you won't be able to stop dancing, like
back in Luca?

Paine: Once you've returned the sphere, you'd best
forget what was on it. I'd hate to see you
weighted down right when you were starting
to lighten up.

Brother: Finally, I can see your dance!

Brother: Lyh E tyhla fedr oui, duu? (Can I dance with you, too?)
Nothing, nothing. I was just practicing Al Bhed...

Buddy: Brother picked up some real weirdos back on
Kilika Island. Maybe he's looking for more
cheap labor like Barkeep.

Buddy: We'll head out once we let off some steam, yeah?

After the Gullwings decide to go give back the sphere

Rikku: Can't we just flip a coin? It's not like one
group is any better than the other.

Rikku: If you ask me... neither organization is exactly
a worthy cause.

Rikku: Paine doesn't want to give the sphere to either

Paine: The group that gets the sphere will love us,
but the one that doesn't...

Paine: Not that I care. Hurry up and choose.

Paine: Returning the sphere is fine, but not if we
have to go out of our way.

Buddy: This is a matter of Gullwing honor, so we'll
all go to return the sphere together. Which is
fine by me. Sky life is starting to make me
a little flabby.

Buddy: Once you figure out who we're returning the
sphere to, it's go time. We don't know what's
ahead, so make sure you're prepared.

- Sphere for the League? -

The Youth League's only just formed, and already
it's known across Spira for its explosive disposition.
Sure we can trust these guys with the sphere?

- Sphere for New Yevon? -

I'm not too hot on the whole New Yevon thing... the
only thing new about them is their name! Sure we
can trust them?

After the Chateau Infiltration Mission is announced

Rikku: Forget sphere hunting! It's time for a
syndicate hunt!

Rikku: Aw, what a pain. Can't we just break down
the front door?

Paine: Stealing people's clothes? What a lame mission.

Brother: We steal back what is stolen! It is the law of
the sphere hunter!

Brother: Once you get your uniform, will you try it on
for me?

Buddy: Sorry, Yuna. No leads on any uniforms.

Besaid Island

- The Man From the League -

Some Youth League guy is training the Besaid Aurochs,
and training them hard! Want to go check it out?

Kilika Island

- No Missions -

The fight between New Yevon and the Youth League for
that sphere is over, thanks to us taking it! Wonder if
they'd be happy to see us?


- No Missions -

Picked up a popular spherecast coming out of Luca! Think
the Gullwings can get on the air?

Mi'ihen Highroad

- Wild Chocobo Chase -

There's a girl looking for chocobos on the Highroad. I'm
not picking up any treasure spheres, but you think it's
worth a look?

Mushroom Rock Road (Allied New Yevon)

- Brave the Angry League -

Now that we've returned the sphere to New Yevon, the
Youth League's none too happy with us. We could always
muscle our way in, though...

Djose Temple

- No Missions -

Those machine crazy Al Bhed machine faction guys are
hiring helpers! If you want to work in the sand, this
is the place!


- Sell Those Tickets -

Tobli's show is coming up pretty soon! Let's sell some
bargain tickets and make this one a success!

Guadosalam - Hotspot

- Laundry List? -

We need Syndicate duds if we wanna sneak into Chateau
Leblanc. We'll just have to chase the Syndicate around
Spira and "liberate" three uniforms!

Thunder Plains

- No Missions -

The Al Bhed are out repairing damaged lightning rod towers!
They're looking for some, er... "thick-skinned" helpers.

Macalania Woods

- Sheeking Musishuns? -

Sounds like Tobli's Hypello helper is looking for people to
jam with. Should we give him a hand?

Bikanel Desert

- Part-time Diggers! -

With Gippals' letter, we're good for helping them excavate
that desert! Hold it high and proud!

Or if you completed the mission in Chapter 1:

- No Missions -

The Al Bhed are still digging up Bikanel Desert and the treasure is hot!
Watch out for wandering machina and sunstrokes, Gullwings!

Bevelle (Allied New Yevon)

- No Missions -

Well, New Yevon's happy to see us. They're all psyched now
that they've got the high summoner on "their side." Whatever...

Calm Lands

- No Missions -

This is where high summoners once fought Sin. There are
two companies here battling for their share of tourist gil.

Mt. Gagazet

- No Missions -

Got a call for you, Yuna, from Kimahri, the Ronso elder!
Maybe he's found a treasure sphere?

Zanarkand Ruins

- No Missions -

Summoners from all over Spira once traveled to
Zanarkand, here at the end of the world. Such
history! Too bad it's just a tourist attraction

After exiting menu

Paine: We need three uniforms.

After talking with some people in Guadosalam

Rikku: The syndicate can't hide from Gumshoe Rikku!

Paine: Asking around Guadosalam is bound to turn up
more clues.

Buddy: So, where do you want to hit first?

After visiting Kilika (Allied Youth League)

Rikku: Maybe it's me, but I think we were just kicked out.

Paine: They're too busy fighting amongst themselves to have time for
outsiders like us.

After visiting Kilika (Allied New Yevon)

Rikku: Kilika is full of Youth League supporters, so I
guess we're not welcome there anymore.

Paine: They looked about ready to toss us into the sea.

After choosing not to do Wild Chocobo Chase mission

Rikku: What are you waiting for, Yunie? Let's go
wrangle that chocobo!

Paine: Can't we go anywhere without running into someone
you know?

After successfully completing the Wild Chocobo Chase mission

Rikku: My legs are gonna fall off I keep running around
the Highroad like that!

Paine: If only catching chocobos were as easy as dispatching

- Mission Complete -

Phew! I can rest easier knowing that chocobo eater's
off the Highroad, know what I mean?

After allowing Calli, Clasko and a chocobo to board

Rikku: Calli the Chocohuntress! Kweh!

Paine: Calli's in the cabin.

Calli: People used to hate machina, but now those same people swear by them.
I don't get it. I suppose one of these days, we'll all be travelling
on airships.

Calli: I love chocobos. I really do. But people who love only chocobos
are kind of scary...

Calm Lands - Hotspot

- Clasko Making His Move? -

We let Clasko on the airship, but he seems eager
to move on... should we let him off?

After talking with Yaibal at Mushroom Rock (Allied New Yevon)

Rikku: What's their problem anyway? It's not like we
want to pick sides!

Paine: They're the ones begging for a fight. Let's show
them beggars can be losers.

- Brave the Angry League -

The League is none too please with the Gullwings! Maybe
we should just cut to the chase and fight back.

After visiting the Den of Woe

Rikku: Only forty-six respect points left?

Paine: What happens when you run out of respect points?
Well now, I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise...

Airship Auto-Return after completing mission (Allied New Yevon)

Rikku: Maybe Yaibal isn't the pathetic loser I thought he
was after all.

Paine: In the Youth League's eyes, anyone who's not a friend is
an enemy by default.

- Mission Complete -

Those crazy Youth League members have a bone to pick with the
Gullwings, so we'd better keep our distance!

After accepting the Moonflow ticket-shelling mission

Rikku: If you ask me, there are still people out there who'll
buy those tickets!

Paine: Don't you think it's a little shady that we're scalping
tickets to a show we know nothing about?

- Sell Those Tickets -

Tobli wants us to sell tickets for him! Gullwings, get scalping!

After completing the ticket-shelling mission

Rikku: I wonder what this "show" really is...

Paine: What does he think we are? Some kind of volunteer

- Mission Complete -

That Tobli guy sponsoring the show is one shady character.
What crazy plan will he come up with next?

After accepting the "Sheeking Musishuns?" mission

Rikku: Where could all the musicians be? Maybe we should
check on the spring.

Paine: Sphere hunting. Why can't we just stick to sphere

- Sheeking Musishuns? -

Tobli's hypello assistant gave us a letter for the musicians
living in Macalania Woods. Gullwings! Let's deliver!

After delivering the letter

Rikku: So all we have to do is run around the woods and chase
after butterflies?

Paine: Butterflies? I guess anything goes for the Gullwings.

- Sheeking Musishuns? -

We have to find Donga and Pukutak! They should be somewhere
in the woods!

Airship Auto-Return (or don't, doesn't matter) after completing mission

Rikku: I'm glad we found the musicians, but what's this "doomed"
business about?

Paine: It's their fate. That means it's their choice.

- Mission Complete -

The woods are dying now that the fayth's gone. This could be the end
for the wood-dwellers.

After trying to enter New Yevon HQ in Bevelle (Allied New Yevon)

Rikku: New Yevon seems convinced that the Youth League is going
to attack.

Paine: Bevelle's on red alert. I don't think we need to worry
about Leblanc starting trouble there.

- No Missions -

With the Kilika sphere back, New Yevon's calmed down. All quiet
on the Bevelle front.

After speaking with Lian and Ayde at the Calm Lands

Rikku: I don't think Kimahri even minds that his horn is broken anymore.

Paine: There isn't any way to fix a Ronso's broken horn, is there?

After initiating the monkey match mission in Zanarkand

Rikku: Come on, Yunie! Let's team up with the monkeys and take
back Zanarkand!

Paine: So you'd rather see Zanarkand overrun by monkeys instead
of tourists?

- No Missions -

It's the season of love for the monkeys once more! And I'm pretty
darn sure this has nada to do with the Gullwings!

After initiating the Djose Highroad mission

Rikku: What about the Djose Highroad? Those uniforms are asking
to be grabbed!

Paine: Yuna, I'm surprised at you. You want us to steal from an
honest, hardworking person like Leblanc?

Djose Temple - Hotspot

- Syndicate Uniform -

Leblanc's gang was spotted on the Djose Highroad. Let's grab
'em and snag us a uniform!

Airship Auto-Return after completing mission

Rikku: It's fun to be the bully every once in a while!

Paine: I suppose Logos and company are "getting the heel"
right about now.

- Mission Complete -

Nice! We got ourselves a Leblanc Syndicate uniform! Wanna
swing by the temple next?

After visiting anywhere and returning

Rikku: Well, how do I look?

Rikku: These Syndicate duds are super baggy.

After talking to Nhdala at Bikanel Desert

Rikku: Hey, Yunie! Isn't that Oasis the same one we washed
up on two years ago?

Paine: Some say that Oasis is connected to waterways
throughout Spira.

Airship Auto-Return after Mission Complete

Rikku: We totally knocked their socks off! Another uniform
in the bag!

Paine: I guess it was worth getting covered in sand after all.

- Mission Complete -

We got a Syndicate uniform! Keep digging and we might just master
Al Bhed!

Visit anywhere and then return

Paine: Just one uniform to go. Let's keep looking.

Paine: Where do Leblanc's goons get off wearing something so... fun?

After talking with Kimahri at Mt. Gagazet

Rikku: So when do we get to ride in the Fayth's Car?

Paine: I think Rikku means Fayth Scar. At least, I hope that's
what she means.

- No Missions -

We got word from Kimahri! There are sphere hunters on the Fayth
Scar. Bet you it's Leblanc's gang!

After spotting one of Leblanc's goons at Fayth Scar

Rikku: Shinra says my statistical chances of catching a cold
are low. What a relief!

Paine: Isn't Rikku going to catch cold if she climbs Gagazet
dressed like that?

Mt. Gagazet - Hotspot

- Syndicate Uniforms -

Leblanc's gang has been spotted on Mt. Gagazet! Let's drive
them off and snag a uniform while we're at it!

Airship Auto-Return after Mission Complete, Auto-Nav

Guadosalam - Hotspot

- Into the Chateau -
Change into those uniforms and charge --- er rather, sneak
your way into Chateau Leblanc. Let's take back that sphere!

Exit menu and return to bridge

Rikku: We chased off Leblanc's meatheads, so now Kimahri
won't have to worry!

Paine: That's the last place I would have expected to find a
hot spring.

Brother: Ouin ihevuns sygac so raynd vmiddan.
(Your uniform makes my heart flutter.)

Brother: We can go to Guadosalam any time you're ready!

Buddy: You sure there's nothing else you wanna do before
hitting Leblanc's? No? Then away we go!

Visit any other location, then return to Celsius

Rikku: I think it's about time we crashed Leblanc's party!

Rikku: Hey, the uniform looks great on you, Yunie!

Paine: They sure use cheap fabric.

Paine: Don't worry, those goons are too dumb to see through
our disguise.

Airship Auto-Return after Mission Complete, Auto-Nav

Bevelle - Hotspot

- Into Bevelle -

That Vegnagun is bad news. We better get under Bevelle and get
to the bottom of this.

Start of Chapter 3, Auto-Nav

The following Clasko thing only appears if Clasko is on
the Celsius at Ch 3. Start:

- Clasko Overboard -

Clasko's lost his patience and jumped ship! Now he's headed
for the Calm Lands!

Besaid Island - Hotspot

- Fiends in Besaid Temple -

Fiends are pouring out of the temple! That Beclem from the
Youth League wants to do something drastic, but Wakka won't
let him! Could be a fight!

Kilika Island - Hotspot

- Fiends in Kilika Temple -

Fiends sighted at Kilika Temple! The Youth League's got the
woods closed off. You'll have to get past them somehow to
get to the temple!


- Sphere Break Tournament -

The new game "Sphere Break" is all the rage in Luca these days.
And they're giving out a dressphere to whoever wins the tournament!

Mi'ihen Highroad

- Machina Gone Wild -

The Travel Agency's machina are on the rampage! Still not sure if it
has anything to do with the fiends in the temples.

Mushroom Rock Road (Allied New Yevon)

- No Missions -

I don't think they'll be too happy to see us. They think we're working
for New Yevon. Still wanna take a look?

Djose Temple

- No Missions -

Looks like they've got fiend problems, too, but the Machine Faction
doesn't want our help. What's their problem, anyway?


- No Missions -

Tobli's big show is underway! Want to go check it out?


- No Missions -

Seems like the Syndicate's on vacation. I wonder what's up. Should
we go ask Leblanc?

Thunder Plains

- No Missions -

Well, no news to report - the electrical storms are blocking our
sphere waves. We'd better keep our distance.

Macalania Woods

- Travel Agency SOS -

We're getting a distress call from the Macalania Travel Agency!
I don't know what's going on down there, but it can't be good!

Bikanel Desert

- No Missions -

We got a request for help from Nhdala of the excavation camp.
Doesn't seem to be any rush, though. Guess we can put it off?

Bevelle - Hotspot (Allied New Yevon)

New Yevon is losing it with their praetor, Baralai, missing.
They're sending out a distress call to anyone who'll listen!

Calm Lands

Mission 1

- Fiends in the Gorge Cave -

Distress call from the cave down in the gorge! Say, a fayth
used to be down there... maybe this has something to do with
the temple fiends?

Mission 2 (Only if Clasko jumped ship)

- Clasko Overboard -

Clasko's lost his patience and jumped ship! Now he's headed
for the Calm Lands!

Mt. Gagazet

- Ronso Rampage -

Some of the younger Ronso are planning on defying Kimahri's orders
and attacking the Guado! Hmm, sounds like a Ronso problem, but still!

Zanarkand Ruins

- No Missions -

The fiends that attacked all the other temples seem to be leaving
this place alone... The monkeys, on the other hand, are out of

Exit menu, return to the Bridge

Rikku: How did fiends get inside the temples?

Rikku: You don't always need to feel like the world is your
responsibility, you know.

Paine: Your Friendly Neighborhood Gullwings? That's original.

Paine: Helping people is fine, but don't let them step all over
you, got it?

Shinra: (examine CommSphere on Bridge) That's my latest invention.
It's called a CommSphere. Heh heh. We can't use it until
I set up a Spira-wide network down on the ground.

Brother: Nobody better mess with the Friendly Neighboring Gullwings!

Brother: Frana yna fa kuehk? E fyhd du gelg cusa pidd!
(Where are we going? I want to kick some butt!)

Buddy: (Allied New Yevon) The distress calls are coming from Besaid
and Kilika Temples. We just got another call. This time it's
New Yevon.

Exit menu, return to the Bridge

Buddy: Yikes. Well, I think we have enough distress calls. Leave the
fee negotiations to Your Friendly Neighborhood Buddy!

Exit menu, return to the Bridge

Buddy: Leave the fee negotiations to Your Friendly Neighborhood Buddy!

Airship Auto-Return after visiting Bevelle (Allied New Yevon)

Rikku: Baralai sure is popular. Definitely more popular than a certain
other tattooed leader...

Paine: They're getting what they deserve for relying too much on Baralai.

- No Missions -

New Yevon is losing it with their praetor, Baralai, missing. Things are
falling apart. They need a leader, pronto!

Return to Airship after talking with Kinderguardians (Allied New Yevon)

Rikku: How the heck did Pacce and the others get in there, anyway?

Paine: Bevelle's defenses must be shoddy if a bunch of kids managed to
sneak in.

- No Missions -

Pacce's Kinderguardians found an entrance to the depths of Bevelle!
Time for the real sphere hunters to break onto the scene!

After losing to Shinra in the Sphere Break Tournament in Luca

Rikku: That's too bad, Yunie. You were so close!

Paine: Want to ransack Shinra's station while he's in the bathroom?

- Mission Complete -

Who thought you'd have to beat Shinra? He'll probably use that
dressphere for his experiments.

Airship Auto-Return after saying "We don't have time" for the
Mi'ihen Highroad mission

Rikku: Aww, I wanna go crazy and break lots of machina!

Paine: The machina have nothing to do with the fiends in the temples,
right? They can wait until later.

- Machina Gone Wild -

The rampaging machina are attacking people on the Highroad. We've
got to stop them! Gullwings, let's fly!

Airship Auto-Return after completing the mission

Rikku: I wonder why the machina went amuck... Let's get to the
bottom of this!

Paine: When you think about it, this airship could malfunction, too.

- Mission Complete -

Don't know why the machina went haywire --- not very satisfying, I
know. But I hear the man himself is coming to check things out.

After visiting Mushroom Rock Road (Allied New Yevon)

Rikku: I'm starting to think that New Yevon and the Youth League are
both a bunch of whiners.

Paine: So Nooj hides stuff from his own men. Sounds like something
Yevon would do.

- No Missions -

The Youth League is cooperating with the Machine Faction to drive off
those fiends. Guess we're out of another job.

After talking with Gippal at Djose Temple

Rikku: Look at me, Yunie. Nothing happened between me and Gippal. Got it?

Paine: Rikku's on the defensive. Now we know something's up.

- No Missions -

Sounds like the Machine Faction is going to handle the fiends themselves.
Hmph. If they want to show off, I say we let them!

After viewing Tobli scenes at Moonflow

Rikku: Paine might not say as much, but deep in her heart burns the hope
that one day she, too, will be an actress.

Paine: Speaking of acting, wouldn't it be nice if Rikku acted her age?

- No Missions -

Tobli's big show wasn't so bad... but something was missing... A Gullwings
performance, perhaps?

After talking with Ormi and Logos in Chateau Leblanc

Rikku: Those Nooj impersonations were so bad, they probably would
make Leblanc smile.

Paine: Leblanc must really be in bad shape for Ormi and Logos to be acting
like that.

After talking to Leblanc

Rikku: That Nooj is such a meanie! Leaving Leblanc all alone like that...

Paine: If Leblanc keeps that up, her syndicate won't last very long.

- No Missions -

Word is, Leblanc's been blue ever since Nooj disappeared. Could this be
the end for the syndicate?

After scene in which Maechen shows up (you don't have to speak with him)

Rikku: It looks like you-know-who... But it isn't him? Whoa. *blink*

Paine: I don't like building up false hope. But I guess that's just me.

After visiting Thunder Plains

Rikku: Plains of lightning, plains of thunder, those who cross are
torn asunder. (musical note)

Paine: She says it's a song from before the lightning rod towers
were built.

- No Missions - (if you haven't done any work on the towers)

Lightning rod tower work is all about good reflexes and memory. Stay
calm and keep at it, Gullwings!

After talking with Cid on the Thunder Plains (did not talk to him in Ch. 2)

Rikku: When Pop gets depressed, he really gets depressed.

Paine: If Cid's daughter isn't worried, then we shouldn't be either.

After talking to Lian and Ayde (doesn't matter what you tell them)

Rikku: Yunie, you shouldn't make stuff up just because they're kids.

Paine: Your Ronso friend is worried about those two.

After feeling the Mission in Macalania

Rikku: We're going to Macalania Travel Agency right now!
Gullwings, GO!

Paine: Let's go to the lake. Rikku's about ready to jump off the

- Travel Agency SOS -

Fiends are coming out of the sunken Macalania Temple! Friendly
Neighborhood Gullwings time?

After completing the Maclania mission (O'aka not at Travel Agency)

Rikku: .........

Paine: Let's leave Rikku alone for a little while.

- Mission Complete -

Fiends from the lake? Things just keep getting worse for the woods.
What to do, Gullwings?

After agreeing to help Clasko with his fiend problem at Calm Lands
(Note: This mission can also be completed in Chapter 2.)

Rikku: I have a hunch Clasko's planning to use the ruins to raise

Paine: I wonder what those ruins were originally built for. Probably
something to do with fiends.

- Clasko's Big Find -

We've got a job to do for Clasko. Pay attention to the direction the
fiends are facing if you want to clear them out of those ruins!

After battling all fiends except the last one

Rikku: There was a name written by the ruins' entrance. T,R,E...
Um, I forget.

Paine: Clasko will probably cower in front of that fiend until we
take care of it.

- Clasko's Big Find -

Only one fiend left! For Clasko and the future of all chocobos,
let's kick some butt!

After completing the mission

Rikku: So, are we going chocobo hunting?

Paine: I don't think "self-reliance" is in Clasko's dictionary.

After visiting the Chocobo Ranch, then returning.

Rikku: Yunie, you sure you're not getting any sudden
chocobo hunting... urges?

Paine: So now you're going to find him a chocobo? Well, aren't
you nice.

- Mission Complete -

Clasko settled down at last. About time, too. Wanna go check
in on him?

After telling the people by the Calm Lands cave "It's not our problem."

Rikku: I know, they shouldn't be turning the cave into a playground.
But let's bail them out anyway, okay?

Paine: What happened, Yuna? You're the last person I expected to
say no.

- Fiends in the Gorge Cave -

It's their own fault for playing around in that cave... but I'd feel
bad just leaving them. What do you say, Gullwings?

Return from Mt. Gagazet after saying you definitely won't help

Rikku: If you're worried about the fee, I'll pay it! Just
promise me we'll go help Kimahri!

Paine: Letting the Ronso deal with Ronso problems doesn't always mean
the problems will go away.

After viewing initial scenes at Besaid

Rikku: Whoa, whoa, what about Besaid? You're not just gonna leave
things the way they are?

Paine: "Burn the temple," he says...

- Fiends in Besaid Temple -

What? He's gonna burn down the temple just to get the fiends? Hoo
boy. You better go stop him!

After initiating the mission in Besaid

Rikku: Hey, we've gotta go help Wakka! Beclem sounded serious!

Paine: Yuna, are you okay to fight?

- Fiends in Besaid Temple -

Fiends are pouring out of the temple! Better do something quick,
or Beclem's gonna burn it to the ground! Gullwings, move out!

Airship Auto-Return after Mission Complete

Rikku: True, dying isn't a good way to preserve memories. But still...

Paine: I'm sorry I suggested we burn the temple down, Yuna.

- Mission Complete -

The fiends at Besaid Temple are gone for the time being. If anything
else happens, Wakka will let us know, pronto!

After talking to Dona in Kilika

Rikku: Dona should just 'fess up already! Everybody knows she's worried
about Barthello.

Paine: Let's get through the blockade before Dona changes her mind.

- Fiends in Kilika Temple -

Fiends spotted at Kilika Temple! We might be able to get through the
blockade with Dona's help. Gullwings! We've got a gate to crash!

After reaching Kilika Temple (Allied New Yevon)

Rikku: Kilika Temple's in deep pickles, and the Youth League isn't
doing anything!

Paine: Let's take out the fiends before they overrun Kilika.

- Fiends in Kilika Temple -

Fiends spotted at the temple! We made it to the temple gates but
had to pull out because of all the fiends. Gullwings, this time
we get 'em!

Airship Auto-Return after Mission Complete, Auto-Nav

Djose Temple - Hotspot

- Fiends in Djose Temple -

We're getting a distress signal! The Machine Faction's bit off
more than they can chew with those fiends. Should we ignore our
leader's orders and go?

Exit menu and return to the Bridge

Rikku: I don't get why Dona has to be so stubborn in front of
other people.

Paine: That hole. Where could it lead?

Shinra: (examine flying CommSphere) That machina's still in development.
It's a flying CommSphere, but it hasn't gone through QA yet.

Brother: Just you forget about Gippal!

Brother: Dryd pylgcdyppan cduma so vencd lnicr. Meva ec cu ihvyen!
(That backstabber stole my first crush. Life is so unfair!)

Buddy: This time the distress call's coming from Djose Temple. Good to
go, Gullwings?

Go somewhere other than Djose, then return to Airship

Rikku: Brother gets seriously competitive when it comes to Gippal.
He's always looking to pick a fight! I don't think Gippal's
ever noticed, though.

Rikku: Maybe the Machine Faction was trying to figure out where the
fiends came from, too? It's a real stumper, ain't it? Hmm...
Yup, I'm stumped.

Paine: So, not even the Machine Faction's weapons can stop the fiends...

Paine: Another group bites the dust. That didn't take long.

After viewing the Nooj / Baralai / Gippal scenes in Bevelle Underground

Rikku: Pyreflies swarmed out of Nooj's body and into Baralai's...
What's going on?

Paine: You think waiting will get me to talk? Sorry, Yuna. My lips are sealed.

- No Missions -

Nooj and Gippal went looking for Baralai, and now they're missing, too...
Is there some connection? Scratch those heads, Gullwings!

After visiting Djose Temple

Rikku: Didn't they say something about the fiends "merging" or something?

Paine: This time we won't be going up against an ordinary aeon. Be strong,

- Fiends in Djose Temple -

Hmm... Sounds like they're not just any old fiends. Friendly Neighborhood
Gullwings? Let's rock and roll.

After visiting somewhere else and returning

Rikku: Nooj, Baralai, and now Gippal. Where the heck did they all go?

Rikku: I have a hunch that we're not getting the whole story here.

Start of Chapter 4

Rikku: So the guy in the awesome sphere - that was Shuyin too?

Rikku: I don't know about you, but I've got a lot of questions.

Shinra: I'm preparing the console for CommSphere wave reception.
Everything's going according to plan. All that's left is
some fine-tuning.

Brother: When can we hurt Shuyin?

Brother: Mayja dra tyhkanuic fung du Gippal!
(Leave the dangerous work to Gippal!}

Buddy: Gullwings, let's sit this one out.

Buddy: I wonder what Paine's doing up there on the deck.

Rikku: (after she asks about Shuyin) Remember the sphere that started
this whole adventure? Maybe the guy we saw in it was Shuyin...

Rikku: So it never was... him. Guess we're back to square one.

After viewing the scenes with Paine

Rikku: Whew! I'm glad the Gullwings are still in one piece.

Rikku: You think the CommSpheres will work this time?

Paine: Let's keep what we talked about to ourselves.

Paine: It felt good to finally get that off my chest.

Brother: I believe in the Gullwings to a bitter end!

Brother: You will always be one of us, Yuna.

Buddy: Let's check out what's going on before taking any field trips.

Buddy: Go see Shinra. He's got a new toy.

~~~~~~ CommSpheres - Mandatory ~~~~~~

Mushroom Rock Road (Allied New Yevon)

Yuna: Hm?
Shinra: Someone threw the CommSphere into the sea.

Bevelle (Allied New Yevon)

Yuna: What are you doing?

Maroda: For one, I'm running reconnaissance on New Yevon. The praetor's
gone, fiends are on the loose --- New Yevon is upside down. I
overheard some priests talking a little while ago. They said,
"In times like these, we have no choice but to seek the High
Summoner's aid."

Yuna: But, what do they think I can do?

Maroda: Well, if the Gullwings were on our side, I'm sure we'd be saying
the same thing. This is just between you and me, but the Youth
League fell to pieces the moment Nooj disappeared. Both groups
are getting what they deserve for relying too much on their leaders.

Soldier: You there! What are you doing!

Maroda: Took them long enough. So long!

After viewing the initial CommSpheres

Rikku: Something tells me they won't last long without their leaders
around to hold things together.

Rikku: The Gullwings would probably be better off without its
leader. Right, Yunie?

Paine: If Vegnagun attacked now... let's not even think about it.

Paine: What are the guys planning...

Brother: If Spira needs a new leader, it must be someone with style!
Someone like me!

Brother: What? Something is funny?

After it's decided to have a concert

Rikku: If we asked Tobli, I'm sure he'd say "yup-yup" in a second!

Rikku: We'll be at the Moonflow in two shakes! Just sit back and watch
the CommSpheres.

Brother: I will not rest until all of Spira is a slave for you and your

Brother: Gullwings Live! I like it.

Buddy: Next stop: the Moonflow! Sorry, kids, no time for side trips.
You ready for a little Tobli hunt?

You bet!
* Hang on a sec

After talking to Paine

Paine: Something about the way you say "I want to do something" really
packs a punch.

~~~~~~ CommSpheres - Session One ~~~~~~

Mi'ihen Highroad

Investigation (Attempt to pin Rikku, best method)

(Note: All of Rin's dialogue is shown as text except where noted.)

CAM 3 - Ruins

Rin: Have you have found something? What have we here? There are
footprints on this drone machina.

CAM 4 - Newroad

Rin: Have you found something? Hmm... there are marks here indicating
that something fell into the ravine.

Rin: (out loud) It seems we are getting closer to the heart of the matter.
Perhaps further investigation will yield the clues we need.

CAM 5 - Hover Crash Site

Rin: You called? How awful! The machina appear to have found a wounded
man in the brush. Fortunately, his wounds are not severe. I will
take him to safety after I have surveyed the area.

CAM 7 - Shinra's CommSphere

Rin: Allow me to investigate. Oh! It seems a CommSphere has been installed
here as well. What have we here... There are footprints on the shelf
as well, which means... Ah, forgive me. I had best reserve judgment
for when I have more concrete evidence.

Rin: (out loud) It seems we are getting closer to the heart of the matter.
Perhaps further investigation will yield the clues we need.

CAM 1 - Travel Agency, Front

Rin: Have you found something? The man we found injured on the Oldroad
earlier spoke deliriously as I brought him here to safety. This new
information has proved most enlightening.

CAM 2 - Travel Agency, Back

Rin: Have you found something? I am glad to see he is not hurt. Thankfully,
the drone machina also seems to be all right. If a shock alone caused
it to malfunction, we would be in trouble. Machina... shock...
oh, ho, ho...

Rin: (out loud) Hmm. I believe it is all starting to fall into place.
I will think more on this evidence. I am grateful for your help,
Lady Yuna.

Thunder Plains

Yuna: (gasps) A chocobo!

Shinra: Wanna catch it?

Yuna: You can do that?

Shinra: Yes, with my latest invention, the Chocoporter.

Chocoportation successful!

The second time you attempt this

Chocoportation successful!

(Screen goes darker and flickers for a second.)

Yuna: What happened?

Shinra: Uh, the ChocoPorter's on the fritz?

Bevelle (Allied New Yevon)

Soldier: How could you let one of the League members sneak in? They're
probably planning an attack right now. Do your jobs.

If you Reconnect

Soldier 1: You there!

Pacce: Hey, let me go, will ya'?

Soldier 2: You let a child get past you? Ha!

Pacce: Who are you calling a child?

Pacce, Hana and Taro: Kinderguardians! Ta-da! Run away!

Reconnect again

Pacce: What's this thing?

Yuna: Boo!

Pacce, Hana and Taro: Whoa!

Yuna: This is called a CommSphere. Shinra invented it.

Taro: Yeah. When I grow up, I wanna build cool stuff too, just
like Shinra.

Shinra: (giggles) I'm just a kid.

Hana: You're Shinra?

Taro: Just a kid?

Pacce: Just a kid?

Shinra: With some practice, anybody could make one of these.

Taro: Even me.

Shinra: You've got plenty of time to learn.

Pacce: Hey, will you show us how to make 'em sometime?

Shinra: My pleasure. I wish could play sometime too.

Pacce: You're on. Definitely.

Shinra: You got a deal.

Calm Lands Chocobo Ranch

Note: Only if you have not caught Clasko a chocobo yet.

Clasko: (every so often, on endless loop) I'm just hopeless.

Mt. Gagazet Hot Springs

Clasko: (moans) If only I had a chocobo...

Buddy: Next stop: the Moonflow! Sorry, kids, no time for side trips.
You ready for a little Tobli hunt?

* You bet!
Hang on a sec

Moonflow - Hotspot

- Find That Tobli -

Have Tobli, have concert, I always say! Let's get him to handle the
publicity, and Yuna's performance will do the rest! Spira, prepare
to be captivated!

Complete the Moonflow mission and view Airship scenes

Paine: If you're worried about Spira, you can always check the

Paine: I hope Hypello bounce.

Brother: Next stop: Yunapalooza!

Brother: Rikku? She is down with Barkeep.

Buddy: We'll be at the Thunder Plains in no time!

Buddy: Did you finish rehearsal?

After the conshert rehearshal

Rikku: I have a hunch the concert's gonna rock!

Rikku: I wonder how the advertising's going.

Thunder Plains - Hotspot

- Gullwings in the House -

We're gonna hold the concert on the Thunder Plains, so let's make
sure the place is safe!

After completing the Thunder Plains mission

Hypello: (standing left of elevator) Thish ish not a good time for
yoo to go outshide.

Hypello: (right) We are shtaying put until the chief ish here.

Paine: What could be going on out there?

Rikku: Nervous, nervous, nervous...

Buddy: Well, let's just pray your song is enough to stop the fighting.

Brother: Spira is going to be killed softly by your song!

Shinra: My sphere screen is gonna knock Spira's pants off. Heh heh.

After viewing the argument at the Thunder Plains

Rikku: Ooh, ooh, do I get to sing backup?

Rikku: Nervous or not, I'm really pumped to do this!

Paine: Just get out there and start singing. The rest will come naturally.

Paine: Sing like you always do.

After 1000 Words Performance and scenes

Rikku: This is so much like two years ago... I was fighting back tears
the whole way.

Rikku: Okay, so Lenne has something to say. But how do we get Shuyin to

Paine: The things we want to say most are usually the hardest to say. It's
obvious when you think about it. But that doesn't stop it from

Paine: Lenne's words may be the one and only thing that can reach Shuyin's
heart. Maybe that's why she chose you to deliver her message.

Brother: Your song burned with the fires of passion, Yuna.

Brother: E cdemm lyh'd cdub lnoehk. (I still can't stop crying.)

Buddy: So, about Leblanc... can we just leave here down there?

Buddy: They'd better not be messing with my baby down there.

After talking with Leblanc in the Engine Room

Leblanc: Anything goes for the power of love! Hey, are you listening?

Leblanc: What's that enchanting sound? I think Noojie-Woojie's calling for
me... There! Hear it?

Ormi: The Farplane? That's where dead people go! So does that mean we has to
get sent to get there?

Ormi: We could be on the ground bleeding and the boss'd still make us go.

Logos: Give the boss an inch and she'll take... well, you get it.

Logos: Find Nooj before we have to. Please, that's all I ask.

Start of Chapter 5

Rikku: Well, Yunie, what do you say we take charge of cleaning up Spira?

Rikku: As far as Shuyin goes, all we gotta do is talk to him, right? If he
loves Lenne, he'll listen.

Paine: It's our turn to do something.

Paine: I'm not willing to bank on the guys pulling it off alone.

Note: The following assume that you qualify for Episode Complete for a section.
For some of these sections, it is not possible to get Episode Concluded, only
Episode Complete.

Mushroom Rock Road - Hotspot (Allied New Yevon)

The Youth League's put down their weapons for now. Looks like the war
with New Yevon's been called off.

Djose Temple - Hotspot

- The Faction's Trump Card -

The Machine Faction has made some kind of weapon in Gippal's absence,
and now they want us to drop by. Gullwing guinea pigs, good to go?

Moonflow - Hotspot

- Moonflow Concert -

Tobli's planning another concert after his success with Yunapalooza. Will it
sell out, or just fall flat?

Thunder Plains - Hotspot

- Shinra Goofed -

Yo! Shinra! Your brilliant invention's turned the Thunder Plains into fiend
central! Man...

Bikanel Desert - Hotspot

- Demon of the Sands -

A legendary fiend that sleeps beneath the sands has awoken! Both the camp
and the Cactuar Nation are in danger! Scramble, Gullwings!

Calm Lands (if you have not yet gotten 400 points for a company)

- Campaign: Home Stretch -

The Calm Lands have turned into tourist central. I hear there's some sweet
benefits for people who help promote the Travel Agencies.

After viewing scene with Buddy in Engine Room (full version)

Rikku: Now that you mention it, I remember Brother mumbling, "forgive me
winged rescuer" during his beauty sleep.

Paine: What's wrong? You don't look so good.

After viewing scene with Brother in the Cabin

Calli: Don't tell anyone this, but... I think Brother's sort of cute...
With that mohawk, he looks like an adorable chocobo! *sigh*

Rikku: What's got Brother down? He must have looked in the mirror again.

Paine: I could have sworn I saw two Barkeeps down in the cabin. I think I
need more sleep...

After Mi'ihen Highroad Episode Complete (Culprit Rikku)

Rikku: E tuh'd ajan fyhd du caa y lrulupu vaydran ykyeh!
(I don't ever want to see a chocobo feather again!)

Paine: Looks like our little garbage hunter is all tuckered out.

- Episode Complete -

The chocobos are back on the Highroad and running free!

After Mushroom Rock Road Episode Complete (Allied New Yevon)

Rikku: You think Yaibal can stop them alone? I didn't think he knew
how to tie his own bootlaces.

Paine: The people you touched with your song will be the ones who change

After Crimson Squad Episode Complete

Rikku: I guess we better take care of all three of the guys!

Paine: I did plan to tell you, Yuna. You've earned a lot of respect points.

Bail out on fighting the Experiment at Djose Temple

Rikku: Looks like the Machine Faction's doing just fine without Gippal.

Paine: I was looking forward to beating their "unbeatable machina."

After taking on the Experiment with it stats less than 5, 5, 5

Rikku: If they repair the machina weapon, we'll be able to fight it again!

Paine: If we find any items that can be used for repairs, we should bring
them to the Machine Faction.

- The Faction's Trump Card -

That Experiment was no easy match... and they can make it even tougher! Let's
give them what they need for repairs and see what they can do!

After Djose Temple Episode Complete

Rikku: Femm oui kad syt ev E dymg du Byeha bnejydamo eh Ym Prat?
(Will you get mad if I talk to Paine privately in Al Bhed?)

Paine: Dryhgc. E ubah ib du oui yht ymm oui tu ec dayca sa.
(Thanks. I open up to you and all you do is tease me.)

- Episode Complete -

Word is, the Machine Faction and Rin are launching a survey of the Farplane.

After initiating Thunder Plains mission

Rikku: With the lightning out of control like that, it is kind
of scary...

Paine: Find what sphere and the fiends appear?

- Tower Fiends -

Take down those fiends sucking energy from the lightning rod towers! They
say that properly calibrated towers can keep the fiends' power in check!

After taking out at least one Rhyos

Rikku: Complaining to Shinra won't do any good. He's only a kid, remember?

Paine: I nominate Shinra to do the rest of the repairs. Who's with me?

- Tower Fiends -

There are still fiends left! Let's take them out and give the Thunder Plains
some peace and quiet!

After taking out at least half of the Rhyos

Rikku: Hey, how many lightning rod towers are there again?

Paine: I'd say we're about half done with the tower repairs.

- Tower Fiends -

We've taken down plenty of fiends, but it looks like we've missed some.
Let's dust 'em off, Gullwings!

After taking out eight Rhyos

Rikku: Only one more tower! Right?

Paine: Once we wrap things up, how shall we punish Mr. Shinra, hmm?

- Tower Fiends -

Just a bit more and those fiends will be history! For the Thunder Plains!
Gullwings, go!

After taking down the ninth Rhyos

Rikku: That's weird. I could have sworn we took care of all the towers...

Paine: Maybe there's another tower that's harder to find than the others.

- Tower Fiends -

Something's still wrong with the lightning rod towers. There must still
be some fiends hiding out there.

After defeating Humbaba, without going into the hole

Rikku: A hole in the middle of the Thunder Plains? Thanks, but I'll stay

Paine: A hole by one of the towers? We'd better check it out.

- Lightning Lights The Way -

Who'd have thought we'd find a cave while fighting those fiends? I smell
treasure! Get going, Gullwings!

After Thunder Plains Episode Complete

Rikku: I think Brother and Buddy are feeling a little uneasy now that Pop's

Paine: Just what we needed. Another whiny freeloader.

- Episode Complete -

Well, that about wraps up the concert cleanup. Another electrifying day on
the Thunder Plains!

After Cid enters the Bridge

Rikku: Pop's always running around looking for stuff to gripe about.

Paine: Cid can't sit still. No wonder his kids turned out the way they did...

After viewing scene with Cid on the Bridge

Rikku: Dryd lyhdyhganuic umt vynd! Ymm ra tuac ec lusbmyeh!
(That cantankerous old fart! All he does is complain!)

Paine: You don't need to know Al Bhed to know what Rikku's groaning about.

Talk to Cid in the Engine Room

Cid: This engine ain't half bad.

Cid: Don't you worry about your Uncle Cid now, you hear?

Cid: After all, the engine room is where a man gets his best thinking done.

Cid: E luimth'd payn du fydlr yhudran sehida uv draen cmebcrut bemudehk.
(I couldn't bear to watch another minute of their slipshod piloting.)

After initiating cactuar mission in Bikanel Desert

Rikku: We'd better find the Gatekeepers and help Marnela out, pronto!

Paine: I guess anything goes... even if you're a cactuar.

- Demon of the Sands -

We've gotta search Spira and find those cactuars before Marnela runs
out of strength!

After entering the lair of the rogue cactuars

Rikku: Even if we gather the Gatekeepers, can we stop a fiend like that?

Paine: Somehow we always manage to get dragged into trouble along with you,

- Demon of the Sands -

The last cactuar isn't far from Marnela! How about we check out that cave
the rogue cactuars are hiding in?

Return to the Airship after Angra Mainyu attacks the camp

Rikku: Didn't you hear me? The camp is in trouble!

Paine: At this point, we may as well let ourselves get dragged in all the

- Demon of the Sands -

A legendary fiend that sleeps beneath the sand has attacked the camp! This is
it, Gullwings! Let's go!

After Bikanel Desert Episode Complete

Rikku: Whew! I am stuffed!

Paine: Between you and Rikku, I'm surprised there was enough food for everyone.

- Episode Complete -

The desert is safe, and the cactuars are doing great!

After talking with Benzo at the Cactuar Nation

Rikku: After the little Marnela turns into a cactuar, think it'll turn into
a Cactuar Mother next?

Paine: I just had a scary thought. You think the new Marnela's going to start
sending you on errands too?

After any visit to the Calm Lands Chocobo Ranch

Rikku: Okay, time to hunt chocobos! Well, you are going to
help him out, aren't you?

Paine: If you keep helping Clasko out, he'll stalk us for the rest
of our lives.

After Calm Lands Chocobo Ranch Episode Complete

Rikku: Think Clasko would make us a Chocobo Primer?

Paine: Well, at least Clasko has a talent for relying on other
people's talents.

After visiting the Via Infinito

Rikku: Yunie, that place reminds me of the Farplane. Promise me we
won't go back there!

Paine: Yevon's darkest secrets are buried beneath that labyrinth. I
say we go dig them up.

Bevelle - Hotspot

- The Hidden Halls of Bevelle -

The Kinderguardians have found a labyrinth under Bevelle! Gullwings, check
it out!

After defeating Trema

Rikku: I like the old Yunie and the new Yunie, so don't you let go
of either one!

Paine: There was a time not too long ago when I might have agreed with Trema.

- Mission Complete -

Are we the paragons of butt-kicking or what, Gullwings? Vegnagun'll be no
problem... right?

After defeating Shiva in the Farplane Abyss

Rikku: The aeon, Yunie... I think she was crying.

Paine: Yuna, I'm not good at saying these things, but... we're here for you.
You know that, right?

After finding Leblanc, Ormi and Logos on the Farplane

Rikku: Ormi and Logos are as faithful to Leblanc as she is to Nooj, don't you

Paine: It's not like Nooj to leave a sphere behind. He must really be concerned.

After viewing scene about Farplane energy with Shinra

Rikku: So if we use the Farplane's energy, all of Spira will end up like
Zanarkand a thousand years ago?

Paine: An energy source on the Farplane... Is that how Vegnagun powers itself?

After viewing Brother/Buddy scene on the Deck

Paine: Cid must not approve of flying on auto-pilot.

After viewing scene with Cid in the Cabin (choose "so primitive")

Note --- the following from Yuna is her out-loud, narrating. I'm including this
since it doesn't seem to be in other guides and it's really good.

Yuna: I was born in Bevelle. I grew up in Besaid. And I suppose... this ship is
my home now. Well... No, not just here. When I think of all the places we
saw on our journey... Now, each and every one of them feels like home to

Cid: E tuh'd keja y duud yhosuna. Ku uh, tu frydajan oui fyhd.
(I don't give a toot anymore. Go on, do whatever you want.)

Cid: Hmph. Darned kids.

Cid: Syopa dnoehk du nyeca dras ymuha fyc y pyt etay.
(Maybe trying to raise them alone was a bad idea.)

Paine: Your mother was Cid's younger sister, right? So that means you're part
of this family too...

After viewing scene with Rikku on the Deck

Rikku: Once I come up with something, maaaybe I'll tell you, too.

Paine: So, what did you and Rikku talk about? Not that I care... much.

After entering the path to Vegnagun

Rikku: That place was far out... But there's no turning back now, right?

Paine: Vegnagun is close. Let's get the job done.

Return to the Airship after visiting anywhere else

Rikku: Stay strong, Yunie. This'll all be over soon.

Rikku: How long is Leblanc planning to camp out there, anyways?

Paine: Shuyin, a shadow... I guess you and I aren't the only ones haunted
by our past.

Paine: Let's be sure to tell Nooj that Leblanc's being so well-behaved.
I've got a few things to say to Nooj myself.

After viewing Gippal scene and Paine's Sphere

Rikku: How long until the Paine within Paine wakes up? I wanna meet her!

Paine: I haven't lost my old self. But it might be a little longer before I
find her.

After scene in which Rikku says there's "no turning back"

Rikku: I have a hunch we'll reach Vegnagun in no time!

Paine: Looks like brawn alone won't get us through this time.

After "it sucks" scene and initiation of Vegnagun

Rikku: Let's whack that tin can good!

Paine: This is it Yuna. We're counting on you.

Visit somewhere else, then return

Rikku: People made Vegnagun, so that means people can unmake it, too!

Paine: When you're around, Yuna, even the most impossible things
suddenly seem probable.

Update History

Version 1 - November 20, 2005 - Complete Airship dialogue for most major stuff
and a few subplots, but still a *lot* to be added.

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true Final Fantasy sequel.
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For the Mi'ihen Mystery Guide at GameFAQs, thanks to Split Infinity --- without this, I couldn't solve the mystery the best way (or other ways once I add them.)
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Paine: What happens when you run out of respect points?
Well now, I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise...

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