11-25-2005, 01:41 AM
**** Introduction ****

This Diary of accounts will give some indication as to the trails and traumas of being an apprentice black mage.
The character featured in this journal is the second character I have created within Vana'Diel, the first being an Elvaan monk which was lucky to receive lukewarm vibes from other players due to the stupid stigma involved with Elvaan monks.

Anyway, After re-subscribing and baring the tedious instalation I had thought hard about what race and occupation I was to assume, after watching all the intros and being slightly disturbed by the slutty mithra (urgh, beastial) I had my heart set on a pretty brunette hume with devestating black magic.

Profile data (


My eyes open and I take a deep breath as everything clarifies, My first time in Bastock, a city of technolgy and promise.
Not new to the menu systems or navigation I set off to deliver the adventurers coupon for my disgracefull amount of starting Gil.

There is not a single soul that I know in this region of Vana'diel, so I decided to go and train up to an acceptable level before trying to meet anyone, but first a quick logout to send some equipment from my monk to Katrona!

Now loaded with 3000 gil and some usefull items, I left Bastock's great gates to roam and learn the area of south gustaberg!
Armed with my trusty "stone" spell and an ash pole the bloodlust set in as I got about swatting maneating wasps into oblivion... Just as a tip also, as a BLM/WHM try to use melee attacks as much as you would mana, because although not adept at physical combat your mage will fare better if you toughen them up without consistant magic.

Satisfied with reaching level 6 I decided to start some missions of which I kept getting interupted:

>>>Katrona :Heya sexy!
Katrona>>>: Excuse me?
>>>Katrona: lol took you long enough
Katrona>>>: Can I help you?

Just as I was leaving the city gates equipped for missions, the same guy calls me over to the AH.
Although a tad too smooth, Xemis was very nice and offered to !POWER LEVEL! me. after gaining level 9 in about ten minutes I was starting to complain about MP regeneration being so time consuming...

Xemis>>>> Wait here.
Katrona>>>> ok

Xemis then returns from the AH : Xemis wishes to trade with you.
So I obliged and the present I recieved was a stack of 12 Rolenberry pies +1!
The description for this item is that it is the BEST rolenberry pie I have ever tasted! And boy are they right, after gutting down one of those I had an extra 100mp to cut sick with So I trumped ahead to complete mission one "zeurhan(sp) mines report"

Sorry this was only short lived, I will expand and edit this as I can but for the time being i just wanted to get the start of the journal posted, Please keep tuned for more!

11-28-2005, 10:12 PM
Hallo there~! Welcome! ...and nice intro, though you score 0 points bad-talking mithracats like that !>O

Looking forward to more BLM stories from ya~ It's a great profession; enjoy your power while you have it!