06-19-2006, 08:20 PM
Hey guys.
What's this new expansion like (yeah I know there's a topic already but it's old and irrelevant)? is it aimed at new players or is it all raid shit? What're the new classes like?

06-21-2006, 01:38 AM
um, well, it's neither aimed at new players nor is it "raid shit."
There really isn't anything for anyone under level 30, and at level 30 all you get is three new jobs. Then, depending on your job, you can do all the new missions that have come out, but it's mainly just cutscenes (storyline looks promising so far!). Also of note is that sometime next month is the next content patch, which will include chocobo breeding which hopefully will be available for lower level players.
The real content kicks in at level 50, where you can start doing assault. Since my highest job is only level 42, I can't say I know much about it, but you take 3-6 people out and do things and supposedly they are really fun. One involves invading an enemy beastmen camp and having to set up the beastmen so that when they use a special attack, it not only hits your tank but also knocks down a wall, which allows you to get something. Most people do these at level 75, though. It sounds like a blast to me.
There's also besieged, where one half of the new city gets attacked by one of the new groups of beastmen (trolls, other guys, undead). 300+ players assemble and fight them off. It sounds laggy and something for only level 75s, but it requires no special linkshell or prior organization and it could be fun. Lower levels can help out, too. If I'm ever on during one, I'll definitley head to help out with raises and cures - even that nets you exp and imperial standing in besieged! What's really neat, I think, is that the beastmen will capture NPCs from that side of the city and players have to go rescue them. Since it's a long trek otherwise, most higher level players set their homepoints in the new city, and there's a tarutaru that warps you back around jeuno for free, so it's like you have access to both cities. Said tarutaru can also be kidnapped, and lots of players band together to go attack the beastmen fortresses to rescue him.

The new jobs are pretty awesome, kinda. Corsair is a cross between a bard and a ranger, and even have a buff that increases experience. The defining hexagun for the class isn't available until level 60-something, which is strange.
Blue Mage is really fun, soloable up into your 30's, and requires you to fight mobs you normally wouldn't to learn your spells. They can do monster damage, and, at least for the first 30-odd levels, can tank well.
Puppet Masters have a lot of problems, but they're pretty fun. You get a puppet who you can equip with special things, and he fights with you as different forms - a ranger, black mage, and warrior/paladin tank mode. It gets pretty weak after around level 40, though.
The biggest issue with the new jobs is that a lot of the job-dependent content doesn't exist for them yet. There's no Artifact Armor (the armor that makes them look definitive, from levels 50~60) for any of them, and there's other stuff missing as well. Hopefully that's being added in July.

I hope this helps.

06-21-2006, 08:16 PM
Yeah, just what I was going to say ^^