07-28-2006, 11:49 PM
*Umm spoilers I guess but I feel if you played FFX-2 you should of beaten FFX first*
(No I havn't gotten a 100% completion thing yet I'd like to know if I did If it would help me to understand im like on 98% and I missed things in chapter four I think so I'm like good lord x.x..)
In FFX Tidus jumps off the airship then high fives his dad (That would mean somehow they still exist even if they were a dream of the Fayth right?)
But how did the Aeons come back exactly I thought they were released from their servititude. And also exactly does Tidus come back is it explained?

(I'd like to say I liked the game alot cept for the final boss I wasn't a very high level and it only took me about 10 hits to beat each part, Also.. I only needed The Dark Knight and Alchemist Dress spheres)

07-29-2006, 01:54 AM
I believe the idea is that the wandering despair that was Shuyin disturbed the fayth from their rest in the Farplane. As for Tidus --- he has a theory on what exactly happened --- if you get 100% completion, you will see it.

And please, mark your spoilers a bit more clearly, preferably in the thread title. Your topic has spoilers not only for X, but for X-2 also.