11-09-2006, 06:24 PM
I would just like to start off by saying I really like the idea of a character biography and even though the risk of it being played out by now is apparent I would still like to give it a go. Allow me to say I am currently a lv 75 warrior among other jobs, the next highest being a 68 ninja so Melee is pretty much my forte. I would like to base this "if I can" in a kind of story like context, 3rd person if you will so I hope that doesn't confuse anyone. I just like to write stories sometimes. My character name in server Is Genocydex. My story beings not from level 1 but from level 75, the time of gods and Hyper notorious monsters.

Anyway i hope you guys and girls like it.. ty for reading..

Awakened after a tired nights slumber, Gen stretches out in his comfortable mog house, his fireplace warm and aglow welcoming him to another day in Vana' diel.

Slowly he slides out of bed and peers over at his manequins in deliberation of what task to undertake today. thinking aloud he speaks " kill stuff or help people not get killed by stuff?" The answer is obvious "Kill stuff" He slides into his Armor and equips his dual axes "maneater" and "woodvilles axe".. He glances down noticing something out of place in his armor, a scaly clump of flesh protrudes from the crevace of his Hauberk he sees... A small grin crosses the shadows of his face from beneath the brow of his optical hat in recognition of the foul Dragons known as "skoffin" he had the pleasure of Ridding the land of Aht urghan with the previous day.

He sets off after gearing up and steps out into the daylight. The city of Whitegate welcomes him with the shouts of sellers and buyers ringing out in the air their wares and bargains.The prospect of new adventure looms out before him as he signs his name to the list of those seeking to cleanse the land today of the ever growing population of beastmen and their hordes.. Off to the auction house to buy supplies... "ahhh a few fresh stacks of sole sushi should do it for starters, maybe some cookies for later should i decide to go help the newcomers to the land with random cures and safeguarding" It is after all what I like to do..."oops better not forget silent oils and that reraise gorget, I know I'll be needing that soon for sure" :a slight inward chuckle escapes him at the thought and prospect of death: It is something he has become all to aware of in his more recent times. The battle field of dynamis and the thundering Gods who have welcomed him with open arms on so many occasions have made sure of that, but it is nothing to fear in this world, death.. but a simple spell and back to your feet you arise from the ashes, although it will cost you some rather pesky problems for a while and a case of minor amnesia of sorts, as people tend to forget the "experiences" near the event leading to their death.

Suddenly a messenger approaches him... "A party has gathered in the Caderva Mire region sir and is requesting your presence" He states.. "ahh let the cleansing begin"... Off to speak with the gate guard to inform him of my current progress and recieve sanction, keeping the land up to date on his endeavors, then off to Azhoup isle staging point enroute to Caderva mire.
Alone still and awaiting a welcome from the allegiance he is to assist he prepares himself for the journey to the group using the silent oils and tonko ni spell for invisibility as to not attract any unwanted attention that could lead to an early demise..

a messenger appears to inform him of the groups location and he sets off in their direction, the closest western hill in Caderva Mire.. A group of 3 Melee fighters, a white mage and red mage await him with a warm reception.. He scans the group roughly noticing their job traits, abilities and equipment to gain a better understanding of his role in this specific group.. His role is multi-tasked today it seems as there is a warrior with thieveing specialties available and a primary ninja to draw the hate from monsters.. This person we know as a "tank" in our world.. The one who sits there and takes a pummeling over and over again the best they can until the creature is dead..

A ninja is not like a standard "tank" however in that he can do what we call "blink" raising blured images of himself to effect the enemies perception of where he actually is.. the enemies in turn have to destroy these additional "shadows" that surround him to even be able to hit him once he uses his Utsusemi spell. I myself also posess this ability and it tends to be necessary as I have been known to be called "the untankable one" due to my excessive damage and agressive tendencies in battle..

I will be taunting the creature to gain his full attention using an ability the warrior has called "provoke" it seems and take the pummeling myself as I will "tank" the first part of every fight. This way I can turn the creature to me and have his back to the warrior in our group who has mastered a secondary ability in thief skills.. The thief has a special ability we call SATA, which is actually 2 abilites that can be combined into one given certain circumstances. sneak attack and trick attack.. Sneak attack causes high damage as long as your behind a creature and trick attack makes the creature think that whoever the thief is standing behind hit it, which will make the creature in turn attack that person instead of the thief who actually hit it..
This way we will concentrate more combined agression toward who we want to main tank, that being the ninja. I will provoke the beast then the thf will sata and trick the creature into thinking the Ninja hit it, causing the monster to turn and attak the ninja.. dumb monsters...

The party begins as an onslaught of monsters appear before us spawning from the regions of hell they must reside in.. there is no end to these creatures nor is it likely there will ever be, so it is necessary that they be dealt with constanty or they will overthrow our world.. and yea, that just doesn't work for me.. I draw my dual axes and taunt the nearest imp, telling it it's mother was a Jnun and boy does he get mad.. He immediately slaps us with his stupid stik making all of us forget everything we have learned in all of our time alive in regards to our job abilites and weapon skills.. we sit there swinging like special ed students stuk on the short bus to hell until the effects start to wear off.. shaking my head a bit I regain my composure and prepare myself for the next battle..

Time to warm up... I summon all of my strength and abilities and let out a raging warcry as I allow myself to sink into a trancelike state of berserk and aggression, throwing a tomahawk and blinking into my weapon skill gear I smile inwardly.. "He has no idea whats about to hit him" I think to myself... "Charging my warrior" abilities to the fullest and Letting out all of the agression I had built up on the previous monster I set forth a raging barrage of blazing fire through the air in a catostrophic display of axe skill, instantly removing half of the creatures lifeforce... He turns as if to look at me for a moment and appologise but by then it is to late.. Little did he know that my barrage was a prelude to his demise yet to come.. The warrior/thief lets loose a striking blow of steel, cycloning up into the heavens as his great axe cleaves the beast in two and it slumps to the ground, a bloody writhing mass of nerves and twitching wings..

The onslaught continues, blood and guts flying in everywhich way as steel and spell combined to throw spark and flame to the skies. Hours on end we hack our way through the neverending swarms of beastmen and the like devoid of though, deviod of any thought but to kill and not be killed. Catching the sight of other groups in my perifrial vision I notice a group in dire need of assistance as monsters start to spawn around them in an attempt to aide the beast they are currently destroying.. Quickly I turn and engage one of them as my party is still engaged with our own problem I must apporach this with care not only for the other group but for my own.. i prepare myself to tank this creature the duration of the entire fight while we kill the other one to help the other group out who is steadily declining in health under the onslaught of 4 foes... Luckily I see a sleep spell being cast and the tell tale snoring of 1 of the creatures lets me know if I take only one they will be fine..

I pick up a large clump of mud launch it at the imp, slapping it in the bak of the head as hard as I can, causing it to spiral out of control in an airborn summersault and splat forcefully into a tree.. Needless to say he is now officially pissed off at me.. job well done *smile* he raises himself from the ground quickly as my hit was nothing to cause any serious damage only a taunt and rushes at me full force.. blindly I continue to cast my shadows up as I watch them slowly disappear as the imp swings at me over and over again hitting nothing. One of the mages notices this and drops a haste spell on me allowing me to cast faster and I'm sure the imp must be really pissed off by now from being hit with that mud and still not getting any pay back for it.. My last shadow drops as the imp we are fighting nears death, him having casted the same spell imps almost always cast "amnesia" left us all stuck on stupid again.. and I say aloud.. "this is gonna hurt a bit" he finally gets some payback nailing me with a critical hit then dropping a sleepga spell rendering the entire party unconscious..

"oh shit, this is gonna be fun" I say... He and I... thats it.. i keep my eyes fixed sharpy on my shadows awaiting the next one to drop to prepare the next spell as I attack simutaneously. again he hits me, a second and 3rd time health is beginning to wain and I feel fatigue coming on.. just then I remember again.. All of my abilities come back to me as I had just began to prepare myself for death.. I let loose again all of my warriors strenghts and summon my greatest power from the depths, something that I can only do once every few days..(in game) and I let loose the most devistating attack yet, cleaving the entire left arm and wing from the creature, he slumps to the ground and my party regains comsciousness.. The imp still alive but barely, I hack it one last time with my axe and it falls silent after a final twitch.. After a few hours of cleansing the land I return to whitegate to prepare myself for the days real challenge... Gods...