Memento Mori
12-22-2006, 09:28 PM
lickety-split you fuckin' twit
Did I say twit? I meant twat
Show me what you fuckin' got
I want your knees to imprint my carpet
and kinda stay that way, for the memories
well, they can imprint her carpet.. whatever
I won't give you the shaft
Actually yes that's the point
Tis you I will anoint
With this lovely fucking joint
You'd better not disappoint
or the shaft my shoot your eye
And you'll cry, creamy tears
and they'll adhesively adhere
and it's gum but with a 'c'
and now her hair tastes like cinnamon
cos I dipped it in it just for you
Because this is true
shaft suction and carpet rubbin'
threesomes are fun.