12-23-2006, 01:51 AM
This is a shitty story, but entertaining hopefully.

The forest yetis Hetty and Betty were eating warm porridge in their little tree house when a noise was heard outside in the dense forest disturbing them. It was a loud squishy sound and then a loud childish cry followed directly after.

Hetty and Betty looked out the window together and saw an emo lying on the floor lying next to a foul deposit left by Boggins McTrevor on the previous night.

"Waaaaahahahaha wooooo, I wanna f*cking die!" cried out the emo who had a sticky shit stain on his trousers from what he slipped on that made him scream in the first place.

"Oh, my god!" shouted Betty.
"It's that same emo that the local hero Boggins shat on last night and cried some more."
"Oh, yeah." replied Hetty in interest.

Another noise took place.
"Spoon! Spoon! Spoon!" said a nearby tree octopus to a badger who seemed to have buggered off already in quick reaction to the disturbance of the octopus's shouting.

Next, to Hetty and Betty's horror of sight, the emo was crushed under a fast riding incoming squeaky wooden wagon carrying spoons, doughnuts and cakes in its hind, and the wagon rider was Boggins himself apparently wearing a pirate's hat, has a long black beard and a long pirate's coat who was letting out a loud intense cackle splitting the air in all directions through the surrounding dense forest.

Boggins threw a pack of cakes and spoons that landed by the tree house.

Boggins shouted:
"See y'all next week, me friends! Hahaharrr! Ah shiiiit! Me need some high quality arsewipe!"

Hetty said in excitement:
"More food and spoons. Now, no more noisy gimps disturbing our peaceful breakfast time!"

The tree octopus that made a noise earlier squiggled his way through the tree house window from the outside using his eight tentacles and shouted:
"Spoons! spoons! spoons!".

Betty replied:
"Here you go octy, old pal! hehe." and tosses a tea spoon at him.

A knock came at the door. Betty said:
"Oh bollocks! Who the hell could it be now?"

Hetty rolled across the floor into a furry white ball towards the front door and opened it. The door made a creaking noise. To Hetty's surprise, it was Larry the man-eating-slug.

Larry said in sadness:
"Oh no. The emos are in town making loud crying noises. They say they will stop, but can't actually do it, because they're gay. Can I spend a night in your little tree house?"

Betty who was sitting in the back of the treehouse replied:
"Hehe. Hmm, well okay."

Hetty said after:
"But you may have to sleep in the barrel outside. That's the best we can offer. Here, have a cake hehe."

Larry replied:
"Hehe, thanks guys. I will be sure to enjoy having company with you both."

The end.

It is a sequel from someone else's story. I am more than happy taking any criticism lol.