12-30-2006, 10:15 AM
he looked at the night skys the only way he know how to.
a roar of painfull thunder screemed across the sky.
that word pain.
it doesn't apply to him anymore.
he knows no more pain. pain was ripped out of his soul. everything was ripped out his soul, as his pride was raped.
he was recreated. his heart decieved so many times, that it no longer exists. his heart is dead. a scar took its place.
his soul. no such word exists anymore. it was burnerd slowly just enough to feel whats left of a sting. the ashes are gone. a shadow took the place of what was supposed to be his soul.
he slowly walked down the edge, only having the echo of his boots barely break the silence. silence is whats left of his identity. they, he thought to himself . they created him. and now he looks to strike revenge...no...punishment if any word can describe his intentions into the core and souls of the men that created him.
its raining.
he picked up the shattered bloodstained piece of mirror off the ground. he looked into it only to see whats left of him. he is nolonger a human. humanity no longer exists in this world. only animals we call people destroying themselvs and what nature left us for their own good. he is a wanderer now. a wanderer for revenge. an image he nolonger wishes to see. he crushes the broken piece of mirrir, shattering it into many pieces, cutting his skin. he didnt feel it even as the stained liquid ran and dripped down his fingers. the rain washed it off.
another ligtning lit across the sky, revealing a glimpse of his pale face. a smile. a smile not of joy...but that of the sick and twisted thoughts that ran through his head. thoughts unimaginable. thoughts of horrer. he enjoyed every minute. its as if he was feeding off the pain that was inflected onto him, pain he cannot feel. tonight was the night he will inject bits and pieces of that same pain into the hearts of the men who "created him"
it stopped raining. he whispered under his breath.
"its time"

01-01-2007, 09:16 AM
you would need to read the first part to understand whats going on. Thread 35211

alex shelly was a hard working young man. he had a powerfull and megnetic personality. his smile will lure anyone in and brighten up their day. he was somewhat of a prettyboy, yet noone could help but to love him, even if they were his enemy. his bright medium length blond hair and icy blue eyes and a masterpiece like body made him look like something out of a girls fantasy. somewhat arrogent with ability to back it up, he was a young witty man who made more friends then enemys everywhere he went. with a lyrical yet manly voice, one cannot believe such a person existed without meeting him themselves.
his life had its ups and downs, but he had to complaints or regrets. he lived life to the fulliest, no matter how bad it got. he was proud of who he was. but we all have secrets. skeletons in his closet, something which he would never reveal, not even to himself. he would wonder if he was trying to convince that everything was great in his life to others...or to himself. it didnt matter. he believed he couldnt take the past back, but can change the future. and that was what wakes him up every morning. the ditermination to beat this game of life he enjoyed or hated so much. such a person, yet noone knew what was in his mind. scars.
he got off from work at a local shop. a more friendly enviornment, he had his tough times there. he was off to the hospital to see his dieing mother. he never let anyone know that the reason of living for him was to make the only "true" happyness in his life- his mother proud. he has yet to accomplish that goal. he entered the room. fifth floor, room 511. as he entered he felt the chill of lonelyness and silence grab him by the heart. his mother lay there in her deathbed. so quite, it looked almost peacefull. he often asked if that was trully his mother. if that was trully the angel that protected him for so long. a human shield that took the hits for him as he grew.
no words could have described the love and pain he felt watching his moms body connected with so many machines. no word could describe his love period. he left without saying any more. waving at the orderlys, nurses, and security staff, as he had allways done. a mask he put on can never trully cover up his true emotions. he left the hospital into the cold night.
he crept up the stairs into his apartment. the elevators werent working. they never do. his room was 320 so it wasnt much of a workout for him. he entered his apartment, which was just a fancy word for a room. noone could tell by looking at his home that it belonged to him. it was dirty. messy. clothes everywhere. food left over from a week ago. he had no reason to live life, he no longer cared.
" i can be anywhere in the world right now, and for some reason it has to be this place. whopty fuckin doo."
he flicked the light switch on. they wouldnt turn on. he cursed at the switch and lightbulb knowing it wouldnt do any good. for some reason it seemed colder in his room then it was outside.
he soon realized he wasnt alone as he saw the figure near the window. the figures back was turned towrds him, looking out. its pale skin tone was the only thing bright enough to see in this room. its hands were bloody, almost as if glass has shattered within his grasp. his eyes was something not able to be seen, as a shadow like effect covered the pain sorrow and rage in its face. the figure slowly turned. silence has entered the room almost as easy as alex had.
what happened next was sonething no human can describe. their eyes met. he squinted as he tried to grasped reality which by now was far beyond his reach. a sense of confusion, curiousity, but mostly fear was injected into alex's mind as the figure came closer. his face was revealed. alex studdered. "i- i know you..i killed you...i killed you!!"
the figure wrapped its hands around alex's neck chocking whats left of his life out of him. he ripped breath out him as alex chocked out what would be his last words. "i..killed you.....--"
the figure whispered back "and now, i have done the same to you."
i dunno if i should continue, so if you want to read some more, just tell me, cause i wouldnt want to wast my time and the space making more bad stories. also, which did you like more, this part or the first?

01-02-2007, 04:20 PM
Why-oh-why did you make a second thread for your inane garbage? And yes, it is crap. Learn the basics of grammar, spelling, and punctuation before you try any sort of creative writing.

01-02-2007, 06:36 PM
Please don't make multiple threads for the same story, just post any further additions to it in the same thread.