02-28-2007, 02:51 PM
My Names Amitamari Well not lyteraly but i hate my real name....... off subject already nice start.

Ermmm Anyway Much like the rest off you im an Avid fan of the Final Fantasy Games in paticular FF9 because i think the charicters have more depth than the other Games.

The reason im posting here is because im a second year games development student seeking "HELP!" with my Final Major Project

The objective is to completly Remodel Amarant Coral with more of a seriouse human like appearance here are the rules so far

His hair will Become Fiery Red Dreadlocks tied back
His body will be thinned down retaining definition but not as burly
He's maybe gonna lose his facial hair
His attire *cloths* are going to be tottaly changed to give him more of an assasin/bounty hunter look whilst retaining his fist weapons

also i plan to put a wolfs head on one of his sholders to keep that savage aura about him

What i need! All i ask of the people on this forum is that they submit posts saying what they think Amarant Coral should look like you can go as imaginative as you want but he has to stay HUMAN.

To all Who read This Thanks For your Time.
THX :smrt:

fastidious percolator
02-28-2007, 05:16 PM
Well, for a supposed 'ogre' creature, he already looks quite human as it is! (apart from the green skin ^_´┐Ż), and I love Amarant's appearances already, never thought about changing anything about it. :D

But alrighty, suggestions eh,

- 'Cause he has dreadlocks, but they're not seperate, they're tight into one big dot: maybe loosen up the hairdue, with even longer loose dreads, with the color: going from dark red to brighter red! :smrt:

- Maybe think about his original name in the game: Salamander. Wolf elements do sound rather nice, but consider like, snake-like ornaments. :) Buckles, bracelets, snake-pattern trousers!

- More human-like physical aspects, would be drastic changes of the size of his hand and the widening girth of the legs. But you could simply obtain a normal human body, but with like, really heavy boots (a mix of leather and iron perhaps? :D).

- It would be really nice if you could already show rough sketches or something for the more assasin/bounty hunter-look. =)

Lil' Sain
03-09-2007, 06:46 AM
a guy with red hair green clothes and facial hair. he's a sellsword let him be as he wants