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A few new more scans that were taken from Famitsu magazine.

Famitsu scan 1 ()
Famitsu scan 2 ()
Famitsu scan 3 ()
Famitsu scan 4 ()

In the interview, Nomura mentions the origins of Zack and Angeal's last name, as noted in the previous update. In regard to the scene with Genesis, Angeal, and Sephiroth, "The scene with the three people facing off happened in the past, and has an important meaning for each of them. It was after this that things started got out of hand... Angeal doesn't use the Buster Sword here, either."

He also mentioned that there is an important meaning behind the color and design of Angeal's wings, Zack and the Turks have a close relationship, and that Lazard's role is vital to the story. When asked about the release date, he said that an announcement would be made before long.

Granted most of these screens are either of sequences or rendered cgi character models but i still can't believe how well it looks seeing as it's for the PSP. Even in-game the visuals look stunning. This could well be a testament of the graphical potential of the PSP but lets just hope that CC doesn't doesn't have the same problem as MGS-PO, with graphical goodness at the expense of short levels.

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Correct me if i'm wrong, but I distinctly see Angeal with a wing. I suppose it's no surprise, but considering I haven't been keeping up with the development it's all news to me.

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Here's a brief description straight from Famitsu regarding the four scans...

- Angeal, Sephiroth, and Genesis face off in the city of Junon, which previously appeared in "FFVII". Why are they fighting? It seems to have happened long ago... Angeal, who turns to the others with a grim look, is Zack's friend. He can be seen fighting with the Buster Sword on his back, instead using a standard issue SOLDIER sword.

- The friendship between Angeal and Zack could be considered the core of story. The two develop a strong relationship of trust when Angeal, who would normally never use the Buster Sword, wields it to defend Zack. It's clear that Zack will one day inherit this huge sword, but what kind of drama will there be in the process?

- This is the new character, Lazard, head executive of SOLDIER, the elite military unit of the Shinra Company. He is a clear-headed man who holds an important position within Shinra. The Turks who appeared in "FFVII" also show up. Here, they act as a special force under direct orders from Shinra's top management, carrying out information gathering and annihilation against the opposing forces.

- Battles in this game occur on the field with no transition. At the height of action, the player controls Zack while selecting commands. The series of reels in the upper left corner are known as the "Digital Mind Wave", and spin continuously as long as there is SP left to consume. Each rotates independently, and various effects can be achieved when they stop on matching portraits or values.

No transition from game to battle?. Sounds interesting, but i guess i'll hold off on too much praise until i actualy see it.