03-11-2007, 09:37 PM
This is the party thread for ff3 for you to brag and help with other people's parties.

Here's mine:

Luneth: Dark Knight Lv.21 weapons:blood sword, royal sword total 105 armor: ice helm, gaunlets total 18 Hp 535

Ingus: Dragoon Lv.22 dual thunder spears total 90 armor: none total 0 Hp 520

Arc: Geomancer lv.22 dual diamond bells total 84 armor: mage robe mythril bracers total 15 Hp 520

Refia: black mage lv. 21 ice staff fire staff total 40 armor L.cap Mage robe mythril bracers total 16 Hp 475

Need Help plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-11-2007, 11:05 PM
I JUST finished this game...god the last boss is tough. My two physical fighters died mid-battle and I didn't bother reviving them because it would mean certain death for my entire party. But at least I won.

Here is my party right now:

Luneth: Level 53, Job-Knight, Job Level-43, Attack Power-277 (Ragnarok, Excalibur), Defense-108, Magic Defense-59, Strength-59

Arc: Level 54, Job-Summoner, Job Level-41, Attack Power-113, Defense-67, Magic Defense-81, Intellect-71

Refia: Level 54, Job-Devout, Job Level-38, Attack Power-115, Defense-67, Magic Defense-81, Spirit-71

Ingus: Level 52, Job-Monk, Job Level-99, Attack Power-290 (Weaponless), Defense-88, Magic Defense-68, Strength-48

03-11-2007, 11:09 PM
nice party

Vacuolate Tuna
04-09-2007, 04:51 AM
I just finished too! It wasn't that bad though, I cranked some levels before I got to the last boss.

Arc: Level 66, Sage, job level 24, attack 123 [omnirod, golem staff] defense 67

Luneth: Level 66, Dark Knight, job level 99 [!!] attack 272 [masamune, ragnarok] defense 98

Ingus: Level 67, Ninja, job level 54, attack 225 [moonring blade, kiku-ichimonji] defense 98

Refia: Level 66, Devout, job level 48, attack 115 [elder staff, golem staff] defense 72

why no armor on the dragoon?

04-10-2007, 03:12 AM
When I played back on the original one, I had 2 Ninjas and 2 Sages. All but one Sage died who alternated on using Bahamut, the best cure spell on himself, and elixers. It was the most difficult boss battle I had ever done, excluding Omega in FFV. Anyway, I think they were in their 50s for levels, and the two ninjas were equipped with double shurikens while the sages used Bahamut. Although, this is probably useless because the DS version is most likely very different.

04-19-2007, 02:05 AM
I'm halfway through the game. Here's my party setup

Luneth - Level 32 Knight Job Level 39

Refia - Level 32 White Mage Job Level 54

Arc - Level 32 Black Mage Job Level 50 Evoker Job Level 20(I switch back and forth between these two)

Ingus - Level 32 Dragoon Job Level 40

J. Peterman
04-22-2007, 05:04 AM
Refia Level 73 -99 Devout 99 Knight
5342 HP/37 STR/ 42 AGI/ 50 VIT/ 42 INT/ 99 MI
195 ATK/72 DEF/ 83 MDEF
Holy Wang/Elder Staff
Ribbon/White Robe/Protect Ring
5342 HP/88 STR/ 55 AGI/ 88 VIT/55 INT/ 60 MI
292 ATK/116 DEF/56 MDEF
Ultima Weapon/Excalibur
Crystal or Ribbon/Crystal/Crystal

Arc Level 72 - 99 Black Belt
5619 HP/74 STR/ 65 AGI/ 74 VIT/31 INT/ 41 MI
342 ATK/95 DEF/61 MDEF
Bare Handed
Ribbon/Master Dogi/Protect Ring

Luneth Level 72 - 99 Dragoon
5154 HP/87 STR/ 63 AGI/ 43 VIT/39 INT/ 39 MI
285 ATK/108 DEF/59 MDEF
Magic Lance/Gungnir
Ribbon/Crystal Mail/Crystal Gloves

Ingus, Level 72 - 99 Ninja, 99 Thief 99 Onion Knight
5061 HP/62 STR/ 90 AGI/ 47 VIT/44 INT/ 44 MI
272 ATK/90 DEF/64 MDEF
Ribbon/Fuma Garb/Genji Gloves

I was trying to get an Onion Knight with maxed out stats and stuff, but ended up getting bored and stopped playing.

04-23-2007, 05:58 AM
nice party all :D

06-06-2007, 10:47 PM
Up until Eureka I had (L)Monk/(A)Geomancer/(R)Red Mage/(I)Dragoon and between Luneth and Arc they were chuggin out 9999's every turn (for Arch it was when he cast Shadowflare which was alot in Eureka) So, having done all the wifi quests figured I play with an intirely new party just for more job cards (and well.. getting a max onion knight) so atmo I'm on (L)Onion Knight-43/(A)ninja-29/(R)Devout-26/(I)Viking-31. All my characters are lvl 56 and enjoying it heaps. Its more a challenge than my first set up but I figured it'd pay off once they max out, Knight and Ninja average about 8000 a turn when Ingus pulls off his provoke (The dual shields just sounded so cool) And I had to make Refia the Devout purely for how cute she looks with the cat ears X3 Though feeling the pain of low job levels with Vikings Provoke sometimes missing on the monsters, but its getting better with his job level rising.

06-07-2007, 12:31 AM
I sat in that damn Mythril Mine for about 3 months, and all 4 are lvl 99 on all Wind Crystal jobs, save one. I finally got so sick to death of it, so now I'm just leveling each job to lvl 99 on one character a piece.

Just got the Fire Crystal, so:

Luneth lvl 24, Ranger 63
Refia lvl 24, Geomancer 63
Arc lvl 24, Scholar 70
Ingus lvl 24, Knight 56.

God I hate this game :sad:

06-07-2007, 03:15 AM
Woah, thats.... Hard out. I thought I was ambitious thinking of getting one character to lvl 99 for each job class. Is there any need to max them out so early in the game? The amount of turns needed to lvl up is the same no matter what your fighting but if you do it as you go along you'll get better character exp and items and such. I'm impressed that you can still play the game after sustaining that amount of leveling for so long.

06-07-2007, 03:23 AM
Well the simple reason is I'm more than slightly OCD. I actually did master every job for all 4 characters in V, way back when. It wasn't 3 months straight, obviously. I took large breaks between leveling sessions, because BLECH.

I personally detest job games (III, V, X-2). Why should I have to work with two leveling systems? I know I don't HAVE to master every job for everyone, but I have the OCD urge and that's life. They say it gives me flexability and allows for customization. I say you're harnessing me with months of useless grinding.

Oh well.



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