03-18-2007, 01:20 AM
Well, basically, I think I've royally screwed myself over. x_x
First thing is, do you have to wait until after the mission at the travel agency in Macalania in Chapter 3 to pay off O'aka's debt? Because....I payed it off waaaaayyyy before then, but then when I got to that point, my guide says "simultaneously mission complete 'Ensure safety of travel company' when paying off O'aka's debt'". So I'm a bit worried about that, since his debt was already payed off. Although he did say to the person in the travel agency not to die before he payed it off anyway.

Second, in the guide it says that in Chapter 3 you have to get Crimson Report 4 from Leblanc's hideout. But I couldn't find it anywhere. And in a Crimson Report guide, it says you can't get it until Chapter 5... But my percent wasn't at 50.0% when it should have been according to the 100% guide because of the fact that I didn't get the sphere that's impossible to get...? T_T

Thanks for the help!