Darth Revan
03-25-2007, 12:10 PM
I've started playing FFXI a little over four months ago, and decided to write my own FFXI fanfic. Now, the main characters in this story are of my own creation, and the majority of supporting characters in this piece are actually members of my linkshell (Who gave me permission to use their characters for the purpose of this story).

I've tried to create an original FFXI fanfic here, while still trying to be true to the world of FFXI. Anywayz, without further ado, here's the story...

************************************************** *

Final Fantasy XII : The Tides of Darkness

Chapter One :

Six weary figures made their way towards the entrance to the city of Bastok, stopping as a group in front of the entrance to the marketplace. One of them, a female hume Red Mage, sat on a nearby rock, and sighed. The galka warrior, Orcrinvalkin, glanced over at her, arms folded across his chest and a smirk on his face.

�What's the matter Ariel? The sun too hot for you?�

Arielyanna glanced over at the galka, and smiled.

�No Orc... just a little tired after having to drag your large butt all the way from Pashhow, because you thought you could take on a Malboro by yourself.� she grinned at the galka's discomfort �I had to call Enkidoh, who was all the way in East Sarutabaruta, to head over here to the marshlands to raise you. And when she arrived, the rest of us kept the goblins at bay, while she raised you.�

Arielyanna motioned towards the mithra in the group, who sighed and put her hand on her hip.

�As a White Mage, I took an oath to help those who need it. That is what the White Mage oath is.�

The three other members of the party all wore grins on their faces as they watched the scene unfold before them. The male hume warrior stepped forward, checking his sword at the same time.

�As much fun as this is, this is where we part company. Siflan, Sano and myself are heading towards Vomp hill.�

Arielyanna looked at him.

�Going after the Carnero eh Raido?�

Raido smiled and ran his hand through his hair.

�Well... Sano is after it... for some reason or the other... You're more than welcome to come along.�

Orcrinvalkin shook his head.

�Normally I'd say yeah... however I have some errands I need to take care of in the port. I'll catch up with you again Raido.� he looked over at Enkidoh and Arielyanna �Have fun you two, I'll speak with you over the linkshell later.�

Enkidoh nodded as Arielyanna stood and smoothed her black tunic out.

�Take care Orc.�

The galka nodded one more time, and waved to them, before heading into Bastok. Raido, Sano and Siflan waved goodbye to Arielyanna and Enkidoh, as they headed towards Vomp Hill. Enkidoh looked over at her friend and sighed.

�Well... if there's nothing else... I need to head back to Sarutabaruta and hunt some crawlers...�

Arielyanna nodded absently as she threw a broken fang arrow to the ground from her quiver.

�I'm still hunting Bubbly Bernie for a client in Bastok Markets... after that, I've got to go and get some more Fang arrows.�

Enkidoh smiled.

�You'll be coming to Windurst by the end of the week, right?�

Airelyanna frowned as she look at her long time friend.

�Right... the reunion... and will Lasi be there?�

Enkidoh wore a nervous look. She remembered what happened the previous year, when they had all first met... and how Lasi had almost died at the hands of an enraged Arielyanna. Only their galka friend, Flowing Wind, managed to keep Lasi alive by restraining Arielyanna. Since then, the red mage hasn't stepped foot anywhere near Windurst.

The mithra sighed to herself. Lasi Onasi, an 18 year old Taru Black Mage, and full of too much perversion to make even a galka blush like a little girl. Still, she had to admit, even though Lasi had a long coward streak in him, he manages to pull his own weight... when he was sure he could win.

�I'm sure Lasi will behave himself Ariel... after all, Flowing Wind and Pter will be there, so everything should be fine.�

The red mage managed to blush and frown at the same time, and Enkidoh smiled. She knew the reason to her friend's current state. The corsair known to them as Pter.

�R.. R.. Right... Ok Enki, I'll be there in a week... That's a promise.�

Enkidoh smiled and folded her arms across her chest, she decided to ask about something else... instead of the question she had been wanting to ask : about Arielyanna and Pter.

�Still waiting for those items you have on the auction house to sell are you?�

The Red Mage grinned softly.

�Well... I need the money. Need to get some scrolls and some new armour...� she paused �Maybe a new sword...�

Enkidoh nodded, still smiling.

�No problem then. Well, if you need me, just use the linkshell.�

Arielyanna stretched her arms above her head, as Enkidoh started to cast Teleport-Mea on herself.

�Until next week, take care Ariel...�

Arielyanna smiled and waved goodbye to her friend, as she teleported away. The Red Mage sighed once again, then headed towards the lighthouse south from Bastok. As she walked along, she caught glimpse of a group of new adventurers fighting against a Goblin Thug. She paused momentarily, but continued on her way, as the group defeated the Goblin. She smiled as they grouped together, one standing watch while the others rested.

As she approached the lighthouse, the sound of the waves crashing against the cliff side, she heard a cry for help. Her instincts kicking in, she mentally prepared herself for spellcasting, as she drew her sword and rounded the corner.

A female taru, a white mage judging from the equipment she was wearing, was standing over the body of a female hume warrior. In front of the taru, was a Goblin Fisher, holding it's axe ready to strike. Arielyanna immediately casted Cure on the taru, drawing the Goblin toward her.

Arielyanna dodged the Goblin's first strike and parried it's second. The Goblin then started to swing the axe in any direction it could, while the red mage calmly waited for her opportunity. Then, she saw it and reacted : the goblin had swung his axe with too much aggression, and had become unbalanced on it's feet. Arielyanna swung her sword at the exact moment, her sword tip slicing the Goblin's throat open. The goblin backed away, tried to swing it's axe again, only to have it fall from it's hand. With both hands around it's throat, the goblin fell to the ground... dead.

Arielyanna sheathed her sword and looked over at the taru, who was kneeling next to her fallen comrade. The red mage was about to speak, when the warrior's body disappeared and the taru got to her feet. The taru looked up at her.

�Thank you for your help... if you hadn't arrived when you did...�

The red mage studied the taru.

�No problem. Your friend home pointed, didn't she?�

The taru had a look of relief on her face, as she looked up at Arielyanna.

�Yes... I'm glad the Rhinostry in Windurst came up with that lovely home point spell. Otherwise...�

Arielyanna nodded in agreement. The spell in question worked in a similar fashion as the spell Signet. When cast on an adventurer, Signet enabled the adventurer with the ability to collect magical crystals from certain enemies after defeating them. It also enabled the adventurer to aid their country in their conquest of the land, to keep the lands free from Beastman hordes. Whenever a adventurer leaves their moghouse, their moogle cast the Home Point spell upon their masters, so if the unthinkable happens, their fallen master is magically returned to their moghouse, alive and well. However, Arielyanna knew of some adventurers, who neglected to get their moogles to cast that spell on them, and perished... most notably in the Valkurm Dunes.

The taru spoke pleasantly to Arielyanna for a little while longer, then waved goodbye and headed back for Bastok. The red mage watched the taru leave, as she absently drew from her pack, a fish known as a quus, and threw it down on the ground near some monster tracks. Arielyanna invoked the red mage's 'Chainspell' ability and waited. The sound of legs scrabbling over rock could be heard, as the crab monster, known as Bubbly Bernie, climbed over the edge of the cliff, heading towards the fish. Arielyanna watched it from the corner of her eyes as it devoured the fish, and wavered slightly back and forth on it's legs.

Bubbly Bernie never knew what hit it, as first a fire spell bathed it in flames, only to be snuffed out as the air around it became colder and froze, thanks to the blizzard spell. The damage the two spells inflicted on the crab, first heating it, then supercooling it down, was too much for Bubbly Bernie to handle. The crab turned shakily and saw the hume red mage standing off to one side, her back to it. Bubbly Bernie shuffled towards the hume slowly, then fell down and rolled onto it's back, it's legs curling up against it's underbelly.

Arielyanna drew her sword as she walked towards the crab, and sliced it's underbelly open. Out spilled the contents of Bubbly Bernie's stomach : Fish and the item her client had asked her to retrieve : A steam clock. She picked it up with a piece of cloth from her pack, and carefully wrapped the clock up and put it away. A sqwark caused her to look up, and she saw two vultures circling over head.

�Well, looks like it won't be just you two who'll be eating good tonight.�

She turned and left the area, as the vultures descended and proceeded to eat the remains of Bubbly Bernie.


Elsewhere :

Raido smiled to himself as the Carnero laid dead on the ground at his feet. Siflan stood off to one side, the elvaan samurai cleaning her sword. She looked over at Raido and motioned towards Sano. The hume's gaze settled on the taru black mage, who was wiping sweat from his forehead, a grin on his face.

�Well, finally got it, didn't we?�

Raido smiled grimly and nodded his head slightly. Siflan walked around and came up behind the taru, who was busy going through his pack, and stood waiting. Raido stepped forward towards the remains of Carnero.

�This thing... had what you were after?�

Sano looked up and shook his head.

�No... I heard about the Carnero from a... colleague... in Jeuno...,� he chuckled �he's a... well... I think the best word to describe him, would be... misunderstood... I think...�

Raido, using the tip of his sword, lifted the Carnero's leg while still talking to Sano.

�I see... by the way Sano... that Trump Crown you wear... got it from Jeuno?�

Sano blinked a few times, then smiled.

�This? Yes I got it from Jeuno... same with my mist silk cape and my staff.�

Raido nodded slowly.

�A monster signa, yes?�

Sano grinned.

�Yes, cost me a pretty penny let me... tell...�

Raido turned and watched as Sano started to convulse, from Siflan's sword embedded into his little body from behind him. The taru looked up at Raido, who approached him slowly, and gasped.

�W... Why...?�

Raido knelt next to the taru, as he removed the trump crown from Sano's head.

�Why Sano old friend? Simple... these three items will fetch a pretty price on auction... but the princes of San d'Oria want them, so Siflan and myself are going to sell these items to them... for a hefty profit of course.� he smiled as he leaned closer to the dying taru �But I'll let you in on a secret 'old friend'...�

Raido whispered softly into Sano's ear, the taru's eyes went wide as he listened to what his former friend told him. The hume warrior stood and removed the mist silk cape, when Siflan grasping the hilt of her sword, used it to fling Sano's dying body away. Raido bent down and picked up the monster sigma and placed the cape and crown in his pack as Siflan looked at him. The elvaan samurai had a question to ask, but instead asked another.

�Back to San d'Oria?�

Raido nodded as he turned on his heel and walked down the trail, leading down Vomp Hill.

�Yeah... let's take the airship from Bastok... Sano has more than enough gil for our passage... and more.�

Siflan sheathed her sword and followed Raido down the trail. However, their former comrade, managed to free his linkpearl, and managed to focus his thoughts enough, over the pain wracking his little body, to send them over the linkshell to the other members.

>>Everyone... be... be careful... I've... been be... betrayed... hume... Rai... Raido... and elvaan... Siflan... they... they're heading... to... to...<<

Sano could not maintain his thoughts on the linkshell, as his little hand fell down, the linkpearl bounced along the ground, as his life drained away.


At that exact moment in Buburimu Peninsula :

A member of Sano's linkshell snarled and slew not only the Zuu before him, but also the Goblin Ambusher and Bull Dhalmel nearby, with two swings of his scythe. A nearby group of adventurers watched on in horror, as this person proceeded to slay every monster around him, Zuu, Goblins, Bull Dhalmels...

The group fled as a Bull Dhalmel's head crashed to the ground in front of them, as it's killer glared evilly at them. The group ran as fast as they could, stopping at the outpost, to tell their story to the guards stationed there. Two mithra passing through, saw the group and kept near, as the group spilled their story about what they saw to the outpost guard there. One of the mithra, a Samurai, looked at her companion.

�Well Aku, seems we heard correctly. That Dark Knight is somewhere here in the peninsula.�

The other mithra, a Monk named Akujunkan, nodded.

�Well, it's not Zeid... he was last seen somewhere near Bastok or something... I had hoped it was just a rumour Dohwa... but, if this is the Dark Knight we've been hired to keep an eye out for, this'll mean trouble.�

Dohwa looked at her friend.

�For the Star Sibyl?�

Akujunkan nodded as she looked at the group, still talking rapidly with the outpost guards.

�Indeed. She hired us to keep an eye out for him... after all, Windurst is the only country which doesn't have a bounty out on this Dark Knight's head.�

Dohwa frowned and folded her arms across her chest.

�Which in itself isn't unusual. The Star Sibyl even allows the cat burglar to stay in Windurst, free to come and go as she wishes!�

Akujunkan sighed.

�I admit, I'm unsure about the wisdom in allowing Nanaa Mihgo free reign in Windurst, but it's not our place to question the Star Sibyl.�

Dohwa glanced at Akujunkan, a wry grin on her face.

�You're starting to sound like one of her attendants Aku.�

Akujunkann was about to respond, when the thoughts of a linkshell member came to her. She smiled.

�Well... Enkidoh is back. It seems she arrived there at Pashhow, just in time.�

Dohwa smiled.

�That's our Enki, always doing the White Mage thing...�

Akujunkan nodded in agreement, her gaze still on the group.

�Indeed. *sigh* Anyway, let's go and meet her. She still has a quest to do, and we said we'd help her with it.�

Dohwa rolled her eyes and groaned.

�But Akuuu... I wanted to go to Mhaura today...�

Akujunkan turned and swung her arm at Dohwa, who had dodged it and was grinning ear to ear.

�One of these days Dohwa, one of these days...�

Dohwa's grin seemed to broaden.

�Oh come on, and lighten up. We need to go and meet up with Enki... � she smiled slyly �So let's go... GRANDMA!�

Akujunkan's eyes went wide as she faced Dohwa, who was already running towards the path to Tahrongi Canyon as fast as she could. Akujunkan hissed.

�You'd better run Dohwa, if not from me,� she glanced back at the group and the guards, who wore worried looks on their faces �From the Dark Knight.�

Akujunkan ran after her friend, as the sun set in Buburimu peninsula. As she got to the top of the crest, leading to Tahrongi, she turned her gaze back over the peninsula, as shadows started creeping along the ground. She shuddered for an instant, as with the setting of the sun, the presence of darkness grew more palpable. Akujunkan shook her head, then headed down the path, where she could see in the distance Dohwa with their friend Enkidoh.

Well, as long as her friends are with her, Akujunkan felt they'd stand against anything. After all, that's what friends do for one another.


Darth Revan
04-21-2007, 02:03 AM
Here's the second installment. The following Characters are of my own creation - Arielyanna, Pter, Lasi Onasi, Loannthalas, Flowing Wind, Dasi Onasi, Wyreema and Trevernous. I created them.

The following characters are owned by my linkshell Members (omnipresence) on the Midgardsormr server - Enkidoh, Akujunkan, Xylia, Dohwa, Orcrinvalkin, Leod, Lokkii. These characters are owned by their respective owners on Midgardsormr.

Now that that's out of the way, here's the next chapter...

************************************************** **********

Chapter Two :

One week later :

The hume Corsair Pter yawned as he leaned against the fountain, Bomingo Round, in the middle of Windurst Woods. He had arrived in Windurst late the previous night, and hadn't bothered to inquire about a Rent-A-Room in the residential area. So he had slept near the fountain... which was why his whole body was sore. Grumbling to himself, Pter stood up and stretched his arms and legs. He had just finished his stretches when he heard a woman cry out.


Then a loud slap.

Pter chuckled to himself, as he saw the recipient of the slap get to his feet and rub his face. He then called out to the hume female.

�Yeah? Well... well, you aren't gonna see my Taru Black Magic Wand EVER BABY!!!�

Pter burst out laughing when he heard that. There was only one Taru he knew, that would ever say something like that, one who was an accomplished Black Mage.... but more perverted than any other living being on Vana'diel : Lasi Onasi.

He waved to Lasi, who came over to him, rubbing his cheek. He sat down against the fountain as Pter sat back down.

�I tell you Pter old buddy, women these days just don't know what they want, or how to accept a truly generous offer... Like what I offered that young lady.�

Pter grinned.

�Let me guess... no takers for you...*snigger* Taru Black Magic Wand eh?�

Lasi snorted and folded his arms across his chest.

�Pter, if she had taken me up on my offer, I would've shown her such delights, and she could go and brag about how good I was to her friends.�

Pter laughed so hard, he had tears coming from his eyes, as Lasi looked at him.

� 'How good you are?' Lasi, buddy, your my best friend, but don't you think your blowing your own horn a little too much?�

Lasi frowned, then grinned.

�I don't blow my own horn Pter, that's what the babes are for!�

Pter wiped the tears from his eyes and looked at Lasi.

�Come on Lasi, don't you think you're being a little too... what's the word...�

A soft voice spoke to them.


Pter and Lasi turned and saw an elvaan female standing there, clad in the attire of a Dragoon, her wyvern perched on her shoulder. Pter got to his feet as Lasi jumped up, both faced the Dragoon. Pter rubbed his chin.

�Well Loannthalas, how does it feel to claim your birthright?�

The elvaan smiled thinly.

�It feels good to wear the armour of my mother, even if by wearing it I'll be shunned by the so called 'upper class' in San d'Oria.�

Lasi looked her up and down, grinning.

�Hey Loann... you look hot in your armour... how about coming with me and letting my black magic wand cool you... urk.�

Loannthalas's wyvern jumped down and stood in front of it's master, glaring at Lasi. The black mage swallowed and ran behind Pter, then shouted at the elvaan.

�You'd better call off your little lizard, or... or...�

Loannthalas folded her arms across her chest and through narrowed eyes, glared at Lasi.

�Or what little one?�

The taru swallowed and hid behind Pter's legs, as the wyvern took a step toward them. Pter glanced at Loannthalas, who smiled and whistled. Her wyvern flapped it's wings and leaped into the air, to hover just behind it's master. Lasi swallowed, then stepped out from behind Pter, smoothing his priest robe.

�Well... you're lucky I don't know Firaga yet Loann... otherwise I would've...�

The wyvern hissed, causing Lasi to swallow again.

�Well... I would've used it... last night on that Yagudo who attacked me last night.�

Pter chuckled to himself, while Loannthalas rolled her eyes. The corsair was about to respond, when a voice called out to him. He turned and smiled as he saw the hume Ranger approach him.

�Leod, when did you get here?�

The Ranger smiled and slapped Pter on the shoulder in greeting.

�Just came in this morning, had a few stacks of Silk Thread to trade at the auction house.� he paused �Unless you want a couple.�

Pter chuckled.

�I used to do some smith crafting, but not anymore.�

Loannthalas stepped forward.

�Isn't Arielyanna rather accomplished at cloth synthing?�

At the mention of Arielyanna, Pter grew flustered, and Lasi smiled. The taru leaned against the fountain, grinning to himself

�What's the matter Pter old buddy.... you always get flustered whenever THAT name is mentioned... Makes me wonder if there's something going on between you and her...� he paused as Pter grew more flustered. He then added �Perhaps I should let Ariel have some good old fashioned Taru Black Ma.. UMPH!!�

A large hand had grasped Lasi around his head, only his eyes could be seen over the edge of the hand that held him. Pter and the others looked at the large galka standing there, his large hand enclosed around Lasi's head, the taru's legs kicking in the air.

Loannthalas smirked as she looked at the galka.

�I was wondering when you were going to show yourself Flowing Wind.�

The galka Monk known as Flowing Wind grunted a greeting, and looked at Lasi, eyes narrowed. Pter nodded at Flowing Wind, who shrugged and walked over to the fountain. Extending his arm holding Lasi over the water, he seemed to have a maniacal gleam in his eyes as he let go of Lasi.

The black mage fell into the water with a splash, causing Loannthalas, Pter and Leod burst out laughing. Flowing Wind chuckled to himself as Lasi rose to the surface, sputtering and spitting out water. Flowing Wind stood there looking at Lasi, hands on his hips and a big smile on his face.

Lasi managed to climb out of the fountain and land on the ground with a plop, water everywhere. He looked up at Flowing Wind, anger on his face. But with one look at the sudden stern countenance on the galka's face, Lasi decided to keep his mouth shut. Leod shook his head, his smile still on his face as he looked over at Pter.

�Well good buddy? Interested in this thread?�

Pter sighed to himself and faced Leod.

�Ok, ok, how many stacks?�

Leod rubbed the back of his head.

�Let's see... I have 8 stacks... and considering that a stack goes for about... ohh... 13 thousand or so...� he rubbed his chin, grinning �But since we're good buddies and all, I'll sell them to you for the mates rate of 10 thousand each.�

Pter balked at the price, but swallowed and nodded.

�80 thousand all up eh?.� he checked his gil pouch �I've got 60 thousand on me here... I can get the rest...�

Leod slapped Pter on the shoulder.

�Let's just make it 30 thousand and call it even. We've been in some pretty bad scraps before, so this'll just be a down payment off the debt I owe you.�

Pter chuckled and accepted the items.


While Leod and Pter were in negotiation, Lasi noticed members of Windurst's Star Onion Brigade, running from the direction of the dhalmel farm. He frowned and folded his arms across his chest.

�Looks like those dammed brats are up to no good again.� he paused,then added �Especially considering who they have chasing after them.�

No sooner had those words left his mouth, the Cat Burglar of Windurst, the mithra known as Nanaa Mihgo, tore down the passage, followed by two of her mithra cohorts. Lasi and his companions watched as the three mitha ran past, the former grinning and waving to Nanaa.

The cat burglar's response was a stony glare and a snarl as she ran past. The taru black mage threw his head back and laughed. Pter, Flowing Wind, Leod and Loannthalas looked at each other and frowned. Lasi's behavior has changed dramatically since he and their mithra friend, Enkidoh, separated. A year ago, Lasi and Enkidoh had been quite close, Enkidoh actually confessing to their red mage friend Arielyanna that she was in love with Lasi.

However, due to Lasi's... wandering eyes and hands... Enkidoh decided to end her relationship with the taru. At first, Enkidoh was quite depressed and moody, but that changed when in a party in Korroloka Tunnel, she and Arielyanna were assisted by a elvaan Dark Knight named Lokkii. Ever since that party, Enkidoh and Lokkii have journeyed together numerous times, causing their comrades to worry about how Lasi would take it.

Of course, the taru black mage had no idea of what's happened since he last saw Enkidoh, as he had spent the past year in Al Zhabi, helping his sister in her quest to find the avatar known as Diabolos. Loannthalas glanced at Lasi.

�Lasi, are you going to be alright?�

The black mage faced her, a grin still on his face.

�Alright? Of course I'm alright. Heh, when we meet up with everyone else tonight, everything'll be fine.�

Pter frowned.

�Are you still hoping to try and sort things out between you and Enki?�

Lasi stroked his chin, his brow in thought.

�Hmmm.... During my time in Al Zhabi with Dasi...� a thoughtful look appeared on his face �There were times when I just wanted to give up and quit... but I thought of her and everything seemed to work after that.�

Loannthalas knelt next to the taru, her hand on his shoulder.

�You really love her, don't you?�

Lasi just nodded, his head bowed.

Meanwhile, Flowing Wind had his arms folded across his chest, a frown on his face. He looked at Pter, and with one hand made a sharp gesture. The corsair shook his head, and motioned for Leod and the galka to follow him. The three of them walked over towards the stall of the map seller, and stopped. Leod stretched his right arm, and looked at Pter.

�How do you think your friend is going to react when he finds out that Enkidoh is with...�

Flowing Wind closed his left fist and hit it into the palm of his right hand. Pter nodded sadly as he recognized what his galka friend meant.

�Yeah... I figure when Lasi finds out that Enki has found someone else.... �

Leod finished for him.

�Fight time.�

Pter nodded, and was about to speak when a female voice spoke from behind him.

�Up to no good again aren't you, eh corsair?�

Flowing Wind smiled and waved to the person, as did Leod. Pter slowly turned and faced the speaker, a grin slowly appearing on his face.

�Ariel, how've you.. ooph!

The red mage had swung her fist straight into Pter's jaw, sending the corsair to the ground. Loannthalas and Lasi looked up, a big grin reappearing on Lasi's face. Standing over Pter, her fists clenched tightly, was a Red Mage. Clad in the Trader's attire, a Decurion's shield on her left arm, with a Centurion's sword on her left hip, Arielyanna wore a cold stare on her face as she looked at Pter.

Pter sighed and rubbed his chin.

�I guess you still haven't forgiven me for what happened back in Jeuno.�

His response was a swift kick to the stomach, Arielyanna glaring at him.

�You cheated me Pter... you owe me 300,000 gil...�

Flowing Wind started to chuckled softly, his shoulders heaving, as the others smiled. Pter struggled back to his feet and faced Arielyanna.

�Ok, ok, that was a bad deal I admit... but..�

The red mage moved quickly, grabbing Pter's tunic and bringing his face level with hers.

� 'A bad deal?!?' Due to your 'advice' you gave me, I let you take those six Ninja scrolls I had to sell for me, while I was in the East Altepa Desert!�

Pter shrugged.

�Well? I did sell them.�

Arielyanna's eyes narrowed and she would've hit Pter again, if Flowing Wind hadn't pulled the corsair out of her grasp. She spat her words back at him.

�SOLD THEM?!? You sold them for only 10, 000 each scroll!�

Pter backed away from the irate red mage. Like the others, he knew that Arielyanna was also a accomplished Black Mage in her own right. Of course, over the last year, they've only heard bits and pieces of her whereabouts, and according to Enkidoh, had started training in other jobs as well. He swallowed nervously.

�L... Listen Ariel.... I'm sure you and I can work something out.... After all I do have some silk thread for you... eight stacks worth....�

Arielyanna glared dangerously at him, then stepped back.

�Whatever...� she looked around at the others �Where's Enki?�

Leod cleared his throat.

�I heard from Akujunkan, that she, Dohwa, Enkidoh and Xylia were heading off to Castle Oztroja for some sort of quest.�

Lasi snorted.

�Damn... if I had of known they were heading there, I'd of gone there to join up with them.�

Pter glanced at Loannthalas who nodded.

�I'm certain they'd have help with them Lasi.� she looked at Arielyanna �Have you had any word from them?�

Arielyanna sighed, then looked away... a faraway look in her eyes as she concentrated her thoughts through her linkpearl. A moment later she sighed and adjusted her chapeau, and faced the others.

�Enki said she and the others will be back here tomorrow sometime. Until then, the reunion will be postponed.�

Flowing Wind looked at Arielyanna and made a questioning motion with his hand. Arielyanna cocked her head to the side and chuckled.

�Don't worry. My brother will be here....� she paused, then �unless he's still haunting around Gusgen Mines, or Eldieme Necropolis...�

Lasi snorted.

�Only a Dark Knight would haunt those areas...�

Pter added.

�And knowing Trevernous....�

Arielyanna smiled.

�I pity anything which dares to get in his way.�

************************************************** ***************

In Windurst Walls :

Nanaa Mihgo snarled to herself as her two mithra cohorts ran off after the Star Onion Brigade, past the Auction house there. The stupid little rugrats had once again interfered in one of her operations, costing her a lot of gil and reputation with the merchants of Aht Urghan. She stood back and grimaced angrily.

�Damn stupid little kids... always sticking their snot filled noses into my business.� she snorted �Everyone else can run a business, but not me?�

A mithra clad in leather armour stood nearby, watching her. Nanaa frowned as she looked at the dark haired mithra.

�Ahh.... Wyreema dear, it's been awhile since I last saw you. How have you been?�

The mithran warrior watched Nanaa closely.

�I'm fine Nanaa. You're up to your usual tricks again?�

Nanaa shrugged.

�Just trying to make a few gil, like any business person.� she smiled �Is that a crime?�

Wyreema sighed and walked towards the building the Auction house was housed in, and faced Nanaa.

�No, everyone needs to make a living.� she glanced at Nanaa �A lot make money via legal means. You on the otherhand, are known to make money by other... 'unsavoury' methods.�

Nanaa smiled, and adopted a look of feigned innocence.

�Wyreema, dear, are you accusing me of stooping to such... low and nasty methods to fulfil my business? I'm hurt.�

Wyreema walked over and stood in front of Nanaa.

�All I'm saying Nanaa, is to be careful. The only reason I'm turning a blind eye to what you're doing now, is because we're former comrades. The other mithra guard here are keeping an eye on you, and not even your mate will be able to stop them from dragging you away, throwing you in prison and letting you rot in there.�

Nanaa smiled broadly and chuckled.

�Well then Wyreema... you and everyone else seemed to of forgotten just who my mate is. And when he hears of how I've been threatened...� she leaned close to Wyreema �I wouldn't want to be you.�

Wyreema smiled thinly.

�I'll take my chances with him. Even as powerful as he is, he has a weak point. It just has to be found... and exploited.� her smiled mirrored Nanaa's �Whereas you do not have any support from Kazham, I on the otherhand do. Besides which, your mother isn't impressed with you so far... and if you're not careful, she may decide to visit you... in person.�

With that said, Wyreema turned and walked away, leaving Nanaa fuming. As the cat burglar grinded her teeth, her two cohorts returned, panting.

�Sorry boss... we lost the little runts.�

The other added.

�Just too quick for us...�

Nanaa faced them, anger evident on her face.

�You two are worthless! You had both better find them and get that pouch back or I swear, I'll throw you into the Outer Horototo and leave you there!!�

The two mithra paled, nodded and ran off in search of the Star Onion Brigade, as their boss littered the air with every profanity she knew, causing the people nearby to hurry on their way. Nanaa stormed off, back to her home in Windurst Woods, almost tearing the door off it's hinge as she entered her dwelling.

She proceeded to pick up items and throw them around the room, still cursing, when a shadow detached itself from the others and approached her. Nanaa spun around and came face to chest with a Dark Knight, who gazed at her from the depths of his helm.

�Something the matter Nanaa?�

Nanaa Mihgo smiled as she removed the Dark Knight's helm, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him passionately. When she broke the kiss, her smile was beaming.

�Nothing wrong now Trevernous... Nothing at all...�

************************************************** ***************

I'm writing this and playing FFXI at the same time lol, hence the lateness of this post. Please, if you have any comments about this story, lleave a post letting me know what you think.

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Read most of it, skimmed a bit since I'm a bit busy. XD But I gotta admit you did stay true to FFXI and it was an interesting name. You did keep true to FFXI as I said with complicated character names included, hahaha! I'm not entirely used to dialogue from characters being split apart from their emotions/expressions as they say it. You put those on a separate line and it kinda breaks my flow of reading. Apart from that it's not bad. You did choose good names for your characters though.

This might be my love of Robert Jordan's book affecting me but a bit more detail for the characters appearances and actions wouldn't be amiss. But will definitely read again. Keep up the good work. FFXI needs more love in the way of fan fiction.



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