03-31-2007, 02:02 PM
This information was taken from the latest issue of Gamaga. Nothing amazing but i though I'd post it anyway.

- Development is said to be 75% complete.

- There is also some information on the trailer that will be shown at Square-Enix Party; it will include a lot of completely new content, and some of the other scenes will have been changed completely. It will also be the longest Crisis Core trailer so far.

- Genesis is a character who specializes in magic, and fights with a sword that has a red blade. He uses a combination of magic and sword skill to fight.

- The Turk's designs are the same as their designs in Before Crisis. Reno doesn't have his ponytail, and Rude doesn't have any facial hair, and has fewer piercings.

- At the time of Crisis Core, SOLDIER was organized differently, and was seperate from the army that Heidegger controls.

- There will be a wide variety of materia. Materia can be both found and synthesized (as in Before Crisis), though the synthization method wasn't explained.

- After you've obtained enough experience and exceeded the specific value for leveling up, you will level up via the reel system.

Atom Narmor
03-31-2007, 07:57 PM
I wish this would come out for PS 2 or 3 man.