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A lovely flash website indeed....

And here's the translation....

Going back seven years before "Final Fantasy VII"...

Thanks to their monopoly on "Mako Energy" and a strong military force, the "Shinra Company" is quickly exerting their influence around the World. Construction is also rapidly advancing on their base, and symbol of prosperity, the Mako city of "Midgar", which will soon become Shinra's seat of power.


The Shinra Company possesses an organization of soldiers with powerful combat ability known as "SOLDIER", and amongst them, the especially excellent SOLDIERs are known as SOLDIER: First Class, inspiring respect and envy from the masses.

One of the young people yearning to be First Class is the SOLDIER: Second Class, Zack. He works hard at his daily duties with his senior, Angeal, a SOLDIR: First Class and an excellent leader.

At that time, the "SOLDIER Mass Disappearance Incident" occurred when, during combat operations in Wutai, the SOLDIER: First Class Genesis went missing without a trace, along with many other SOLDIERs.


The Shinra Company's top management assessed the situation and decided to send out SOLDIER in order to bring an end to the war and clarify the scandal, and so, Angeal and Zack, as well as the SOLDIER: First Class Sephiroth, whose name would come to be known through the world as a hero, were dispatched to Wutai.

What is the truth behind Genesis' disappearance?
What is the secret concealed by the three First Class SOLDIERs?
A struggle of cruel fate awaits Zack.


Zack Fair
SOLDIER:2nd of the Shinra Company. He joined SOLDIER because he yearned to be a hero.

Quick to act and overflowing with vitality, he has a bright and cheerful disposition. As he sets his sights on 1st Class, the fates of many whirl around with him at the core.

Angeal Hewley
The First Class SOLDIER who is often in action together with Zack. His true character is stoic and serious, and he gets along well with the 1st Classes, Sephiroth and Genesis. He owns the enormous Buster Sword, but rarely uses it for some reason.

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The website looks absolutely amazing! Perhaps one of the prettiest I've seen. Looks amazing.