03-28-2002, 06:20 AM
Ok, what do you think is the top 10 greatest RPG's of all time, can include anything... computer, FF, whatever... here is my list, these are the best games I have played, and are the most fun IMO... and not copy's off other games

1. Crono Trigger
2. Secret of Mana
3. Final Fantasy 6
4. Star Ocean 2
5. Final Fantasy X
6. Xenogears
7. Legend of Dragoon
8. Super Mario RPG
9. Legend of Lagia
10. Earthbound

Yeah... thats my list alright... I love those games... I wonder if I forgot soemthing... hmmm

03-28-2002, 05:45 PM
1. Dungeons & Dragons. Because its up to the players what to do, there is no set course, replay value is 100%, and you can do anything.
2. Chrono Trigger i guess. I really havent played too many other RPGS besides the FFs
3. Final Fantasy 7
4. Final Fantasy 6
5. Final Fantasy 9
6. Final Fantasy 8
7. Baldurs Gate 2.
8. dunno

Rabid Monkey
03-28-2002, 11:17 PM
Though there are several topics similar to this one, I just can't resist...

1. Dragon Warrior (Quest I) - It was the FIRST real RPG for a console. Others had been attempted before, but DW was the first to pull it off.

2. Final Fantasy - Again, much like DW it revolutionized the way RPG's were thought of. It was the first RPG (to my knowledge) for a console that had more than a one character party.

3. The Legend of Zelda - This was (again, to my knowledge) the first action adventure RPG, leading the way for future games such as Crystals, the Wanders From Y's series, and The Secret of Evermore to name a few.

4. Dragon Warrior (Quest) 4 � My personal favorite RPG of all time, however not as innovative as the proceeding 3 games. I could go on forever about how incredible this game is but instead I will leave it as simply: a landmark game to say the least.

5. The Illusion of Gaia - Yes, it is above many of the other RPGs in my opinion because the plot was incredible and the story was amazing.

6. The Bard's Tale - An incredible computer game for its time. For those who don't know what it is, you create a party of 1-5 (or 6, I can't remember how many) characters. It was one of the first RPG's to feature both night and day along with a MANY challenging puzzles along the way. Excellent RPG.

7. Kings Quest - Another great RPG for the computer. Though no battles took place that you could control it was a very good game for its time.

8. Final Fantasy 7 - In the 8th slot only because it was the first RPG to show what could be done with the Playstation, however, the FF's got better as far as graphics went so obviously it wasn't used to its full potential in that sense. The only reason it is here instead of 8 or 9 is because I can't stand 8's story and junction system and 9 was way too simple. FF7 on the other hand had a fairly good story and was more challenging then the three following FFs for the system.

9. Orge Battle - Long before there was Final Fantasy Tactics or any other stratagy RPG there was Orge Battle. Granted several came before it, but OB revolutionized the way strategy/RPG games were thought of.

10. Xenogears - A very good battle system and all around good game.

Honorable Mention:

Chrono Trigger - ONLY because it was one of few games after FF6 that each character had its own set of skills to learn.

Final Fantasy X - Again, the trend setter for a system like FF1 and FF7

Zelda 64 - Decent story, but more importantly, first RPG for the 64 to utilize the full capacity of the system.

Super Mario RPG � No particular reason actually, just a very fun game�well that and my nick name is Smitty ;)

MAJOR EDIT: 7th Saga - This SHOULD have been like number 5 or 6 on my list but I completly forgot about it and I am too lazy to change the order. This is one of my favorite RPGs of all time. Great story, excellent graphics for the time, and inovative gameplay...God, can't believe I forgot to mention it!

03-29-2002, 01:38 AM
1. Final Fantasy X
2. Final Fantasy VIII
3. Lunar 2: Enternal Blue Complete
4. Final Fantasy IX
5. RPG maker
6. Final Fantasy VII
7. Pokemon Crystal
8. Pokemon G/S
9. Pokemon R/B
- I havent really played more than that..

03-29-2002, 06:35 AM
1. FF7 (you bet you forgot something psychosid)
2. Legend of Mana
3. FF9
4. Legend of Dragoon
5. Golden Sun
6. FF6
7. FF5
8. FF8
9. FFTactics
10. FF10

03-29-2002, 05:02 PM
1. Final Fantasy 6
2. Chrono Trigger
3. Final Fantasy Tactics
4. Final Fantasy 7
5. Final Fantasy 4
6. Final Fantasy 9
7. Chrono Cross
8. Final Fantasy 8
9. Legend of Dragoon
10. Legend of Legaia

03-30-2002, 11:25 AM
1. Chrono Trigger
2. Final Fantasy 3/6
3. Final Fantasy 10
4. Final Fantasy Tactics
5. Earthbound
6. Live a Live
7. Breath of Fire III
8. Baldurs Gate I / II
9. Parasite Eve II
10. Saga Frontier

My list looks kind of Squaresoft bias.. but eh.. all good games. :)

03-30-2002, 07:36 PM
1. Chrono Trigger
2. Xenogears
3. Final Fantasy tactics
4. Lunar- they have a really interestin battle system don't they
5. Final Fantasy 9 - the first in a long line of ff's to use 4 people since ff6
6. FF7 - the first adapted to the playstation
7. FF10 -sphere grid.....enough said
8. FF8 - guardian and equiping magic was a good idea
9. Star Ocean 2- I like being able to move around on a battlefield
10. Chrono Cross - *ducks for cover don't shoot me!! I have to admit that I like it's battle system and element system:D

04-01-2002, 08:10 AM
Originally posted by Cloud
1. FF7 (you bet you forgot something psychosid)

Indeed I did, but it isnt FF7, though it was inovative, there are better games... it does deserve honorable mention though

The game I think I should replace on my list (Earthbound) will be replaced with a much more interesting game.. IMO... which is BoF4... ok now here is my reasonings behind those games

1. Crono Trigger- Probably one of the greatest RPG's of all time IMO... good music, interesting story line, battles are fun, skills techs, I just love this game
2. Secret of Mana- I dunno why, but this game just cought my gaming hands, and I found it fun and interesting, I think it was how battling was done
3. Final Fantasy 6- This one hooked me on FF... I had played the first, but this one... story, characters, skills, magic, I love it all....
4. Star Ocean 2- One of the most creative RPG's of all time, it really took things on a different route, with skills, and abilities, and the moving around on the battles, compatability and private actions, item creation... great game
5. Final Fantasy X- I dunno, I liked how things run, and it has Auron... that alone is enough... just a unique idea, cought my intrest
6. Xenogears- I liked the gears and deathblows
7. Legend of Dragoon - additions and dragoons... need I say more?
8. Super Mario RPG- GENO! naw, just an interesting game, fun gameplay (Short) but extreemly fun and interesting
9. Legend of Lagia- I love the battle system
10. Breath of Fire 4- Meditation, interesting story, fun to play... it just rocks

04-09-2002, 05:39 AM
interesting choices...i never really heard of a lot of not a hardcore rpger...(me prefer sports most)

well lets see, the rpgs i liked were the phantasy star series and shining force series of the sega genesis, might and magic series of PC, and chrono trigger and final fantasy games.

$quall Leonhart
04-09-2002, 08:35 AM
All pc games and snes
Final Fantasy VIII - the ULTIMA game:D
Might and Magic VI
Baulders gate
Chrono Trigger
I dont play that mutch rpg games... You proberly wonder why i havnt mention all the other FF games, i dont have PS2 so i cant play FF9 and FF10. I`ve played FF1-5 but not that mutch to get a good impression of the games... sinze i dont play rpg that mutch. FF6 i have on snes but its on japanis version and i dont understand that. FF7 (dont have PS), were the hell can i buy that game?

Rabid Monkey
04-09-2002, 04:01 PM
Originally posted by $quall Leonhart
I dont play that mutch rpg games... You proberly wonder why i havnt mention all the other FF games, i dont have PS2 so i cant play FF9 and FF10. I`ve played FF1-5 but not that mutch to get a good impression of the games... sinze i dont play rpg that mutch. FF6 i have on snes but its on japanis version and i dont understand that. FF7 (dont have PS), were the hell can i buy that game?

Few things, FF9 is for the psx, not the ps2. I doubt you've played FF2 or FF3 because the only way you can get them now is being VERY lucking and finding a good English translation in rom form (but we won't talk about that). And if you're looking for FF7 on the PC (because you said you don�t have a psx or a ps2) I would try online shopping...just checking out or something...

Bahamut ZERO
04-09-2002, 09:40 PM
Okay, I've probably only played like 10 RPGs anyway (looks to be flamed.) So I'll just do a top 5 instead... Okay?

1.) Final Fantasy VII. The grandaddy of them all. The RPG that redefined the genre. The first game to show the true potential of the Playstation. The first RPG that blew away the stigmata of the RPG being a geek's game. A mainstream game that everyone played, and that my friends and I spent many a Science lesson at school discussing various tactics.

2.) Alundra. Toughy in at number 2, but the longevity of this game is enough for me to put it here. I loved the characters, the exploration aspect, the story and wished that Alundra 2 had been more like this game.

3.) Grandia. Just edged out by Alundra. So far, I haven't been able to replay through this game, but I still love it. The storyline is either as good or maybe even better than any Final Fantasy game I've played. The characters all have motives in the game and the final result is beautiful and has often moved me to tears.

4.) Suikoden. The first one was slightly better than the second, in that it was trickier to get the 108 characters that formed the stars of destiny, or whatever it was. Still a very good game, in spite of SNES like graphics.

5.) (Really tough to put this here, but...) Shining Force 2. WHY IS THIS GAME HERE!!! I hear you cry. Well, it was the first RPG I ever played and has earned a special place in my heart. I played through it so many times, it's uncanny. I loved the game, I loved the characters, I loved the storyline, and it's what got me addicted to the RPG genre in the first place.

(Note:- Final Fantasys VIII and IX are good, but not in my top 5. Final Fantasy VI hasn't been played all the way through yet, and X isn't even available in Europe yet.)

04-10-2002, 12:17 AM
So...none of you have played Dungeons and Dragons?

Nanaki XIII
04-10-2002, 01:36 AM
Im doing top 5 because I dont like to list them. and Im basing them off creativity.

1) Chrono Tigger-(Come on, we travel back in time without Christopher Llyoyds help)

2) Legend of Zelda-(I consider it a RPG)

3) Secret of Mana-(Just plain fun)

4) Heroes of Might and Magic-(actually is a strategy RPG)

5) Chrono Cross-(I like the battle system)

And Im afraid Vir that Kings Quest is not even close to a RPG, although a fun series.

Neo Xzhan
04-11-2002, 10:18 AM
1) Blood Omen2 (it isn't an actual RPG but it gets close)
2) Final Fantasy 7
3) Final Fantasy 6
4) Baldurs Gate 2
5) Pool of Radiance
6) Soul Reaver 2 (it isn't an actual RPG but it gets close)
7) Heroes of Might&Magic 4 (strategy RPG)
8) Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption
9) DiabloII
10) Ultima 9

Rabid Monkey
04-11-2002, 03:42 PM
Originally posted by Nanaki XIII
And Im afraid Vir that Kings Quest is not even close to a RPG, although a fun series.

And why is that?

04-13-2002, 12:29 AM
5.Legend of Dragoon
6.Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
7.Chrono Trigger
8.Chrono Cross

Death Knight
04-13-2002, 09:49 PM
My only real RPG's are Zelda and Gauntlet Legends (?) I'm just now getting into Final Fantasy, never played it, never owned it. But I am highly excited for FFXI!

So i guess just Zelda.

Mabye Mario or Yoshi's Island, lol.

04-14-2002, 09:31 AM
Anyone ever played NOX? Best RPG IMO

Rabid Monkey
04-14-2002, 05:27 PM
Originally posted by Death Knight
My only real RPG's are Zelda and Gauntlet Legends

I love GL, my cousin and I were hooked on it for about two weeks straght...then Christmas Break ended... Anyway...I was looking through because I forgot to mention Lufia I and II under my extra's section... I think the story could have used a little work, but the gameplay was amazing...

04-15-2002, 01:00 PM
1. Final Fantasy 7
2. Final Fantasy 10
3. Final Fantasy 9
4. Final Fantasy 6/3
5. Final Fantasy 4/2
6. Final Fantasy Tacktics
7. Legand of Dragoon
8. Chrono Cross
9. Chrono Trigger
10. Parasite Eve 1 and 2
11. Vagrent Story

no questions, the best, the other ones i just didnt like, or to boring, or to short.


Death Knight
04-15-2002, 11:17 PM
I head FFIX sucks badly but some people still rank it quite highly, seeing as to how I've never played FF before, what gives it its ranks?

Nanaki XIII
04-16-2002, 01:17 AM
FFIX gets creativity from me from the emmense amount of minigames, the creatively thought up characters, and the whole fantasy atmosphere. Not for its plot or gameplay. In fact it wasnt even in my top 5, but is creative as far as RPGs go.

04-16-2002, 02:19 AM
1. The Final Fantasy Series (just to say short or the whole list ould be composed of FF)

2. Dragon Warrior Series
3. Legend of Legia
4.Illusion of Gaia
5. Chrono Cross
6. Phantasy Star IV
7. Zelda Series

Probably are some more, but I can't think of 'em right now. BTW, these aren't in order. ^^

04-16-2002, 05:16 AM
1. Heroes of might and magic 2 (my favorite in the series, I haven't played much of 4 yet)

2. Final Fantasy 6

3. Chrono Trigger

4. Final Fantasy Tactics

5. Valkyrie Profile

6. Might and Magic 7 (very very fun game if you have the patience)

7. Zelda 64

8. Star Ocean 2

9. Heroes of might and magic 3

10. KINGS BOUNTY!!!!!!

Well, thats my list, and everyone should play kings bounty.

04-28-2002, 12:27 AM
1. Final Fantasy X
2. Final Fantasy VII
3. Final Fantasy IX
4. Zelda series
5.Legend of Legaia
6. Xenogears
7. Suikoden 2
8. Wild ARMS 2
9. Heroes of Might and Magic 3
10. Chrono Cross

04-28-2002, 10:28 PM
this is not going to be a list inorder of prefrnce, so much as it it one concernig games of MERIT. in no p[articular order:

FINAL FANTASY-SERIES.<ok, I'm cheating by lumping them together.>
Secret of Mana.
Mario RPG.
Breath Of Fire 1&2.
Lufia & the Fortress Of Doom.
Phantasy Star 4.
Shining Force 2.
Chrono Trigger.
Vandal Hearts.
Suikoden 1&2.

AS you can see, I'm perhaps a bit partial to the 16-bit ERA. LOL. oh well. there's just something about the depth-of-play in them.

04-29-2002, 09:11 PM
Crono Trigger
Breath of fire 1+2
Mario RPg

04-30-2002, 04:53 PM
FF7(very, VERY closely after 8..)
Grandia 2
Vagrant Story
Breath of Fire 2
Mario RPG

...something like that, still waiting for a lot of RPG's (illegal), and for FFX & suikoden 2 when they come out here...

04-30-2002, 08:35 PM
1. Grandia II its really great :D
2. FF7
3. Secret of the mana 2
4. FF8
5. Secret of the mana
6. Secret of evermore
7. Illusion of gaia. Bad look but inside its great
8. FF9 its good but i dont like it at all
9. Dunno
10. Dunno

05-01-2002, 12:50 AM
You guys dont like Lunar? That game was phat as hell. FF3 is probably my number one I have such good memories of back then.

andy mercer
11-04-2002, 10:15 PM
4)Chrono trigger
5)Zelda series
6)Legend of Legia
7)Legend of Dragoon
8)Chrono Cross

11-05-2002, 03:39 AM
hhhmmmmm............i don't play much other rpg games except final fantasy...
4)Kingdom Hearts
5)Grandia 2
6)Legend of Legaia
8)Dark Cloud
........and FFX-2 gonna be #1!!

11-05-2002, 05:32 AM
Um, let's see...

1) Final Fantasy 8.

2) Final Fantasy 9.

3) Final Fantasy 7.

4) Harry Potter.

5) The Fifth Element.

6) Heroes 3: Might and Magic.

7) Wild 9.

Yup, that's about it... Enjoy! ^_^

11-05-2002, 06:06 AM
alright you all, you are all now entitled to my opinion and i know you all really care what it is...

4. Chrono Cross
5. FFX
7. FFtactics
8. chrono trigger
10. FF, the OG

ya, thats right, im a little closed minded, but FF rocks the house... end of story. though i havent played xenogears and everyone says that game kicks ass.

11-05-2002, 02:38 PM
1. Shining Force
2. FF7
3. Shining Force 2
4. FFX
5. Alundra
6. Landstalker
7. FF9
8. Soleil
9. Crono Trigger
10. FF6

there ya go

Bahamut ZERO
11-05-2002, 05:22 PM
(Continuing from my first post on the 1st page.)

I would like to add at number 6 The Elderscrolls III: Morrowind. I lost three months over the summer, and it was due to this game. Fully immersive, with so much to do and with an unlimited time to do it in. Yes, you can ignore the main quest for as long as you like. I know I did. It was just so FUN going around killing bandits (and accidentally killing people you shouldn't. Oops.)

Yeah, if you've got three months of your life to spare (i.e. No Uni and being stuck in a boring job packing stuff) then this is the game for you!!!

Neo Xzhan
11-05-2002, 07:26 PM
For the time being that was my list but by now I can do a new list:

1. Final Fantasy VII
2. Final Fantasy X
3. Final Fantasy VI
4. Neverwinter Nights
5. Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind
6. Baldurs Gate 2 and Throne of Baal
7. Chrono Trigger
8. Planescape: Torment
9. Seiken Densetsu 3
10. Secret of Mana

11-08-2002, 06:18 PM
Let�s see... I am not good at ranking.

1. Chrono Trigger - MY game, my world, my friends.
2. FFIX - Tons and tons of fun.
3. Lunar 2 - A source of everlasting happiness.
4. Chrono Cross Like its prequel, one of those rich games...
5. FFVI - So much to explore
6. FFV - Worse story, but three large worlds to travel and explore!
7. Rudra�s Treasure:
Since we are talking about creative games... I just cannot let the moment pass without mentioning this game, which might not have a kick ass innovative story line, but one of the greatest magic systems you can possibly imagine, you get to understand why they are magic spells: You have to spell them. So make up a cool spell yourself and see what will happen! Fun for hours!

That�s all I wanted to say. :)

Toaster Pastry
11-08-2002, 06:51 PM
Here's my list...

1. Final Fantasy VIII
2. Zelda: Link to the Past
5. Morrowind (if that counts)
6. Earth & Beyond
7. Dragon Warrior VII
8. Dragon Warrior

Rabid Monkey
11-08-2002, 09:17 PM
Originally posted by Toaster Pastry
7. Dragon Warrior VII
8. Dragon Warrior

You are now my favorite newbie...

The Wandering Knight
11-11-2002, 12:56 AM
For me:
Final Fantasy VII; I like every part in this game:D
Xeno Gears; Great storyline, Great battle system and many otehr good parts...
Final Fantasy IX; Its only bad part was it's being simple...
Final Fantasy Tactics; To make it simple...It's great:D
Final Fantasy III/VI; Great story line(one of the best I ever seen)
Grandia series; Creataive and cool battle system...
Wild Arms series; I liked it so much, donnu why though...
Suikuden series; Just great:D
Lunar series; Well the story was cool...
Chrono Trigger; haven't finished it though...but it's great.

Of course not to mention Star Ocean and some other RPGs but those are my favorite: )

11-11-2002, 11:47 AM
1. Zelda (i love it)
2. Secret of Mana
3. Earthbound (noticing a pattern yet)
4. some of the earlier FF games, i never got to play the later ones, i got the wrong console for it, (but zelda was worth it)
5. Monkey Island (ok, it not overly good, but i find it funny)
6. Mario RPG
7. errrrmmmm....
8. **scritch scratch**
9. ahhhhhhhhh
10. never mind

11-13-2002, 09:53 PM
this is a hard one. thinking juices flowing.

1. d&d
2. chrono trigger
3. chrono cross unique battle system
4. ff vii revolutionary for its time
5. legend of dragoon unique battle
6. gettin hard now....ff viii now one likes it but it was far from the norm and therefore great, according to me
7. ff x ground breaking in its graphics
8. uuhhh....
9. zelda, nover played but it also revo for its time
10. xenogears, completely revo gamplay, battle and story

Vorn: Devourer of Worlds
11-24-2002, 01:03 AM
Man, practically no one put the best non-Squaresoft RPG a.k.a<br>
<font size=5>Earthbound!!</font>
Zelda doesn't count (don't ask why, it just doesn't).
Earthbound just kicks ass, despite the graphics. Shame on all of you who haven't played it.<br>
Others (this in order of when I think them up)

Secret of Mana (all of them)
Star Ocean 2
Chrono Trigger
Chrono Cross
Baldur's Gate
Grandia 2 (I didn't beat it, but it looked pretty cool)

That is all, for now.

11-24-2002, 08:47 AM
1. Final fantasy 10
2. Final fantasy 9
3. chrono trigger
4. tales of phantasia
5. super mario rpg
6. ff7
7. zelda ocarina of time
8. kingdom hearts
9. zelda (snes. forget whats its called. link to the past i think)
10. ff6

zelda soooo counts. just cuz its not a menu driven rpg, or a text based doesnt mean its not. its an rpg, because rpg is leveling up and stuff. and technically you do level up.

btw, is earthbound the game where you are ness? .... stupid question.... maybe

11-24-2002, 08:16 PM
1. Chrono Trigger (crazy tech combo's, time travel)
2. Xenogears ( Mechs!!! Very thought provoking, good battle system)
3. Lunar: SSSC (one the most original storylines, good chars)
4. Final Fantasy 7 ( come on now, we all love it)
5. Dragon force ( best strategy/rpg ever IMO)
6. Final Fantasy Tactics ( ooo I love the structure and storyline)
7. Star Ocean: The Second Story (addictive customization, great battle system)
8. Final Fantasy 6 (I love the game alot, great story, great chars)
9. Final Fantasy 10 ( another great FF title, very heartwarming)
10. Final Fantasy 5 (job system with classic ff gameplay...Sweet!)

I love alot more games, I'm still undecisive...this list may not even be correct...just a brief listing ehhehe.

11-27-2002, 12:51 AM
I can't exactly make a list of top ten, but I do agree that Super Mario RPG and Kingdom Hearts are both really creative games. Final Fantasy VII was a major breakthrough for RPGs, of course - it led to a bunch of rip-off other Final Fantasies, no less! Final Fantasy IX, for example, basically took everything off of the other FFs. But the CONCEPT of mixing all of these elements together was done wonderfully and I think IX deserves to be recognized. FF X too, because of the awesome gameplay. Storyline was alright, graphics were beautiful of course, but FF X differs from the others by its seriously fun gameplay. Yay!

11-28-2002, 10:45 AM
Tell you the truth, I havn't played much more than the FF series & a few Dreamcast RPG's. So, bare with me if i can't get anymore than 5...

1. Final Fantasy 7... (PC)
2. Final Fantasy 9... (PSX)
3. Zelda (N64)...
4. Skies of Arcadia... (Dreamcast)
5. Grandia 2... (Dreamcast)
6. Kingdom Hearts... (PS2)
7. Zelda: Link to the Past (Gameboy)
8. Chrono Trigger (SNES)
9. Star Ocean 2 (PSX)
10. Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX - Havn't played it, but I'm sure I'd love it! :D )...

Well, I got 10...

12-12-2006, 08:51 PM
Just looked through this thread and could not help thinking of my own favourites. This will be my first post (even though it's an old topic), but alas, heres my own personal top 5

1. Baldurs Gate series - Oh come on, original plot, distinct characters with their own story and a good/evil system that works. The first two games were great, but the expansion lifted it up to a new level of awesomeness
2. Neverwinter Nights series - Can't blame me for that one! I played Baldurs Gate first to start with, so no wonder there
3. FF IX
4. The Elderscrolls: Morrowind
5. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic - It be shiny and new, but too short lived (got it done in two days on hardest) to reach the top.

12-12-2006, 08:55 PM
That's all very well and good, but no one's posted in this thread in four years. There are much more current threads you could have posted in instead of reviving an old one that's just going to be redundant.

Darth Revan
12-14-2006, 02:34 PM
My list (In no particular order )-

Knights of the Old Republic I & II
Star Ocean Til The End of Time
Suikoden Series
Vandal Hearts
Skies of Arcadia
SSI PC Dragonlance series (Champions of Krynn, Death Knights of Krynn and Dark Queen of Krynn)
Shenmue I & II
Wild Arms Series

Can't think of any others at the moment...

Sri Krishna
12-28-2006, 02:46 PM
In no particular oder

Legend of Alon D'ar
Final Fantasy 6
Valkyrie Profile
Eternal Ring
Wild Arms 3
Arc the Lad Collection
Final Fantasy 4
Zelda 2

12-30-2006, 02:37 AM
1.FF8 - My First
2.FF7 - i generally love the story and characters and gameplay in this,plus the art is mazing like 8
3.FF9 - Once again good characters and gets very interesting at the end of disc 3
4.Star Ocean 3: Til The End Of Time - Long!,and art style is cool
5.Kingdom Hearts 2 - I generally like disney and this has better disney worlds and the organization
6.Fable - Gameplay rocks
7.Shenmue 2 best timewaster game
8.Shenmue 1 same as above just not as many things naturally
9.Kingdom Hearts 1 Deep story

01-01-2007, 09:47 PM
Haha, why not.

Final Fantasy 1
Neverwinter Nights
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy 6
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
FF: Tactics Advance
Diablo II

01-04-2007, 03:31 PM
1) Tales of Phantasia (SNES/PSX/GBA)

2) FF5 (SNES)

3) Rudra no Hihou (SNES)

4) FF9 (PSX)

5) Chrono Trigger (SNES)

6) Diablo II (PC)

7) FF6 (SNES)

8) Bahamut Lagoon (SNES)

9) BoF4 (PSX)

10) BoF3 (PSX)

01-04-2007, 06:23 PM
1. FF8
2. WoW
3. FF Tactics
4. Vagrant Story
5. Zelda Series
6. Baldurs Gate 2
8. Earthbound
9. Oblivion
10. Chrono Trigger

Eddy Gein
01-04-2007, 09:14 PM
As far as creativity goes, I think the old SNES rpg Paladin's Quest takes the cake. It's a pretty mediocre game in all respects, but it created an amazingly unique and original world where everything is entirely alien. Everything from trees, to houses, to physical landmasses were something entirely different from the norm. The odd color palette only helped to give the game a bizarre and alien feel to it. Good times.

No Crown King
01-05-2007, 03:05 PM
01. Final Fantasy Tactics
02. Chrono Cross
03. Xenogears
04. Vagrant Story
05. Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past
06. Legend of Legaia
07. Shadow Hearts
08. Panzer Dragoon Saga
09. Chrono Trigger
10. The rest of the final fantasies.

iconoclastic pastry
01-06-2007, 09:16 AM
It's 2 something in the morning, so what the hell. I'm not going to make a list though. I just want to throw my support behind Vagrant Story and Chrono Cross because they are both underappreciated.

And I also want to point out what a travesty it is that so few people have mentioned EarthBound.

01-16-2007, 07:51 AM
1Legend of Dragoon
2Legend of Dragoon
3Legend of Dragoon
4.... eh, you can see where I'm going with this, right?

01-16-2007, 07:48 PM
1) Golden Sun: The Lost Age
2) FF 7
3) Diablo 2
4) Summoner (yay)
5) Tales of Symphonia
6) Tales of Phantasia
7) Tales of Ethernia
8) Secret of Mana
9) Sword of Mana
10) Golden Sun 1

01-24-2007, 03:05 PM
Let's see...

1) Star Ocean The Second Story (It's hard to be original the second time around, but SO2 elaborated on the characters, the private actions, and the Item Creation. [Reverse-Side was excellent]. The two main characters and two differing journeys definitely give the game replay value.)

2) Star Ocean (This was the start of a great series that should have more games in it. It was on the SuperFamicon and had spoken dialogue during battles and some cutscenes. The storyline, battle system, and then-new PA system all made this one hell of a masterpiece. Too bad it never made it to America.)

3) Chrono Trigger (Where to begin with CT? The time travel? The way everything was intertwined within the storyline? The magic system? The story itself?)

4) Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (Ah, a third success that is actually easy to find. SO3 made the IC process a lot more complex by adding in the business bit of it, hiring inventors and buying the objects in stores. The PA systems was simplified from 80+ endings into 10. But, the game managed to stay original in an ironic way...if you know the storyline.)

5) Chrono Cross (Yeesh, a lot of playable characters and a hella lot of endings, good and bad. Continuing from Chrono Trigger and twisting everything. A classic example of "you love it or you hate it.")

6) FFVI (It started out the whole "any character can summon and use magic" thing. Before that, you were limited to what your job class could do.)

7) Valkyrie Profile series (Come on, you can make playable party members from random objects and reload if you want a different person.)

8) The Legend of Zelda (Everyone loves Zelda. *insert general statement* Each game would differ from the other with new plots and familiar themes and characters, without ripping the other games off too bad. Nintendo's best franchise, without plumbers eating mushrooms and genociding on reptiles.)

9) Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (Hmm... Gothic pokemon. But aside from that, recruiting demons you fight, choosing whether you will be a good demon or a bad demon to decide the post-Apocalypse Tokyo's fate. It sounds cliche, but I haven't played anything else like it.)

10) FFXII (Okay, it's not one of my favorites, but the battle system and story and whatnot were really original for being the 172389216982365th in a series.)

01-24-2007, 07:47 PM
Before I begin I just want to point out how many people have a top 10 full of random Final Fantasy games. I really hope that these people are just "mainstream" RPG...ers. The Final Fantasy series is decent...they have some creativity in them that is usually taken from another game and toyed with to their liking. However, most of it comes off mediocre, there is not too often anything breath-taking that just pulls me and makes me think of Final Fantasy as anything but a mediocre RPG ( With the exception of two games, one of which I would have put on my top 10 if not for the above reason): Final Fantasy 6 and Final Fantasy Tactics. (Sorry, Final Fantasy 7 was fun, but it wasn't that great. Your average save the world story with a twisted love triangle that gets solved by the other one dying.)

So with that said, I will start my Top 10.

1.Lunar 1 & 2: I'll just group them together since I can't decide which one is better. Now they both have a similar look to them, and they both take place on the same world. However, the second one does not fail to give a unique story and is just as good, if not better, then the first one. The first one, in my opinion, threw out all other competition for its time, and just completely blew me away when I played it. The characters are cute, the cutscenes are cool, and the storyline is great. Now, albeit, it is the simple story of saving the world from the bad guy. But the way the game goes about it, and how the story unfolds is just tons of fun :).

2.Xenogears: By far the most intricate and overall just insane story of any RPG that I know. It was a hard choice between this and Lunar. Xenogears takes a more serious tone then Lunar, and pulls it off very well. Xenogears could be made into a movie trilogy and become and instant box office hit due to its story. The characters are well developed, and they are the most unique and touching characters ever. Fo sho a game worth playin.

3.Chrono Cross: The story is twisted and insane at points. Right from the beginning you are thrown into some crazy story and you can't help but go "What the Fuck is going on!?", but it does it with class. The characters, the main one being mute, are still fun. Development is only slightly lacking, due to the simple fact that there are SO many characters in your team, it is very difficult to give them all full development. However, the main characters are well developed and easy to make some sort of connection with. Also, this game is a sequel, so comparing it to its predecessor, which happens to get my next spot, it rises above it. Why? Because of the story. The story twists and turns you and makes you want to play Chrono Trigger if you haven't.

4.Chrono Trigger: I realise I been writing too much, so I'll shortern up my comments now. Old school. Great story and characters. All are developed in some way, something that Chrono Cross was unable to achieve.

5.Legend of Legaia: Though the second one, imo, was a total flop, this one did prevail. The characters are awesome! They develop very well throughout the entire story and the story itself is unique. Many games have taken this story in some form and twisted it to their liking. The battle system is unique as well, and allows for cool combos. It also makes it worthwhile to go into battles to mess around, so that you can find new special moves and such.

6.Secret of Mana 1 & 2: I throw them together simply because the second one wasn't released in the U.S., but the second one could easily stand on its own, but it might not be in the top 10 simply because it is too similar to the first. However, these games both are very entertaining. The story lines are great, and the first was very original. The second wasn't so much so, as you were just going from crystal to crystal. However, the character development in both of them was very well done. Also, props to the second one for the different storyline depending on who your main character was, including 3 seperate final bosses, and 3 different sets of endings.

7.Shadow Hearts: I remember the first time I played this game. The opening cutscene hooked was just insane. However, I was young, probably 13 or so, and there was something about the way the avatars in the speaking text I turned it off. *Laughs*. Anyway, a year or two later I turned it on, and was suprised to find it to be one of the craziest storylines I've seen since Xenogears. The character development is very intense, especially since most of the main characters are not normal people, such as demons and vampires. The story continues to take random turns for the better, leaving the gamer hooked and wanting more. O yuh, and main bad guy is just a complete bad ass who...*Spoiler at bottom of post*

8.Star Ocean 2: Now, I do not like either the first or the third, but this one deserves its spot on my top ten. Compared to the other two games, you can see that the makers aren't much for creativity, works once. :) You could argue that the first one is the original, which wouldn't be incorrect, but think of it this way. If you had three games with the exact same story...and one just HAPPENED to be pulled off correctly, would you bother to compare it to the other two flops? No. That's what Star Ocean 2 is. The story isn't unique if you compare it to the other two games, however it is unique in the RPG genre. Its battle system is fun, and works out very well without being boring or confusing. The AI system works flawlessly, and your characters have a tendency to do JUST what you need them to, and what they are supposed to do, in a battle. The story is great, and the characters are just lots of fun.

9.Breath of Fire 3 & 4: Once again I grouped these two games together. With the exception of the main characters, Ryu and Nina, in both the games, these games are very different. The storyline for both of them are unique, each set in their own worlds with their own happenings. For Breath of Fire 3, the characters have very deep personalities, and they grow up (literally) with even deeper personalities. You become attached to them quickly, and they take you on a fun adventure. Breath of Fire 4 has slightly less character development then the third, but in my opinion the story is much better. It is hard to explain the story without giving something away, so you'll have to play it or take my word for it. :)

10.Legend of Dragoon: Great story. Great characters. Insane Twists. Unique battle system. Well worth the 10th spot that it deserves.

*Spoiler Alert for Shadow Hearts*
Turns into a demon God at the end. What more could u want?

*Spoiler end*

02-21-2007, 06:35 PM
Uuh listing ^__^ Well the top 10 is probaly something like...

1: Vandal Hearts 2 - was the first RPG game i played, and it caught me INSTANTLY! The charaters, the tactical battlefield, I just adored this game (Still does xD)

2: Star Ocean The Second Story - An RPG where you can move on the battlefield? This surely rocked my boots, I was hooked on this game for months xD!

3: Shadow Hearts 1 and 2 - I absolutly adore the dark feeling there is over these games, and the story was really unique I think.

4: Suikoden - This game just has it all, sadness, joy, betrayl, I really liked the story alot with the gathering 108 stars (I think it was that many?)

5: Shining Force 2 - Another tactical Rpg, I really enjoyed this tactical title, it was just somehow...refreshing and fun to play.

6: Grandia - Hmm...I just really enjoy this game xD The music is beutiful and the story is really interessting, never leaves you bored if you ask me ^_^.

7: Final Fantasy VIII - This story was something very new if you ask me, also you really got into the persons feelings, and of course the beutiful graphics ^__^.

8: Tales Of Destiny 2 - Another great rpg that I really got into, I liked the battlesystem really much, it was free and fun, not as free movement as Star Ocean 2 but still very free, and the development in the charaters was also very nice ^__^

9: Final Fantasy Tactics - Almost forgot this title O_O Final Fantasy Tactics sure is a damn good tactical rpg, it's been quite awhile since I played it, but I just remember I had fun playing it ^_^

10: Azure Dreams - You ask me why oh why this game is here? ITS DAMN ADDICTIVE O_O! At first I thought "Wtf is this" But after playing it for 3 hours I was sure as hell hooked! Gotta' Catch Em' All xD!

08-26-2012, 02:07 AM
I've never really played many RPGs but I have to say, I loved the first two games in the Shining Force series, I played them on the Sega classics XBOX game. Loved it!!

08-26-2012, 03:46 AM

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08-26-2012, 08:33 PM
Sorry, I don't really do forums. I'm not exactly up to date with the etiquette of them :L

08-26-2012, 08:41 PM
No problem at all. You can probably tell that this happens with a lot of new people. Welcome to the forums. :D

09-21-2012, 12:00 AM
1) Blood Omen2 (it isn't an actual RPG but it gets close)
10) Ultima 9
the fuck?

twiztid lestat
02-16-2013, 08:59 AM
The lack of Lost Odyssey, Fallout and Kingdoms of Amalur, is disappointing

Darth Revan
02-16-2013, 09:06 AM

Never thought I'd see this dead thread arise... but now, it's put back in it's place...