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Plot: The story Paradise is based on Final Fantasy VIII and is rated R for language, violence, and sexual scenes (warning: there is Yaoi too, so don't be surprised if you see it later on). The story begins with the world of FFVIII two years after the defeat of Ultimecia. Squall is the Commander of Balamb Garden while Xu is the Headmistress that replaced Cid Kramer. Rinoa Heartilly is sent off to Shumi Village for her training as a sorceress to better control and contain her powers, and although at the beginning of the story it seems as if the story is to focus on her, after the first chapter the focus turns to life at Balamb while Rinoa is away.

Diplomacy with Galbadia only becomes more complicated as Madame Rosencrantz--the Headmistress of Galbadia Garden--demands more from Balamb and SeeD. Gradually, each of the original heroes of Final Fantasy VIII break off into their own sub-stories within the story while new characters are introduced as well. Aidan Clearwater becomes a main character in the story, he being a cadet preparing to take his SeeD Test for the first time come the Spring semester. Other new faces including Lania, Cameron, and Marik have their own unique impact on the flow of the story as well.

Although things seem to be going as usual with the regular trend of missions, problems and work, secrets plague those involved in the story. One of the original FFVIII heroes becomes enchanted by a mysterious voice, another finds himself slipping into a forbidden relationship, and another main character learns of a terrible secret, one that can alter the course of Balamb Garden forever...

And once more, the subject of a GF's impact on a human comes to the forefront. What effect does the presence of a Guardian have on the memories of its Master? Do they really have their own personality, their own psyche? And one hero battles the possibility that perhaps Guardian Forces have more control over their master than anyone ever imagined...

- - -

so yeah, I hope you guys pop by my story on fanfiction and read! ^ ^ The first eleven (11) chapters are up, and as Summer rolls around I'll able to update much more often, so hopefully the story can progress a lot over these next few months. Please read and review if you have a fanfiction account! Any review (may it be positive or just constructive criticism) is welcome, but if you have a negative view of my story, please don't flame me about it. =)

So since I'm making this whole thread about the story, I thought that it would be cool if people could maybe discuss the story here, ask questions, make suggestions, etc. Those who are skilled at writing; I would very much appreciate it if you could offer some advice on character development, plot development, ANYTHING! I really enjoy taking suggestions from knowledgeable people because it helps me refine my ability to write; I'm still not graduated from high school yet, so I believe I have a lot to learn. =)

Finally: Yes, I'm aware that there are some grammatical/spelling mistakes scattered lightly throughout what's written so far, and I've made the necessary changes in my Word files, but not on the story on the site yet. Hopefully when I finish it I can replace all of the chapters with the chapters I have on my computer and all mistakes will be corrected! Still, if you see any language problems like that, just post a note here and I'll be sure to fix it in my file. :]

so yeah this is kind of a bigger fanfiction project that I hope to complete one day, and thanks for reading this and enjoy! ^ _ ^

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hey, good luck, ill be shure to read this one its done,
pmme when your done, i might print it off to read
thanks, and best of luck!!!

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For those who are interested, Chapter 12 is finally up! ^ _ ^

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Chapter 13 is finally up, the longest chapter so far in the fiction, and the most in-depth in terms of storyline! Enjoy! :]