06-12-2007, 09:30 PM
The official site now has profiles for Sephiroth, Genisis and Lazard with in game screenshots along with each profile.

Here's a translation of each profile.



His name is known across the world, a hero who is called the strongest SOLDIER First Class. Possessing near super-human strength, he always manages his duties perfectly. He is closed-off to strangers, and does not show his true feelings, but it seems that Angeal, Genesis, and Zack are allowed a glimpse at his real intentions.


A SOLDIER: 1st Class of the Shinra Company. He devotes himself to literature and enjoys reading from the epic Loveless. He has a friendship with fellow SOLDIERs Sephiroth and Angeal, though he also views Sephiroth as a rival. He went missing during the Wutai campaign.


The SOLDIER union executive. At this time, the SOLDIER department is independent, and the union executive oversees SOLDIER's management and draws up rough strategy guidelines. This person does not have the combat abilities of a SOLDIER and thus does not operate directly in the field. Within the company organization, he has received promotions at an exceptional speed to attain his present status.



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cool site

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lol if you follow that site through to here ( and put it through google translator its quite funny

"'K tie comprehensive sight of [huainaruhuantaji]'. Application and the arrival [u] are (R) etc also the contents are quantity, ill-smelling it is."


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I like the music. Thanks for the translations by the way.