07-24-2007, 02:13 PM
Seen the others and they seem rather out of date, thought id do my own when im bored (happens alot surprisingly) and do a test one to see if it sparks any interest.

My name in game (like on this) is Ponto, Im a Dragoon, Paladin and Warrior on the Siren server. I do endgame, just not the evil that is HNM (High Notorious Monster to those that dont know) camping, just isnt for me to use hacks and bots to claim digital monsters from others, so i avert to the other aspects of endgame in FFXI, Dynamis, Limbus, Salvage, Sky and as of late ive been trying to form my own group for Sea gods. (I'll explain each of the different aspects of FFXI endgame to those that dont know as I go along.)

When you begin the game, you start off in a choice of 3 seperate nations vying for power in areas outside of their own region, Bastok, a nation made of Humes (Humans durrrr) and Galka (Ape like creatures with alot of vitality, health, and i believe 2nd highest strength in the game). Each race has its own strong and weak points, Galka is their lack of MP for mage jobs, Hume however is well rounded for all jobs, it cant be the greatest statistically if you line up a Hume with lets say a Galka with the exact same gear and skill as a Paladin (a meat shield tank), but they can be effective at most things.

The 2nd nation is the Federation of Windurst, Tarutaru (short plump midgets that do a weird looking dance when they panic) and Mithra (cat-like creatures which are pretty much the pixelated sexpots of the races) and a partial amount of Humes are what the population of Windurst is mostly made of. Mithras are best known for their agility and dextirity, making them good Thieves, Ninjas and also Rangers. Tarutaru are the weskest race melee wise in the game as stats go, they are mage based with a large MP pool to work with so make great mages.

The last Nation is where i am from, the Kingdom of San d'Oria. Elvaans (Elf like creatures with the largest strength of the 5 races) and Humes are from this area. Elvaans are a favoured choice for alot of people starting the game hoping to be a melee job (which there is alot of) for they have the greatest strength low and high level, and also make great Paladins for decent vitality and HP and Mind, they suffer however in their intelligence making them supbar Blackmages (INT is based on a BlackMage sticking a spell or a nuke without being resisted partially or totally. I myself am a hume as I like to play a balance of jobs.

Now- that Ive finished yacking my mouth off, Il go into what I do in game.

Currently my Paladin 75 is on another account of a friend, who told me hes going to be quitting, so I am pretty much levelling Paladin on my own character and using his gear up to the level cap of the game (75). So, Ponto currently is at lvl 60, and going up rather fast due to playing in experience points parties with friends which Ive been doing for the last 20- something levels of Paladin. Why am I rushing it? Because my friends account i would use to maintank dynamis in, so they would be down a maintank. Also, to lot the Artifact version 2 in Dynamis (a job specific high lvl set of gear), the lotting rules of the Linkshell are you need the job level 70+ to lot it, as the gear from Dynamis is all level 71+, so it would be silly otherwise.

So - as Ive briefed yall on what i do, Il go into the more fun stuff.

The friends i EXP with all use the voice chat prgramme Ventrillo (High Quality one a member of the Dynamis shell pays for, we use it for events for quick communication.) Me (Ponto) as PLD (Paladin, Aztek one of my best buddies on BLU (Blue Mage), his girl Lizzzzard on THF (Thief), and Serenity on WHM (White Mage). For FFXI EXPing, you usually get a group of 6 people and have to find a balanced group, usually meaning, 1 refresher/back up healer, 1 main healer (WHM durr), a Tank (me on PLD), and from there someone willing to pull and DD (lizzys THF pulling and DDing and Aztek straight DDing). So usually when we form a PT its a refresher then we just need a random DD and we are set.

Yesterday we went from 58-60 in Aydeewa Subterrane (a underground area in the Aht Urhgan area which looks very cool), exping mainly off Defoliators (Green coloued crawler type monsters), We formed and looked at who was seeking to EXP, Ill probably quote some of what we say on vent for purposes of understanding.
Serenity: Eh, no DD are seeking
Ponto: Fuck off you are joking me, even the Japanese?
Seren: Aye, all there is seeking is a Red Mage and a Paladin.
Aztek: Grab the RDM well, we can refresh till a random DD pops up
Liz: Mkay
~ short pause ~

Ponto: What she say?
Liz: They are both Japanese and apparently staticing (meaning EXP in pt together only)
Ponto: 2 PLDs... i dont think thats gonna work
Aztek: Damage Dealing Paladin goez!
Ponto: I guess i could try it, stack on the damage dealing gear and using Sushi (strength and accuracy food) and sub Ninja (Sub meaning Support Job)
Seren: Ahh well, theres nothing else, we can try.

So we get out there, and we pull the 1st monster, and a idea popped into my head. PLDs have the ability to use cover and choose a member to stand in front of and take all of their damage, i was able to translate to the JP PLD, we could bounce it off each other using cover and using me /NIn to absorb no damage using shadows and when that was down he uses his high defense from subbing /WAR and using defender.

We did this for around 6 hours, made 2 levels, and exp was great, learnt my 1st multi hit weaponskill for Paladin being Vorpal Blade and was able to do alot more damage, I also learnt that PLD have the 2nd highest strength gained from all the jobs in the game. All in all was good fun.

I went out to eat so logged off for a few hours and logged back on later on - Mondays is a sky night. Paladyne runs the sky shell, hes a very good redmage and a decent blackmage.Agenda for tonight: Finish a Kirin set, pop 3 Byakkos, 1 Genbu, and 1 Suzaku.

In sky, the way gods work is, there are 4 Gods on the outside, Suzaku, Genbu, Seiryu, Byakko. After you kill those 4 and obtain the 100% drop from them (their seals), you trade them seals to pop Kirin, who can summon all 4 gods to fight and he also fights. Each God has their own special ability, las every job does, which can use it every 2 hours, Byakko can Perfect Dodge (Evasive like a Thief, is a Tiger), Seiryu can Hundred Fists, (Monk special Ability, 0 delay punching flury and hits like a Truck), Suzaku can chainspell (cast spells on the party with no delay between each spell), Genbu can invincible (Takes 0 physical damage, magic can still hurt him however, has large defense, but can be soloed, many laugh at this god), and Kirin can Astral Flow (Summon a random Avatar aka Ifrit Shive Carbuncle etc) and use their most powerful AOE ability which can possibly wipe everyone fighting him out in a instant. It makes for good fun fighting these, however, to pop the smaller gods like genbu, suzaku etc, you need to fight NMs which pop every 2-4 hours in various locations to get half a trigger for popping them. To pop each you need a specific gem and a certain stone (EG Byakko is Gem of the west and autumnstone.)

After smashing out 3 Byakkos, the Genbu and Suzaku, we usually sell off the drops that are sold on the games auction house which are craftable materials and split. It was 1am when we finished up for the farming - so i logged to sleep.

(very long post i know, but i needed to open it like that, any feedback is appreciated, just dont be a troll for no reason <3)

07-27-2007, 09:10 PM
Been occuped and such the last few days, so havent updated recently.

Post 1 was a Monday, pretty much Linkshells have a schedule for when they do things which can be a burden when you have plan,s but since none are required its np. Monday is a Sky day, Tuesdays are a Dynamis/Limbus day, Wednesday is a sky day, Thursday is a free day, Friday sky again, Saturday is Dynamis/Limbus and Sunday a free day apart from Einherjir which takes an hour to gather and do tops.

Tuesday was a relaxed day, we continued to EXP on Defoliators and also chose to do Puks in Wajaom Woodlands which is (duh) a Woodesque area.
Dinged 62, was happy and we finished up early as i plan Salvage when i have everyone who i low man static it on.

Salvage for those who dont know is a new concept SE came up with where you can take 18 people into this area, strip them of all their gear, all their abilities, all their magic, cut their hp and mp in half, gimp their base strength, mind, dextirity etc, and set 100 mins on the clock as its totally instanced and work through the area, killing monsters earning back gear you cant equip via cell drops. The cells will be like "This takes away the requirements to be unable to equip weapons" or "This takes away the effect of being unable to cast magic" etc etc. Now why would you put yourself through the hassle of wanting to do this shit is what you probably ask.

Salvage gear, putting it simply, is the best gear accessible to get in the game, you dont obtain weapons however from it unlike HNMs like Fafnir etc for multi hit low delay weapons, but armour set wise its simply the best in the game. How to obtain these pieces is tricky however, is the difficult part. After gearing yourself up to being acceptable (Not exactly everyone has to have everything recovered, just enough to be able to take them down), you can fight NMs which drop lvl 15, 25, and 35 pieces. The 15 pieces drop from 100% NMs which can be easily taken down, the 25 pieces are also 100%, but require a strong and capable group with a decent strategy, and the 35 pieces are a rare drop (around 20-25% some say) and can drop from the lvl 15 NMs. Quite simply, its a challenge and its fun, and obviously a Monk is good here as natural Hand to Hand ability is great. We did Silver Sea Remnants and we were able to get a Ares Level 15 headpiece (all 3 pieces together are the best headpiece for melee by far), Skadi lvl 15 feet (Feet are amazing for Thiefs and Rangers, Has increased movement speed and dextirity and agility) and Magus lvl 15 hands (Aint a clue about those stats, teeheemage). Its a challenge and fun as to pop some NMs you need to achieve certain requirements which can be awkward, difficult or simply odd.

Anyways, after that came Dynamis, a large man event requiring specific jobs playing a important role in the survial of the group. Dynamis is pretty much a huge raid of a certain zone in a alternate reality, there is story behind it relating to us going back in time which is why the monsters we fight there drop ancient currency. There is 3 Dynamis areas in each of the 3 nations + a main city in the game, Jeuno. You need to battle your way through beastmen, obtaining very nice/ very crappy job specific gear.(depending on job and zone as item pieces for job are specific per zone) You need to kill certain NMs(Notorius Monsters)to pop the Boss of each zone, which you kill, to obtain a win in each city when a ??? pops where the boss dies, the new people to the zone click it and receive a key item.

Once you do this in the 4 cities, you obtain access to the outlands, which are funner zones with rare artifact and most from these zones are very good. After the 4 cities are won, you first gain access to Beaucedine Glaciers Dynamis area (snowy area ooo), in which you kill alot of the same old beastmen from each city, although this time they are mixed together in the same zone. So Goblins, Orcs, Quadavs and Yagudos. Also, the boss is a huge Ahriman in this zone (Ahriman = flying dude with a huge fucking eye) which spawns a legion of dragons which share their hate with the eye (aka you have a dude doing retarded damage on the boss, the dragons will be smashing on him, and they hit hard so he will die in seconds).

Once you handle that boss, get the ??? there, you have access to Dynamis- Xarcabard, the main dynamis zone where the boss of all the bosses is in the game, Dynamis Lord (you learn about him in the dynamis story and ranking up in the game). To even get to him you must fight hordes of Demon NMs, pets and avatars and dragons, including DLs pet dragons Ying and Yang which need to be killed in around the same time as each other (30 secs from 1 dies to another or else the other respawns at 100% hp), after you kill them, you fight him, DL, which even with the greatest group in the world can destroy you if you get unlucky with abilties, stunning him or what he 2 hours as. He can resummon his pets, he can use every ability of every job in the game, and can smash a defense build Paladin for 500+ a swing (PLD average HP in the game is 1.5k). My shell has beaten him 3 times, me getting the killshot the 3rd time. Killing DL gets you special items, the back piece, Shadow Mantle which can nullify all Physical damage, and Shadow ring, which can Nullify all magical damage, a tanks dream pretty much. Also has a 100% chance of dropping a 100 piece of a certain ancient currency. Dynamis is a fun thing which got me started into endgame style events and is fun with friends.

After that, i logged to go to sleep - was too tired to attempt Limbus.

07-31-2007, 02:17 PM
Wednesday-Saturday i was occupied so couldnt get on to play the game, which was fine as events were scarse these days. Logged on on Saturday to do Salvage/Dynamis/Limbus, I was gonna end up dying and losing alot of exp lol.

Salvage in advance me and the other guy Tulun who run the shell have been planning on killing one of the most difficult bosses of Salvage, Long Bowed Chariot. Tactics wise we had hammered it down to perfection, we went over each persons job and what they needed to do and how they were to play, also positiong of where they stood. We went in, and flew through items, everyone got all their gear by the second floor, even the melees got their strength bonus and dextirity back. We also otw up got Revitilisers (Medicines that reset a jobs special abilities), Giving the 2 we obtained to a Bard and a Monk was going to be very important to the strat given. Obtained 4 different pieces of armour for various people, but lost the LBC fight ; ;, Ninja apparently didnt understand their positiong in the fight, which really fucked us under 40% as he spams Homing Missle, a AOE move that removes all hate built up, in other words, he was gonna hit that move and then bomb the mages. The move also does 1,000+ Area of Effect damage, and spamming it with the wrong positiong from the Ninja ended up making us wipe at 31%, before we were going to zerg it down, sigh.

5 Deaths so far, equip the Dynamis pearl... Dynamis Xarcabard with 36 people, oh joy. We farmed the zone, attempted DL, i died... oh yes... 11 times. SAM and SMN were the only drops for my efforts haha. Next, Limbus, a fun short thing to do for Artifact +1 Ancient Beastcoins and Homam and Nashira gear. We did the Carbuncle zone, which requires you to suck a Astral Flow in the rear, which of course, kills me again XD. We won, but i knew I was gonna exp for a big chunk of tomorrow which i hate ; ;.

08-01-2007, 01:34 PM
Sunday was a dull day, capped EXP buffer, Salvage cancelled due to lack of turn out, so I logged off nice and early.

Monday was Ponto/Lizzy/Aztek EXP whoring day, rawr. We attempted Erucas with our level 62 group, me tanking on Paladin, i got raped with Incinerate (directional breath type move, damage depends on HP of mob), after we booted the RDM for having a shitty attitude (as in didnt refresh me more than twice in the hour, the white mage also) and swearing at the PT and insulting them, we felt like a different camp so we attempted Colibri (Pink Flamingo type things that steal your TP to weapon skill, steal your food for increased stats and reflect magic except for Blue Mage spells).

Was very good fun, very good experience, the whole PT gained a level and he quit with everyone gaining a level and a half (had to disband Lizzy and Az needed to work soon). Decided Tuesday we would BCNM for peacock charms to sell for gil, we were getting poor ; ;. BCNMs are capped fights, to do these theres a certain number of requirements. 1st of all, monsters which give you exp have a chance of dropping Beastmen seals, you trade X number of seals to a NPC in Port Jeuno (X standing for which cap its gonna be, eg> 50 seals for a level 50 capped fight, etc etc.) After trading the seals in you obtain a special orb, you go to the battle area (depending which specific fight of your choosing to do), you trade the orb to the areas Burning Circle, click the fight you wish to do, and enter, thus why its called BCNM, Burning Circle Notorious Monsters.

08-01-2007, 01:49 PM
Gonna add screenshots to this when i can, for something else to look at rather than just a scrolling list of text only.

Tuesday, Rawr Dynamis, skipping Limbus and BCNMing day. We logged on grabbed some 40 cap orbs and went to Horlais Peark, through a area full of Orcs and Warmachines. We spammed the fight about 10+ times, got 1 peacock Charm and 3 scrolls of Utsesemi NI (a Ninjitsu scroll, porbably the most important for Ninja). We made a good total of 4 Millionsish, which we divided 3 ways, it was enough to pay off my Cassie Earring for Paladin, yay.

Logged off for a few hours and logged myself in Southern Sandoria, yay to city Dynamis runs!

Sandoria is the easiest of all the Dynamis zones, but currently we have a White Mage who needs currency from this specific area to upgrade his relic club from stage 4 to 5, so we wanted to farm this zone as much as possible.

I had alot of fun, it was used as a training run to train new Paladins to tank and Rangers and Thiefs to pull. Was a fun run, everyone was happy with the relic count, we got 2 WAR relic feet, PLD relic hands, RDM relic feet, BRD relic head, and a 100 piece which the WHM needing the currency bought directly, it paid off for another run to be free, rawr. I skipped Limbus again (lawl) and went to sleep.

08-02-2007, 02:47 PM
Sky and chilling with Lizzy and Az day, rawr.

Went and exped on Colibri again and dinged 64 and gained half a level, was decent PT and had fun with me and Lizzy killing Aztek ^~^.

Went to Phomonia Aquaducts, a sewer area under the once famed city that was destroyed by the beastmen, Tavnazia, which is now a safehold for the few who didnt flee. Farmed a Fomor Codex for myself and Greyman, gonna do some swift belt runs soon, woosh. aka belts that are great for swinging faster and making casting spells delay faster.

Went to sky, pretended to be afk camping TOD for despot (boring shit) and we moved onto Kirin. Killed him in around a hour, Osode and Shura Togi dropped, then drama ensued. Someone stole the Osode and kicked from the group, problem is the guy runs with us in Dynamis. The leader promtly said "I wont be doing events with him, and since im forced to if i stick around, i quit", gogo endgame drama, so i applied to a European group on my server and will most likely be accepted for tomorrows sky run, so yay drama, boo sky.

08-03-2007, 12:53 PM
Dull day, haha. Posted my application to Straightjacket, the EU shell, in 2 hours was the most viewed application in a month <_< popular guy i guess.
I couldnt see their comments or decision they were making on me, thankfully however i had a friend already in the shell talking on vent giving me word for word coverage lol. Apparently i was on a persons blacklist for doing class a drugs during a Kirin i boasted about... i almost shat myself in laughter being never touched the shit in my life, good times good times, but my god people in this game are morons lol.

Me Lizzy and Aztek went and did our usual exp on birds, we can go up to 67 on the things which was cool, i dinged 65 and equipped all my new PLD gear, shield+ stuff to make blockrates proc more and a better hate holding sword, rawr meat shield. PT disbanded earlier than usual so we went and worked on helping Aztek learn Blue Mage spells. This one was rather gay, to make the Imp like creature use the ability Frenetic rip, you must break the horn on his head, which requires criticalling him which isnt always 100% gonna break it, then it needs to use it, and THEN aztek needs to learn it, alot of luck involved. 2 hours later we learn the ability <_< gogo luck lawl.

Went and mined for the rest of the day in Mount Zhalyom, got 1 Khroma Ore, need to mine more of those rich ores to make into Imperial Wootz Ingots to craft into a new polearm which is at a inflated price currently, Mezraq.

After that i got bored, tried to get a TOD on Adamantoise for Lizzys last item for Black Belt and went to bed.

08-06-2007, 02:59 PM
Friday was dull, was accepted into SJ apart from that nothing of interest.

Saturday, events day woosh. 1ST sky run with SJ, was a entirely new ballgame to how i did it in SolInvictus, not neccessarily bad, just more of a hassle when it came to drops. They had 29 people in LS up in sky lol, I was use to trying Kirins with 16 people, this was overkill. However, although higher numbers they seem to kill things just as fast as in SI, ahh well, itl be handy for adds on Kirin i guess. Killed a Suzaku, a Seiryu, claimed 2 Despots which completed 2 Byakko sets, got a Steamcleaner to finish off another Seiryu set, the 2 God fights finished off another Kirin set equalling 2 sets, and we finished 2 Genbu sets, overall, it was rather good.

Next was Dynamis. Today, we did Jeuno, sigh. At the very least in this run i got bumped up to being a member of management, pretty much because I have been leading for around a month now just without being apart of the "official" leaders. Taught new PLDs in this run for practice in the future, and taught the pullers how to do the sac for the boss (management didnt have a clue about this, we barely got by with our more experienced tank having knowledge and me). We won, dropped glass, and the small group headed to Limbus. Apparently they fucked up on Tuesday and lost when i wasnt on, so we had 2 runs + the normal one until the enxt Proto-Ultima set, sigh. At the very least, I was able to upgrade DRG Artifact+1 legs in this run.

Sunday, EXPed with Lizzy and Aztek, and did Salvage shortly afterwards, Arrapago Remnants today, aiming for the LVL 35 Ares Body/ LVL 35 Morriggens Bodypieces. Killed each NM for them once, no drops ; ;. At the very least, we got 2 lvl 15 Skadi hands, and a Arrapago Card, so it wasnt a complete loss. Went out for the night after Salvage although many in SJ wanted me to farm sea, hahahano.

08-22-2007, 01:25 PM
Away on vacation for a wee while, long time no post. That and im too lazy to type this up day by day so rawr.

Camped Charbydis a few days ago, me and Lizzy... 12 hour long camping the NM, holy shit was it annoying. He popped at slightly after midnight my time, i had to yell at Liz to stop cleaning the dishes and gtf back and heal my ass lol. The nice thing about him is he drops the drop we wanted (Joyeuse, multi hit sword) 100% of the time, so we know our efforts were not in vain, and i got my joytoy as we call it and never have to camp him again^^

Got access to a friends character also who quit, Elliot, I get to be a Tarutaru!

Hes hella fun, a taru tank, PLD75,NIN75,WAR75,WHM75,RDM75,SMN66 with almost everything he needs on all his jobs, and his most of the best gear in the game.

Currently ive just been lazying around doing quests for maps and killing NMs for friends. Killed Ose 11 times for no Assault Jerkin ><. When friends get bored they make a dancing penis apparently.

It make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

I have been stopping doing Salvage due to the static apparently falling apart while i was away, the other leader quit the game with a assload of triggers to pop NMs, which sucked. Dynamis Bubu was last night however and i forgot to claim a job at the start of the run i wasnt entering as - Paladin. Well, I payed for that with the 1st ever Valor cape dropping for the LS, the best piece for Paladin really, and a guy with less than 20 runs got it ><, was a little pissed to say the least. We did get MNK cape, PLD cape, SMN relic-1 something, and Ninja belt, and from the Mega Boss Dragon we got a amazing FOUR 100 pieces, something I have never seen or heard of before, I need more info on this for future runs if he has a high droprate on those.

05-13-2009, 06:04 PM
NECRO BUMPED, like a boss.

I fancied browing the webs during maint and stumbled upon this so I thought.. bored... I may as well post in it to burn some time during maintenance :O. Since last post I had quit the game briefly due to rl, came back, did some shit with a new group, got bored of the same events there, and hopped servers to try out endgame in a European based timeslot. So now, I am on Ramuh doing endgame content in a Linkshell I help run now called Pixies, they do pretty much all endgame content, so its always something new with this lot, always fun to have variety.

I have since last post levelled up Bard and Samurai to 75 (2 of the most popular jobs in the game for different reasons). I have acquired gear from Salvage/Sky to make my Samurai a bit higher end, Bard also, although lacking merits for Bard. I have completed all need of doing Limbus for the heavily sought after Homam gear for Paladins and Dragoons, so it is one less event to sink time into, same with Sky, and Dynamis is now just to fund Relic weapons (the best weapons possible for each job that can use in the game). I have started saving to eventually build up to acquiring the heavily desired relic shield Aegis.. however I am about 50% of the way funded lol >< costs around 70 million gil to fund the damn thing.

Outside of that... busy stuff, I guess for the people who don't play this game the lingo seems foreign to you, but we are the main standing HNMLS on the Server for most things, we sorta suck when it comes to being bothered to kill Bahamut.. but thats just laziness / hectic schedule, a HNMLS as we call it requires a lot of time and dedication, as a player it has the most desired rewards a player could want in the game, the best gear, and depending how the shell is run, they give payouts for activity in the group to fund things you want, its fun, just as all things in all MMOs, somewhat repititive.

As for myself I camp a NM most of my gametime by the name of Khimaira, I am sure most know what a chimera is, well same model as that, nasty little bastard if hes atacking at full speed not debuffed, however when its debuffed its a little girl (yet I have managed to see 18 people wiping to the thing, hilarious stuff), farming it for a low droprate weapon, a Hauteclaire, a Paladin sword... according to ffxiwiki reports... a 6% droprate... I can believe that... 0/16 on it dropping for me =.=, though the shells supportive and always a few always helps camp with me which is nice. The game itself will always attract you to stay due to the people in it, the content in which you do stuff with them is fun depending who you are with, and chat based programmes where you get a shit ton on to fuck around is fun like Ventrilo etc.

I will post screenshots of the NMs I kill in this blog and try and keep it updated again to show the people less interested I guess in this series of the games the nicely designed monsters to offer, laters~

05-19-2009, 12:28 AM
5 days, where the caps bish

You know, I always wanted to conduct a visual tour of Vana'diel, it's such a pretty place. Then I stopped playing.

06-02-2009, 11:24 PM
Haha, been busy, I will post some crap up now, the models for some of the areas is lovely, but I will focus on something a little easier to get since theres too many zones, something I am more in the know how of: the HNMs of the game (the largely contested monsters of the game needing a group to kill)

Lets start off with Zilart NM's, the oldest yet still highly valued ones, the abjurations for equipment for all job classes bar dancer and Scholar from this are incredible, these have a interesting NQ/HQ spawn, after a certain number of days from the last HQ, there is a chance of the next pop being a HQ, otherwse its just going to be a NQ pop. Adamantoise has Aspid as a HQ, Behemoth has King Behemoth as its HQ, and Fafnir has Nidhogg, all of which drop different lootpools, the most contested one being Faf/Nid, people have been using illegal methods for years to try and get an advantage to just claim this.

Some images inc!

Moving on to the CoP NMs, they took a different approach, want some 3-7 day RL pop NM guys? Yep, retarded I know, and only one of them is worthwhile killing, Tiamat, for Herald Gaiters. The whole backstory is Bahamut is the Wyrmking and his little minion of Wyrms are that of Ouryu/Vrtra/Tiamat/Jormungand, theres an instanced fight you get to fight them all, gives decent gil/equipment rewards too.

All the Wyrms look the same just skinned different bar Bahamut so heres a pic of lovely Ouryu and Bahamut (Apologies for the Bahamut pic, unless you wanted to see his rear this was all i can do)

Onto the best expansion in all of the game: ToAU, this has the monsters Khimaira/Hydra/Cerberus, all three are cool wee fights, all can be low manned easily by decent players, sadly only two have decent rewards, Hydra was on the laughing end of this one, due to this (and the fact I can't find a pic of Hydra) I will just post up Khim/Cerb. Also, the abjurations acquired from the RoZ Kings and new Abjurations come from an instanced event now called Einharjar, you have to work your way to Odin and defeat him to acquire this pool, its alot of fun, and takes 30 minutes every Einharjar attempt every 3 real life days, pics of this too.

Aight, lastly we have Wings of the Goddess NMs, we have 2 proper NMs here, Dark Ixion, and Sandworm, both are very fun fights, very different from thee normal fights from the past NM's we are use to. Dark Ixion is crazy to tank as a Paladin, and Sandworm sucks you into its belly I guess (a choice of 3 different instances zones really) to fight himself in HQ form (just like kings) or a choice of three NMs that wouldn't have been classified as HNM in the present (the expansion is based on warping to the past, around 30 years ago) and fighting King Arthro, Guivre, and Serket, a Crab/Dragon/Scorpion mob. Heres some wee pics too to round this off.

Aye, the sites gonna overload from the amount of pics I am hosting, its fun to sit and look at the crap accomplishable in this game, its a fun experience getting to this point, but as many who have seen this point, its a timesink. I will post next time about the different zones in this game, and some other funny monsters too! Have fun