08-06-2007, 12:03 PM
What would be the ideal level for when you are just about to enter Terra for the first time?


08-06-2007, 03:47 PM
Considering the game can be completed with a level one party, an ideal level doesn't really exist. Having said that, I'm usually around level 27-32 at this point of the game.

08-06-2007, 04:00 PM
LEVEL 99!! ;)

Just kidding. Rule of thumb -- if you're dying a lot, level up. If you're just scraping by, you're probably okay but could stand to level up. If you're killing every enemy within, like, two hits, you're proabaly overlevelled.

Yeah, between 25-35 for all your players is a good idea. Try not to ignore Quina or Eiko. ;)

Lil' Sain
08-07-2007, 12:20 AM
shit hahah i was round lvl 50

08-07-2007, 12:39 AM
Well i went in anyway (average level just over 40) and got killed by Necron.

08-07-2007, 07:12 AM
ooOOo i thot u were going to terra?? zidane should be atleast 55 also have steiner and vivi hopefully you have the last weapons? then a healer and you should be ok. ragnarok should rack up 9999 hit have some important abilites like auto regen/auto life/ haste/float those are good. fight dragons on top of the chocobo water world place with level 5 death u should level up quick

08-08-2007, 12:52 AM
By that point, I am usually around level 55-60. I level up a lot in the game to make it easier for myself, but level 50-55 should do the trick.

fastidious percolator
08-09-2007, 06:57 PM
LEVEL 99!! ;)

That, of course, would be ideal. sexpot

But I'd suggest AT LEAST level 30. :o 'Cause the very first time I entered Terra, well, all my characters were around lv.25, and I was having a harder time there than expected. :I So yes, minimum 30.

08-10-2007, 03:49 PM
I'm usually around 50-55.

08-12-2007, 06:37 PM
I have beaten him when I was on Lv 53

08-12-2007, 11:42 PM
To be truthful, you don't really need to be on levels higher than 40 to complete the game with.

the guy watching you
08-13-2007, 09:05 AM
if u have good weapons/armor and abilities,it doesnt matter what level you are.

08-14-2007, 12:07 PM
When I fought Necron the first time, Zidane was 50, everyone else was in the late 40s; second play-through, a little bit higher.

Going into Terra, I can't remember, I think I was in the early 40s.

08-15-2007, 09:43 PM

08-15-2007, 09:50 PM
1. If you can beat Ozma with lvl1, you can beat Necron too!!!!!