08-10-2007, 05:16 AM
Welcome to the Final Fantasy Classics section of the FFShrine boards. Generally there are no specific rules or regulations for this section that you wouldn't find in any other section here. A couple of key points:

- For the purposes of FFShrine, Final Fantasy "Classics" are considered to be Final Fantasy games 1-6. Final Fantasy IV is sometimes referred to as "FFII U.S." and Final Fantasy VI is sometimes referred to as "FFIII U.S.," either way, both are discussed in this section. Final Fantasy III and V were not originally released in the United States, but both are now available. Threads started for any other Final Fantasy game will be moved to the appropriate section (or simply closed if there's already a similar thread on the first page of that section or it's not a very good thread to begin with.) Also, if commenting on a "best of" type of thread (such as best classic character), please remember to limit your discussion to I-VI. Stating that "CLOUD ROCKS" and "SEPHIROTH RULZ" will generally get you laughed at.

- Final Fantasy Classics discussion isn't highly active currently. However, there's a large archive of threads, so if you have any questions, browsing through some of them or using the search couldn't hurt. If you have a gameplay question or comment, please feel free to start a new thread or respond to one posted on the first page of discussion. If in doubt, it's probably better to start a new thread then revive something from way back.

- Discussion of Tactics, Tactics Advance and Crystal Chronicles should be posted in General Final Fantasy

Notable threads:

- Favorite Final Fantasy Classic Character (Thread 26149) --- A discussion of favorite classic characters

- What Class Would You Be? (Thread 26469) --- Identify your "job type" or "class"

Official Final Fantasy VI Rumble (Thread 54548)-- --- A "rumble" game containing a competition of various facets of the sixth entry in the series. If anyone else is interested in starting a "rumble" for another classic entry in the series, in this section, please contact me, Agent0042, and I'd be happy to discuss it.

Generally, free to "revive" any of these threads if you'd like to post a response. However, if it's been a while since it's been posted in, you might want to note that the thread is linked on the forum charter. Also, if anyone knows of any threads that I've missed that they think should be included on this list, please PM me and I'd be happy to consider them.