08-14-2007, 05:58 PM
Hey everyone, lemme give a quick introduction. I'm Proph, I've played at high levels in a lot of competition in fps', and even WoW, but I'm getting pretty bored of hardcore gaming and I just want to take it easy for a bit and tone it down with a slower paced MMO. I had tried FFXI briefly a few years ago, liked it, but didn't have the time to continue, so now I'm taking it up again and bought a copy for one of my friends.

I'd like to know which server is most populated and which server most of you are on, as I know grouping is important in the game, so I'd like to make a few friends I can draw on. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. :)

08-16-2007, 09:27 AM
I'm not really sure which is the most populated server these days - with server selection and server migration beng introduced recently which is altering the population density of the game.

Really though, each server has their share of helpful players as well as idiots, so unless you have a friend already playing the game and choose their server, it's probably a good idea to just choose a server at random if you don't know which one to play on.

Incidentally, most FF Shrine memebrs who play FFXI are on the Cerberus server, so that could be another choice if you're unsure (I'm not on Cerberus though - I play on Midgardsormr ;) )