pagan pride
08-27-2007, 10:00 PM
i been all over and i played the crap out of this,so i can get the esper, i got so frustrated i just gave up,and set it down for a while since i beat the game,and did all the hunts,.i'm pretty sure i did the necklace quest,i did all the hunts,so i'm sure i got that 1,and i'm pretty sure i got the one in the gramsythe waterway,.i remember picking up the fragment after one of the hunts,.

but in any case,he says he needs the fragment from 'naubis' so i tore the necrohol apart,and the nebreius deadlands too,.(of course i did the hunt there a while back)

went to archades,otto's still missing,.he's not in the 'alley of muted sighs' like he should be,.i guess cause i haven't finished the part of the quest for the bird shit at 'ol dalan's house,..

and the waterway? gamefaq says to do the gate keys a certain way,.and when you do it,.it makes it to where you can't go any further than the entrance of each branch,..i'm gettin pissed with this one,.please help me someone,...........

pagan pride
08-28-2007, 01:26 AM
i officially hate these waterways,..

trying to get the esper cuchulain,...

i thought it might have made a difference closing the 'hidden' sluice 1 gate,..

nope,the mission,and esper don't wanna be found,..


08-29-2007, 08:16 PM

I think SOng's FAQ might have some good info?

pagan pride
08-31-2007, 03:37 AM
thank you,but this was the 1 i went off of for everything until my dillema,.i tried every other author as well,and they all say the same thing,.i'm not sure if since i'm at the final part of the game,that maybe i missed my chance,.but i also tried the combination with the 'hidden' sluce gate #1,.has anyone ran the mission and had complication? or has most people followed game faq's since the beginning scene? i only used it after i beat the game,and went through most of the map again,before i used it to see how much i missed,.

i'm at a real loss here,any other help would be appreciated


08-31-2007, 04:28 PM
My best advice is to download an online version of the Piggyback Walkthrough. You can get this from torrentz and you need download torrent software aswell. I use uTorrent. I used the real version and had no trouble fro this part so I assume that the on screen version will be just as helpful.

Dugu Wudi
08-31-2007, 07:57 PM
About Cuchulainn: Make sure you've defeated the Mark White Mousse and as a result received the Sluice Gate Key from the moogle Sorbet. When using it on those controls in the Central Waterway Control zone, be certain that the 2 sluices of No.3 and No.10 Water Controls are closed and the other two controls are opened. That way you can traverse freely around the No.3 Cloaca Spur whereby you'll locate the No.1 South Waterway Control which needs to be opened. Consult a detailed map showing the whereabouts of the No.1 South Waterway Control.

Once that's done, return to Central Waterway Control (the room with the 4 controls) and this time, open the sluices with the No.3 and No.10 Waterway Controls then close the sluices corresponding to the remaining two controls (No.4 and No.11). Enter No.4 Cloaca Spur, and open the No.1 North Waterway Control. Again a map would be helpful here.

Return to the Central Waterway Control zone, open the gates with No.11 Waterway Control, then close the gates using the No.3 Waterway Control. After all this is done, No.1 Cloaca should be drained of water, and the door to the Esper in that area should be opened. As a note, I find this whole draining of the water one of the most lamest aspect of the game particularly when simple steps flowing with water can just virtually obstruct a path. Erm, okay...