09-25-2007, 04:56 AM
I only have a very limited amount of time and money to spend on rpg's, so I have to be very careful in which rpg's I decide to play, and I also try to stay loyal to the teams I like best.

This fall I am beating:
Final Fantasy XII
Alundra 1
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

After I'm done with FF XI: RW I have time to beat some older rpg's that I haven't beaten yet. I did a lot of decision making and I decided to focus first on my favorite team, the main Final Fantasy team. I also decided that instead of beating some newer FF's which I haven't beaten yet, I would beat the very oldest ones which I haven't beaten yet, and would start from the beginning.

So after FF XII: RW I will beat
Final Fantasy I(PSP)
Final Fantasy II(PSP)
Final Fantasy III(DS)

I'm excited about this because I never beat those ones before. I decided to beat either the original Nes version or the best remake, the PSP version. I chose PSP since the Nes version is very old now.

I'm happy with this decision! How long is the game, with and without sidequests? :)

09-25-2007, 06:09 AM
Before you go out and buy a whole new system for just one game, it's probably worth noting that the PSP 'remakes' are exactly the same as the Dawn of Souls GBA remakes, just with higher resolution sprites with minor graphical changes and the opening FMV ripped from Origins that has nothing to do with anything but rather is just there to look pretty and can easily be found on YouTube. If you don't already own a PSP and do own a DS (as they can play GBA games) then there is virtually no reason to buy the PSP version, especially when the GBA version comes bundles with FFII as well and the PSP versions are packaged separately.

Trance Moogle
09-25-2007, 09:09 PM
I think he's right, if you have a DS you might want to get FF Dawn of Souls as it has both FF I and II but I personally didn't find two to be that great.

But to answer your question, I quickly started up the game to check and it says I finished the final boss in 19:30 but I have another memory that continues after the other which I did more stuff on and that is 29:56. But some of that time was leveling up because in that memory I got all my people to level 99 which doesn't take as much efforts as other FF's.

To tell you the truth I don't remember any sidequests, I'm not saying there are none but if there are there is probably very little.

09-25-2007, 11:50 PM
I forgot to mention that I'm also getting Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core for the PSP, so it'll be three games, plus more to come. I have interest in Jeanne D'Arc and there are more rpg's for PSP coming out later.

The DS has better rpg's than the PSP, I'm getting both. I'll get Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings this fall and Final Fantasy Tactics A2 next spring. :)

Hehe, the Psp is getting some great rpg's recently!
Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, Brave Story: New Traveler, Jeanne D'Arc, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. Can they keep releasing games that fit my preferences I wonder? :D

09-26-2007, 12:09 AM
Heck, get it, just for the sake of getting it. Another worthy addition to your Final Fantasy collection.

J. Peterman
09-26-2007, 01:19 PM
if u have some spare cash kfc has awesome buffalo snackers fyi

09-27-2007, 04:45 AM
Who has this game?

09-27-2007, 07:58 AM
dont think its out on the psp yet

09-27-2007, 08:12 PM
It came out in June in Usa :D

09-29-2007, 11:08 PM
I want Crisis Core, hopefully it'll be as good as the original game. The only game I have on the PSP right now is Madden 2006 and that's beyond boring right now.

10-01-2007, 08:12 PM
Crisis Core is made by a different team than the main FF team, who worked on X then X-2 then XIII. Crisis Core is the same team from FF VII: Before Crisis, FF Agito XIII and Kingdom Hearts: coded.

I'll be buying FF VII: Crisis Core but I give a higher personal preference to Lost Odyssey and Final Fantasy Tactics A2 in the spring.

For PSP rpg's, try also renting Brave Story: New Traveler and Jeanne D'Arc, along with FF 1 and FF 2 of course.

10-02-2007, 04:53 AM
Just hack the hell out of it, download a GameBoy Advance emulator and play Down of Souls!!!

Marshall Lee
10-02-2007, 06:23 AM
I have the FF Origins for the PS and have been quite impressed with its freshness and keeping true to the original FF for the NES. However, with all of the FF I, II, Bozo the Clown remakes that are being rapidly fired at us before we can complete all of the sidequests in FFXII, it's just like the whole FF7 spiel...but that's for a diff threa. Anyway I wouldn't get a psp for FF I & II and vice-versa, the only real differences are some newer monsters which they ripped from japanese FF3, and additional dungeons and bosses, and maybe some spells. I'm not knocking it, It's just not a purchase I would make.

I MAY just get FFT for the PSP...Balthier...hee-hee

10-02-2007, 07:12 PM
Interesting that the first six game are being made roughly three times before we'll get the remake of Final Fantasy VII.

First we had...
PS 1 - Final Fantasy Anthology - FF V, FF VI
PS 1 - Final Fantasy Chronicles - FF IV, Chrono Trigger
PS 1 - Final Fantasy Origins - FF I, FF II

Then they started over, on a handheld, which may suit these remakes better, and I don't think they were ready for a FF VII remake...
GBA - Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls - FF I, FF II
GBA - Final Fantasy IV
GBA - Final Fantasy V
GBA - Final Fantasy VI

Then they started another set of remakes, again, I don't think they felt ready to remake Final Fantasy VII yet. Also, FF III came out before the FF V and FF VI remakes on GBA...
DS - Final Fantasy III
PSP - Final Fantasy I
PSP - Final Fantasy II
DS - Final Fantasy IV(upcoming)
...I think they'll announce DS remakes for FF V and FF VI next year and then hopefully a FF VII remake will come out. Although my favorite game is FF VI.

You are getting Final Fantasy Tactics A2, so am I. Are you getting Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions(I've beaten the original already and not sure if I have time/money to beat this remake right now), or Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings(I'm buying this the day it comes out! :)

10-14-2007, 11:08 PM
anyone know when this will be out in the uk?

10-15-2007, 11:12 PM
I didn't find any info on a planned UK release date there. The game has been out for a long time in Japan and Usa. I am not sure if there are plans to release this game in the UK. Maybe you can import the USA version?

10-16-2007, 05:46 PM
thats a bit of a bummer, loved it on the GBA, just have to import it then

10-17-2007, 01:29 AM
This is my just my guess though. Research for more info on this. :D

Games to beat this fall: Eternal Sonata, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, Alundra 1

Games to beat early next year: Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III

Games to beat next spring: Lost Odyssey, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Final Fantasy Tactics A2

Paddybee, what games on my lists do you like? :D

My priority for games to beat is for my "Team 1"(Main Final Fantasy team) and "Team 2"(Yasumi Matsuno team[Includes only five games and the four remakes of four of the five games]. I should add to my list of games to beat next spring these ones: Final Fantasy IV(DS), Ogre Battle(PS 1), Tactics Ogre(PS 1), and Final Fantasy Tactics(PSP).

I think as far as old rpg's I want to beat early next year. Instead of playing all the Team 1 games and then all the Team 2 games I listed, I'll just switch off between them. Something like this...

Final Fantasy I(PSP)
Ogre Battle(PS 1)
Final Fantasy II(PSP)
Tactics Ogre(PS 1)
Final Fantasy III(DS)
Final Fantasy Tactics(PSP)
Final Fantasy IV(DS)

I'd have more time if I end up skipping Lost Odyssey, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, and Final Fantasy Tactics A2 next spring, but that's unlikely. Also, I've decided to save myself some hassle in another way. Some games are going to be rereleased within the next few years so instead of me beating the originals I'll just wait to beat the new ones. Prime examples of this are Final Fantasy V(DS), Chrono Trigger, and Vagrant Story. Not all of these are announced but they probably will be. This will give me time to beat some older rpg's I haven't beaten that aren't coming out soon as remakes. I'll also have time to beat the top new rpg's, like Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Here's the main teams I follow:
Team 1(Main Final Fantasy team, including Final Fantasy XIII)
Team 1.5a(Compilation of Final Fantasy VII titles, Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals, including Final Fantasy Agito XIII, possibly Kingdom Hearts: Coded)
Team 1.5b(Tetsuya Nomura's Kingdom Hearts games, including Final Fantasy Versus XIII, possibly Kingdom Hearts: Coded)
Team 2(Yasumi Matsuno team. Five games plus the four remakes)
Team 2.5a(Extra Ogre games not by Yasumi Matsuno, 3 titles)
Team 2.5b(Extra Ivalice games not by Yasumi Matsuno, 3 titles)
Team 3(Chrono/Xenogears team, 4 titles)
Team 3.5a(Final Fantasy XI and expansion packs)
Team 3.5b(Xenosaga 1-3)
Team 4(The Legend of Zelda team, including the Flagship developed titles)
Team 5(Mistwalker)
Team 6(Front Mission)

I don't necesarily play all games from all of the teams but I follow them and some of them are spinoffs of some of the main teams so I listed them, even though some aren't as important to me. Right now my priority is Team 1 and Team 2. I want to beat tons of these old rpg's before the three Final Fantasy XIII titles come out and dominate my life for months! :)

10-18-2007, 09:43 PM
I would like to recommend the original NES version if it is possible for you to attain it. The Dawn of Souls version and all others thereafter are far too easy; mages using the MP system instead of spells-per-day, buying items that can revive characters, ethers, and being able to save on the world map with no tent, cabin, or house are all new features that they added. I know these all seem like a given in a Final Fantasy game, but trust me, FFI is far too easy with all of these "upgrades," and they destroy the archaic character of the game, which provides a great deal of enjoyment in the first place.

10-18-2007, 10:03 PM
Ok, I'll take this into consideration. Gargh! I'm always looking forward too much to the future. I'm currently playing Eternal Sonata and almost finished with it but my thoughts are focused on future games I will play: Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, Final Fantasy Tactics(PSP), and Final Fantasy XIII.

I don't think I'll be completely happy until the day that Final Fantasy XIII comes out, I'm excited! :)

Also, have you played the new versions of FF II and FF III? What do you think of the upcoming version of FF IV coming out? It'll probably be out in the first three months of 2008 in Usa. Eventually they'll announce DS remakes for FF V and FF VI I think. Maybe a FF VII remake can be a few years down the line. I'm not sure if the remake would be for DS or PS 3 or maybe both? :D

10-18-2007, 10:05 PM
buy the ps gamessss

Dr Kain
10-22-2007, 05:48 AM
The PSP versions are way worth it. I picked them up, which was the first time I had ever played these games, and they were very enjoyable.

10-23-2007, 08:00 PM
i would have buyed the psp games. i played ff1 for myself and it's realy cool

11-14-2007, 01:13 AM
I've just beaten both I & II(after all the time was spent playing them)on PSP and I've really enjoyed them, considering it's my first time playing the series.

11-14-2007, 04:56 PM
Main Teams to follow - Castlvania(DS&PSP), Suikoden(PSP), Zelda(DS), Breath of Fire(PSP), then Final Fantasy(DS&PSP).

11-15-2007, 06:10 AM
I'm trying to cut back on rpg's to play. They consume time, effort, and money for me. I'm really cutting back. For the period of Fall 2006 to Fall 2008 there are four new rpg's out that I have to buy, everything else is extra. Ideally I'd buy all four of these games at midnite the day they come out. Here they are:

Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
Final Fantasy Tactics A2
Final Fantasy XIII

I'm also definetely getting Starcraft 2, a real time strategy game for the pc, the day it comes out, at midnight. I'm not sure if it will be out in time for Fall 2008 though. Also, there is one older rpg that I HAVE to beat. It's Alundra 1, a 1998 Playstation 1 action rpg. It's like Zelda 3, but with extremely hard puzzles. It's basically very similar to the Genesis action rpg Landstalker. It's developed by Matrix and published in Usa by Working Designs. So I just listed the six games that I HAVE to beat in the period from Fall 2006 to Fall 2008. Fall 2006(late November) is the time when I returned to console rpg gaming. Here's my list...

Final Fantasy XII
Alundra 1
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
Final Fantasy Tactics A2
Final Fantasy XIII
Starcraft 2

Also, I'm trying to prioritize the "extra" games I beat besides this. This means I will play mainly only rpg's from my top two rpg teams: the MAIN Final Fantasy team and the Ogre/Ivalice rpg's(like Ogre Battle and FF Tactics). I should also add that I think I'll focus more on Ogre/Ivalice than on the main FF team(I had planned to beat the new remakes of FF 1-4). Besides this, I decided to focus on the Ivalice section more than the Ogre world section.

Bottom line is that after the top six games I listed for me to beat, the next games I could beat also may be: Final Fantasy Tactics(PSP), Vagrant Story, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I really like the Ivalice world now! What do you think of this? :)

12-03-2007, 06:07 AM
Get a PSP because for some reason decent games are just starting to come out for it. I don't know if it's even worth buying the re-re-re-re(?)released FF1 & FF2 games. They should've bundled them together.

But yes, definitely play FFT on the PSP (the script rewrite is superb) because it's orgasmic to your face.

12-06-2007, 05:33 AM
FF Tactics: The War of The Lions is awesome on the psp, love the new cutscenes. You should definately get it. Only problem I had was it takes way too long for everyones spelkls to be cast etc., which can get a bit boring.

I had Final Fantasy Tactics for the GBA emulator and so could [basicly] fast forward the spells, or enemy's moves that were taking tooo long. That was awesome.

12-06-2007, 07:29 PM
the only that suck about it is the onion knight class

01-30-2008, 09:31 AM
if im u, i will go for nintendo ds, got remake for ff3 and ff4, cant wait to play ff4 remake.. ff1 and 2 is not much different with gba/psone version.. if im not mistaken

04-15-2015, 10:18 AM
Actually, I really enjoy the PSP Final Fantasy I (not so much II due to the annoying "leveling system"). As a matter of fact, there are sidequests in Final Fantasy I PSP. Also, for the PSP version, there is an exclusive dungeon: The Labyrinth of Time which has 30 floors (you only do about 8-12 at a time) each floor being a different puzzle that you have to solve. Before entering each floor, however, you have to sacrifice a number of abilities to give you time to solve the puzzles. The more abilities you sacrifice, the longer you have to solve the puzzles but you are more limited on battle actions. If you manage to complete the puzzle with some time remaining, then you will unlock the blue seal for that puzzle and you can move onto the next floor. (Also, if you manage to defeat Chronodia you can replay those floors at the Time Chamber accessible at the menu screen). If you don't complete the puzzle before the time runs out, a miasma will appear sapping 1 or more of your HP and MP every second and increases the chance of you encountering a random battle. You still have to complete the puzzle and when you do, you will unlock the red seal for that puzzle. For puzzles that you get a red seal on, you will not be able to access from the main menu. Finally, the strength the super-boss at the end: Chronodia, is determined by the number of blue and red seals you get throughout the dungeon. (If you get all blue seals Chronodia will be strongest and if you get all red seals Chronodia will be very weak) I have only completed the dungeon twice and have battled the strongest version of Chronodia twice. (I forgot to mention that Chronodia gives one gil and one exp. after each battle with a very rare nice equipment drop) I know that the strongest version drops a Barbarian's Sword, the strongest sword in the game.
Some things you should know before entering the Labyrinth of Time:
-you can't save when you are in the dungeon!!!!
-bring 99 potions, Hi-potions, and Ethers if you want an easy way to heal yourself from enemy attacks and the miasma
-if you want to level up, this is a good place to do it but don't attempt the dungeon if you are under level 60. you WILL die
-occasionally, the cloaked man will appear and give you a nice gift like extra time, or no encounters on the entire level, or the choice to leave the dungeon etc.
-also occasionally, you will enter an extra room called the Inner Sanctum, here you can heal yourself completely, leave the dungeon and/or continue to the next floor.
-bring equipment that can cast magic when used (judgement staff-flare, rune staff-healara, lightbringer-holy, white robe-invisira, are all very helpful)
-there are only four ways to leave the dungeon once you enter
-if the cloaked figure gives you the option
-if you encounter the Inner Sanctum
-if you defeat Chronodia
-if you die.
Hopefully, you won't have to rely on the last option.
By the way, Chronodia is the hardest boss in the entire game for three reasons:
-her attacks are very powerful
-her HP surpasses the HP limit of 35,000 (her strongest version has 45,000 HP)
-she will seal one of your abilities every 3 or 4 turns (this lasts for 3-4 turns)

I'll let you in on a nice secret that makes the battle a little easier:
for the first few turns, cast invisira on the entire party as much as you can. This raises the party's evasion and soon, the only things Chronodia will be able to hit you with are weak magic spells and seal. (oh and her poison gas and thunderbolt spells) I like to use giant's gloves, haste, and temper on my warrior and red mage while I am raising evasion so that I can be ready to unleash a powerful barrage of physical attacks when my white and black mages are done raising the party's evasion.

There are also four other sidequests that are known as the Soul of Chaos. After you beat each elemental archfiend, a dungeon corresponding to each archfiend opens. I don't really remember where they are but after you beat an archfiend a cutscene occurs of a statue of the archfiend disappearing in front of a door. that is where the dungeons are located. I remember the Earth Shrine one is really close to Cornelia Castle.

It just occurred to me that people probably already know this, sorry for that.
Hope it helped somebody. :)

06-18-2015, 12:21 PM
I always prefer FF2 to FF1. Just preference. Everything is done a bit better.