10-02-2007, 09:37 AM
Hey there! I'm new to these forums and I'd like to ask a few questions in regards to payment. I'm from Australia, and I purchased the European "Starter Pack" version of the game, which comes without the expansion registration keys. I am thinking of purchasing "Rise of the Zilart", which is listed as 9.99EURO.. Is there any way to make payment in US Dollars instead? It would be much cheaper due to the exchange rate. Thanks for the help!

10-02-2007, 12:22 PM
You can buy any expansion online, so that means you can find the cheapest price. That doesnt meant that the price is cheap though.
I don't know about the payment of the Australians but in Europe I paid 13 euros a month, and in the U.S. i think they demand 13$ (which is less than 13e damn)
well that's all i had to offer.

10-03-2007, 06:59 AM
I know some Australian game shops like EB Games or Gametraders may have copies of the third expansion pack Treasures of Aht Urhgan still available for purchase, but other than that, your best bet is to purchase the 3 expansions direct from the store on the PlayOnline website (as far as I was aware, Rise fo the Zilart previously wasn't available seperately outside Japan, so I presume it's been released specifically for the 'Starter' version).

As far as monthly payment is concerned, I've been playing FFXI for nearly 3 years now so I still pay in US dollars, the monthly fees adding up to about $16.95 US a month total ($12.95 USD monthly subscription, plus two extra characters for a $1 USD a month Tetra Master subscription), which usually equates to around $18-20 AUD a month, depending on the current exchange rate.

From what I understand though, new players who have the European version of the game now cannot select US dollars for payment and can only pay in Euro dollars or British pounds, depending on whether they live in the UK or other PAL territories (when I first registered with PlayOnline back in 2005 US dollars was the only payment type avaliable).

Incidentally, I have a friend who has the X-box 360 version of FFXI and can only pay in Euros - there was no option to select US dollars when he registered. So I guess SE has restricted being able to select a certain currency for payment depending on what region your copy of the game is from.

10-04-2007, 06:20 AM
Thanks for the reply Enkidoh, appreciate it.. Looks like i'll be forced to pay that extra 6 AUD or so.. No loss though, it's a great game! About a month playing and I already see myself sticking to it for at least another 5 or so.

11-02-2007, 06:15 AM
erm correct me if i'm wrong but the monthly price is no different to any other country so if it was 13american dollar it would be the equivalent in australian dollars