10-25-2007, 05:34 AM
*possible spoiler*

Crisis core conflicts with Final fantasy 7 , in relation to Zack�s death.

In the beginning of Final Fantasy 7 , Zack Fair first appears after your first encounter with Aries .
Once your escorting her home you arrive in her slum town, whereby you meet a sick man inside an old engine in need of medicine, who is actually Zack, as he is the same character you see in all the flash backs , also when you arrive back throughout the game when possible , its evident he has left for the reunion , as another NPC mentions that he leaves.
He also has a Number 2 tattoo, if you ever followed the game that closely ^_^

If you compare it with CC everything adds up(the final show down , the dramatic fight , the location , Cloud and Zack)��apart from� he actually dies?

I have been speaking with my friends at work, and we all agree something is wrong?

Has anyone else noticed this?

We can�t stop thinking/talking about it , did SquareEnix make a mistake???

Or are we just making our own story up ??