11-01-2007, 01:24 PM
It's been a few years since I played. I hardly remember a thing.

Ok a few things I do remember though.

First card battles: Get the mog card from beating that kid back in Balamb garden, either he or the card queen should be your first fight. Best to have the Ifrit card also before your first fight, I imagine it would be VERY hard to start winning without the Ifrit card.

Card queen:
The secret is that Card queen lady, defeat her when she uses differ and all rules. Save it after each time. What you REALLY want is for all the population to start using either differ or all, preferably all! And you certainly don't want that crappy other rule to catch on to the people, whatever it's called. ^^

High quality cards: I remember that with quezacotls ability that turns the monsters into cards you can get some good cards from carding certain monsters that are very low on health and with a bit of luck. EG. I'm pretty sure that the catterpillar monster can turn into the wedge and biggs card. And "bomb" the monster can also transform into a decent card. By knowing about these you can get some good cards to help you start winning card battles. I would suggest searching for a guide.

Now my friends go and get lots of magics and such. :)

T-rex: I usually spend a long time training on the T-rex before going on the train. Using death magic and status attack, obviously. Also VERY VERY VERY VERY important is the stat bonus abilities of some GF's. MOST MOST MOST important is strength bonus on zell. Personally I also put magic bonus on selphie because I love her and always use her throughout the game. *g*

Also Diablo, get him asap, he's the single-most fun to kill guy in the game. The only real challenge. He has some very lovable skills aswell, I really like the no-encounter one, cuz normal battles are pretty lame alot of the time.

That's about it. ^^

Let me explain something though.

Why Zell rules: The secret is the XO -updown combo... you only keep repeating those 2 simple moves! (or was it OX... I can't remember ^^) I think the fastest I did it was 4 microseconds, with 7-12 microseconds being quite normal, again my memory isn't good so I may be wrong, I think that's about right though, I was extremely fast. *g*
So if zell does 8000 each hit then thats 70k-90k damage a second of his limit, which is usually about 6 seconds long. 80k x 6 = 480k damage. But the max is 12 seconds so if your lucky... 1 million damage. Is Irvine capable of this kind of damage?

Why Selphie is second best: Because of how awesome zell is and how pointless Irvine and all the other people's limits become. :)
Also fullcure is pretty good, VERY good against omega weapon, admittedly not so great for the rest of the game. But even still I would sooner have her than Squall or anyone else (except zell) in my party, purely because of her limit.
Another good reason is you get her early on and you can train with her and zell on t-rex's. :)

The Islands close to heaven and to hell make very good training places and the magic you draw on the map is real good. :)

Ok, thats basically all I can think of. :(
I think I had some slightly lame sort of tip regarding killing something up around cold snowy area in the game ( I think the point of it was to get the item called Adamantite )... honestly I don't know why I have that in my mind... but around the time of getting Odin, next time I play FF8, whenever that will be, I'm going to go back to that snowy place and kill s**t. :)

I'm sure there is more lol, but honestly not even the notion of more tips and advice really springs to mind.
But for any first time players: DO NOT MISS OUT ON ANY GF'S!!! please! for YOUR own sake, not mine! use a guide if you have to,... but not mine, obviously. *g*

Oh one more thing. There is a cheat you can do with Carbunkle... I think it involves buying tents and using some magic conversions on the tents and then selling them for more cash. For best money gains you need Doomtrain and some of his awesome abilities. *g*
I remember doing this alot and using the money to buy those stat upping things, that cost alot in esther. I never got all the stat ups I wanted (they're very expensive!) but I think it did help quite nicely. :D

Umm... no comments, is it bad?
Spelling looks good, paragraphing looks good. Ok, I admit obviously my memory is lame and I wrote it pretty quick but it is as I intended, it does stay true to the topic title and covers all of what I consider important...

The *g* thing is Deustch (German) lol, sorry. :D
But don't hate on my topic because of a little foreign culture ignorance on your part. :(

11-08-2007, 11:56 PM
Unsure as to why you would post this here. Try re-playing the game, then write a full guide and maybe even post it on GameFaqs. Otherwise, not bad!

11-09-2007, 12:06 AM
ok so i know two people to battle with cards and what people to use in battle and why and to NOT MISS OUT ANY GFS!!!!1111

roger that ill remind myself when i go back in my TARDIS and buy it

11-09-2007, 08:12 AM
Guides are supposed to do exactly that. This sounds awfully like you're guessing and just suggesting a lot of things.

The *g* thing is Deustch (German) lol, sorry. :D
But don't hate on my topic because of a little foreign culture ignorance on your part. :(

lol, so the fault lies in everyone else but you.

11-11-2007, 07:41 AM
But don't hate on my topic because of a little foreign culture ignorance on your part. :(

I don't hate your topic because of a little foreign culture ignorance on my part.

I hate it because the only people who can understand it have already beaten it, and therefore know all of your "tips". And by the way, it's been 8 years since FFVIII came out, and I don't think there will be many new first-time gamers desiring a new guide for it on this forum. And what does *g* mean?

It's been a few years since I played. I hardly remember a thing.

Why are you writing a "guide" again?