11-11-2007, 02:03 AM
first off, how often do the entite triggers happen, and how often does it rain in the giza plains? Someone please specify in hours, minutes, and seconds.

11-11-2007, 06:31 AM
I really doubt you'll get any specifics...but I hunted that stupid entite in the giza plains only when it rained for a long time, and it never showed up for me.

11-11-2007, 07:00 AM
The seasons change roughly every two hours. There's someone standing near the exit to the Giza Plains in the Rabanastre South Gate who you can use as an indicator as to when the season will change next.

11-11-2007, 07:03 AM
I wish someone would clear up this weather nonsense once and for all. It changes every hour for me, and it seems like it does it in a different manner for everyone else.

Strange indeed.

Neo Xzhan
11-12-2007, 12:16 AM
Here is a rundown about the Giza Plains and the Seeq refered to as "Weather Eye":

"It's only just become the Dry... Should still be some time before the Rains come again."

Game time: 100 - 120 minutes wait.

"It's the middle of the Dry... Shouldn't be too much longer till the Rains come."

Game time: 12 - 100 minutes wait.

"The Dry has almost run it's course... The Rains can't be far off now."

Game time: 1 - 11 minutes wait.

"It's only just become the Rains... Should still be some time before the Dry comes again."

Game time: 50 - 60 minutes wait.

"It's the middle of the Rains... Shouldn't be too much longer till the Dry comes."

Game time: 12 - 50 minutes wait.

"The Rains have almost run their course... The Dry can't be far off, now."

Game time: 1 - 11 minutes wait.

Important fact, the seasons change according to the GAME CLOCK. So saving your game and picking up on it one hour later does nothing in terms for the Dry/Rains.

Now, about the Entites.

A few Entites only appear during certain weather conditions. This could be a sand storm, a blizzard or rain. To change the weather to that particulair condition for the area you are in, you have to actually leave that area (not the two screens away thing, but for example leave the Ozmone Plane, enter Jahara, re enter the Ozmone Plane, repeat till you have a sandstorm).

Some Entites, next to weather, have a percentage chance of appearing. If they don't apear, move two screens away and then come back again.

If you'd like to, I can make you a list with all the Entites, their location and condition of appearance.

Hope this is of help.

11-12-2007, 12:29 AM
Hmm. Well that is nice and explicit. I wonder if it only seems like an hour to me because I've only ever happened to query him in that particular window of time. That is most likely the case.

Well, whatever, I've gotten everything I need from Giza Plains, at any rate :)

11-12-2007, 05:16 AM
Hey Neo,

ever since I killed the Earth Tyrant, I never see a sandstorm in the Westersand anymore...I want to kill Gnoma Entite, but since I killed that tyrant, I dont get sandstorms, and I fear I never will...I'm trying to get a Gnoma Halcyon for Ultima Blade. *sigh* Any suggestions?

Neo Xzhan
11-12-2007, 12:20 PM
Well he can be found in the Westersand. The only thing you can do is, leave Rabanastre, re-enter and leave again till you get a Sandstorm. I am not sure about the numbers, but I think everytime you leave the city there's a chance of 1/16 or 36 (not too sure) that there is a Sandstorm.

Just keep trying till you get that Sandstorm.

11-12-2007, 03:58 PM
Iirc, we had a lengthy discussion about that, and it appeared to come more easily if you entered from Giza while it was raining.



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