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Based on FFTA. 28 chapters completed and it's still not done. I'll be posting it at when it's finished, but for now I thought you Final Fantasy fans would enjoy something like this. Feel free to criticize as well as compliment; I want your honest opinions. =D (Also, this is just a draft, so the final version when I post it at the other site may be altered slightly.)

Here goes. The story "Moogle Comfort", a FFTA fanfic by Schwa.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Chapter 1


That's the sound of a Moogle; a young, happy Moogle lass, clad in a tunic-- white around the upper torso, violet everywhere else, hurrying home for dinner across the paved, slightly crowded streets of Baguba after an eventful day. The paths she took on the way home were routine... across the bridge, turn the corner, up the stairs, past the airport, another corner... The trip home each evening was 9 minutes, 23 seconds on the mark. She had counted, so she knew.

Today was no different. Her mom was waiting for her at the door, knowing what time she would arrive, as was the case every day for many many months in a row. She jumped into her arms and they shared a firm, furry Moogle embrace.

"Hello Mother! Kupo! What's for dinner?"

"How does dumplings sound?"

"Sounds good, kupo!"

"Good, 'cause that's what I made, kupo."

They talked as they ate. The bond the Moogle girl shared with her parents shone like the sun. The girl was well-loved throughout her neighboorhood and had no enemies in said neighborhood. Being around her would make your day bright, no matter what race, Job class or status in society you were.

"So Molly, what went on today with the guys?"

"Kupo! We were on a patrol mission today on the borders of Baguba, got in a kupo battle with some Bangaa who thought they owned the place, kupo."

Mom frowned. "How'd that go?"

She told her mom about the battle as descriptively as possible-- how she attacked the Ice Shield-weilding Warrior in the back with Thunder, how she dodged the enemy Dragoon's Bangaa Cry, how Elliot, her fellow clansman, protected her with Astra for when an enemy cast Break on her... Mom swore she felt her fur go grey when Molly described that part. But here Molly was, safe and sound like every day before that... Thanks to the Judges, should Molly ever be defeated in an engagement, she would be safe and sound right after the battle was over.

Molly felt right at home in the clan, and Mom was happy for her. It had originally been Dad's idea for her to join one, as he wasn't home that often (being the travelling merchant that he was, it was often normal for him to be gone for days or even months at a time) and they both felt she needed some social time with people besides the Moogle children in her neighborhood. His first idea was for her to go with him on his merchant expeditions all over Ivalice, but they agreed that was a far more dangerous option, especially since the dad's merchant trips sometimes involved the dreaded Jagds and they weren't about to put her life in jeopardy like that. She was only 10.

Which, also posing initial concern to Mom, made her by far the youngest member of the clan she was in; the second youngest was a Viera girl of 19, April the Sniper, and that was 19 in Viera years. Nonetheless, the rest of the clan, all members included, loved her very much as a fellow clansman, her with her bright and chipper attitude towards life, and made sure to include her in as many activities as they could. Most of their work was done around Baguba anyway, with their leader being a Moogle as well, so that wasn't much of a problem.

"Oh yeah! Guess what else happened today, kupo?"


"Guess, I said! Kupo!"

"Oh, um... Kupo, I don't know. You found a boyfriend?"

"Kupooooo! No way Mom! What the heck!"

She laughed heartily. "Well, you said guess... I was joking anyway, kupo. What happened?"

"Yinns told me I would make a good Time Mage!"

"Oh my! ...And are you thinking of trying that out?"

"Kupo, I'm not sure. He... He said to become one I would have to learn two spells besides the three I already know, kupo... But to do that he said I would need to switch to a new weapon..."

"Yes, hun, all skills are learned through the help of items..."

"It's just... I LIKE this Rod. I've had it for years... Ever since I joined the clan, kupo. I don't want to give it up..."

"Aww..." They were on the couch, sitting side by side. Mom laid a hand on Molly's furry Moogle head. "Molly, sweetie, you don't have to give up your Rod, kupo... You can keep your old Rod in your room, can't you? We can even bronze it for you if you'd like, kupo. Strange as it sounds."

"I... guess so, kupo..." Molly looked down at the ground, lost in thought.

"This is a natural reaction that everyone has the first time they have to consider changing weapons, kupo. You don't have to become a Time Mage either, you know... If you're so against giving up your Rod..."

Molly looked at Mom. "I want to, though. Yinns has always believed in me and my skill, kupo... He's always urged me to improve and strive to be as strong as I can be." She was silent for a while... Neither Moogle said anything. Then she asked, "What were you like when you were in a clan, Mom?"

"Oh, honey... I... I was never in a clan. Instead I married, settled down and had you. Kupo."

"...Oh... Kupo, wouldn't it have been possible to do both?"

"Well, I suppose... Wait, you're not asking me to join the clan or anything, are you?"

"Kupo! No no, nothing like that... Though now that you mention it..."

Mom smiled. "Kupo... I can't commit to something like that, my girl... With your father gone from the house so much of the time, someone needs to stay and look after the house." Pause. "Molly, you've grown to be so mature since you joined Yinns's clan... Kupo. You know I'd support you in any descision you'd make. I think if you wanted to, and were driven, you would make a wonderful Time Mage. If that's your choice, we'll even pay for a new Rod for you."

"Kupopo! Really!?"

"Of course, sweetie. You're part of a wonderful clan with great people and great ambitions, kupo, and it would be my dream come true to see you become such an important part of a clan like that."

They hugged again. "Thank you Mom! Kupopo! Thank you!"

That night, before bed, Molly took out her trusty Rod, kissed it, and laid it on a special cloth covering an unoccupied shelf in her room. She laid in bed, feeling as if she were giving up a part of herself by making this choice, but as she fell asleep that night she decided it were more like a metamorphosis than a sacrifice.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The real action starts at about Chapter 8, btw... I'll post more chapters if you think this is any good. Peace. ^_^

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that was awesome
write the next one on mushrooms

12-01-2007, 11:56 AM
that was awesome
write the next one on mushrooms

Eesh. Thanks for the compliment, but I find your second comment distasteful... Besides, I already have around 29 chapters written. And I've never done drugs.

I'll post Chapter Two later. I want to see if anyone else will leave a comment. ^_^

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Well, nobody seems to be interested in this story but one guy... I'll post Chapter Two now, and if I get no replies this time you'll just have to wait until I post it at Here ya go.
Chapter 2

It was three days later, morning, and the members of Clan Indigo, minus one Molly, resided in a treehouse on the edge of an oceanside cliff 3 minutes from Baguba's borders. It was no ordinary treehouse, however-- it had been reinforced with the touch of a war-veteran Gadgeteer and inventor, Yinns, leader of Clan Indigo widely known as the "Blue Rocket" for his ace piloting skills during three deciding aerial battles over Baguba in the past. The treehouse had a voice-activated opening door, so only clan members could enter by themselves, and the tree itself was hollowed out and had cannons built into it in case Clan Indigo needed to fight a battle close-quarters.

Inside the Indigo HQ resided five old friends. Yinns the Moogle occupied the corner of the room, clad in his blue overcoat with all those pockets, doing arobics-- something he often did in the mornings, even with the heavy coat. (When he took OFF the coat to exorcise, he meant business.) Elliot was reclining in one of those armchairs that leaned back when you pulled the lever, eyes closed, apparently doing nothing, however he kept his Snake Staff held in both scaly hands, laid across his body diagonally. He never let that staff out of his sight.

The round, wooden table was occupied by a maroon-clad Viera, a Bangaa with thick, silver armor, and a Nu Mou in typical Black Mage attire (the pointed, straw hat was typical while the robes were a thick, very dark grey). The Nu Mou had no expression on his face whatsoever, while the Bangaa and Viera were chattin' it up like there was no tomorrow. All three held two playing cards in their hands and were careful not to show each-other, as well as a stack of Gil by each of them.

"I can read you like a book, Theodore!" the Bangaa exclaimed. "You have a 5 and an 8, off-ssuit. Admit I'm right!"

No response.

"Fine, I'll play your game. Raisse 400 Gil!"

In a very serious tone, the Nu Mou spoke. "Raise 2000 Gil."

The Viera burst out laughing. "Haha! Alastor, when will you learn? This is the third time he's played you like this! ...I fold."

"URGH! April, I don't need your commentss, they're disstracting! ...Fine, Theodore, raise 4000 Gil."

"You're tilting." Again, serious as ever.

"Quiet you! No I'm not!"

"All in."

"All in it iss!"

Both laid their cards down, and Theodore revealed his Pocket Queens. April burst out laughing again.

The Bangaa on the armchair opened one eye. "Pipe down back there, you three. I'm trying to clear my mind of thoughtss."

April tried to regain herself... "Sorry, it's so hard to keep calm with Alastor's amazing read-you-like-a-book abilities in play..."

Yinns spoke up, still exercising. By now he was in the Jumping Jacks stage and hadn't even broken a sweat. "Kupo, not again... Theodore pulled out pockets on you, Alastor?"

"Yess... Againsst my Jack 10 ssuited diamondss... Well, April, you're the dealer, let'ss ssee ssome dealing!"

"Oh, right." April revealed the first three cards, also known as the Flop. Queen, 10, Queen. Theodore had flopped a 4-of-a-kind.

Amazingly, Theodore was still as expressionless as ever. He spoke two words. "I win."

April. "Wow... Just wow..."

Alastor. "You musst be joking... Nobody'ss that good..."

Back to Theodore. "It's just luck, Alastor. I don't often bet pre-flop like that but I could not bear to leave alone a comment like you made."

The Bishop on the couch spoke up again. "Bessidess, gambling is a ssin, as we all know..."

"Pleasse... NOT now, Elliot..." Alastor slumped back down into the chair, as he had stood up in disbelief when he saw the inhuman flop... "Well, I guesss I'm out of Gil for now... Yinnsss, have any ideass what kind of work we'll be doing today? Your melee sspecialisst needss cash..."

Just then, the door slid open, and in walked Molly. Everyone except Elliot turned in her direction to greet her.

"Kupo! Welcome, Molly!"

"Greetingss, Molly."

"Good morning, Molly."

She smiled broadly at all of them. "Kupo! Hi everyone! Guess what I got!!" Quick as a flash, she drew a shimmering vermillion rod from her belt, twirled it expertly in front of her and planted it firmly in the floor like a quarterstaff. It was tipped with a glowing, yellow gem and seemed to fill the room with an energetic feeling.

"Oh WOW!" the members of Clan Indigo expressed in their various ways. Even Elliot sat up to stare at the rod and smile.

But of all of them, it was Yinns that was the most pleased.

"Kupoooooooo!! So you're going to aim for becoming a Time Mage after all?" he quizzically exclaimed, grinning and excited. Molly nodded.

As the others resumed what they were doing, Theodore put his Gil from the Poker game away in a bag and slowly walked over to Molly to see her new Rod, as his vision was not that good. For once he actually smiled. "You like your new weapon, I see. I remember what it was like for me getting my second weapon... Such an exciting day in a young Mage's life."

"Kupo... Did you miss your first weapon?"

"I was actually glad to be rid of it."

Molly gasped. "Goodness, kupo! Not me... I have my old Rod saved in a special spot and I'm gonna save it for ever and ever!"

The wise, mysterious Nu Mou smiled again. Molly was the kind of girl that could make anyone feel happy and warm on the inside. She was so innocent, so pure... Yet in battle she was focused and could rain hell's wrath in the forms of Fire, Ice and Lightning.

"Curious is all, but why would you save a weapon you don't bother using?" Theodore asked the chipper Moogle.

"Because I have no wish or desire to part with my dearest memories," she said with a smile.

"Ah yes. After all it was Yinns who gave you that Rod as a present for joining the clan..."

At that moment, Yinns, who had finished his exercises, approached from behind Theodore to get their attention. "Hey, kupo... We were just discussing what we should do today. Care to join us?"

"Okay!" she immediately exclaimed. Theodore gave a chuckle and took a seat nearby to listen to the group conversation.

Yinns began to speak. "Kupo. First off, kudos to Molly for gaining her second ever weapon, after over ten months..."

Molly beamed.

"I had talked with her a few days ago about her becoming a Time Mage, kupo. I think the clan could use one, and though Theodore long qualifies for that position we all know and respect his position on the subject..."

There was no expression on Theodore's face. As usual.

"That said, as Day One of Huntmoon is coming up again, I think we should spend all of Huntmoon training for new abilities we have yet to learn, kupo." Pause. "Some of us know all the generic skills of our jobs... Elliot knows all the Bishop abilities and Theodore knows all the Black Magic spells out there, kupo, and I know all the Pandora Attacks... For those of us in that position, we could either switch jobs for a while and master a second class..."

"NEVER!!" cried Elliot enthusiastically.

"OR, let me finish... OR, engineer some of our own abilities."

There was a slight murmur from the members of Clan Indigo.

"Iss that even posssible?" wondered Alastor.

"Kupo. I'm a Gadgeteer. Anything's possible."


"Hey, it's been done before in the past, kupo! A little faith would be nice, yes?"

Elliot spoke up next. "Yess, but the Gadgeteer iss more verssatile in termss of free sstyle tech engineering than other jobss."

"Not as versatile as the Black Mage..." Theodore added quietly, chuckling. Molly overheard him and giggled, and the two mages shared a mischievous glance.

"Face it, Yinnss, we need more clan memberss. That'ss our only chance of improving our verssatality."

"Well, I... kupo..."

"But you're the fearlesss leader, not I."

"No, kupo, we're all in this together. But I really think we should make our own Techs too..."

"To do that, we'd need to make our own weapons," April offered, "which in turn would require special materials."

Molly spoke. "Kupo... If you need materials, you'd have to travel to other regions of Ivalice, wouldn't you?"

Yinns slowly nodded, getting lost in thought over the possibilities of new weapons.

"Or," Theodore added, "we could simply post a pub request asking for someone to deliver them..."

"Kupo. Remember what happened last time we did that?"

Everyone shuddered. That wasn't a pretty memory... The delivery had arrived 10 days late and only half of the materials had made it at all because bandits had attacked the caravan on its way to Baguba. When the troupe still demanded full payment and Clan Indigo had refused to give it to them, a battle ensued and ended with Yinns in the Baguba hospital and the others with severe wounds. It was one of the only times Molly's mother really freaked out about her clan goings-on.

"Yes, but do you really think we should leave out Molly?"

All eyes turned to Molly.

"Oh, kupo..." she said shyly... "You... You don't have to worry about me, guys."

"Are you sure?" Yinns asked with uncertainty.

"I'm positive, kupo. First off I've been really into the clan stuff as of late, and could use some time off... Second, I can take this time to train my kupo spell Thundara, as you suggested, and thirdly if I get desperate I can always work as a mercenary for another clan until you get back."

"Well, kupo..."

"It really is alright. I can't go with you, kupo. Mother would have a fit." She laughed.

Everyone else smiled... What a selfless little girl she was. "Well, in that case, kupo," Yinns said, "I guess we can head on out. Get your stuff guys, kupo."
End of Chapter Two. Comments, critiques, etc. welcome.

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somehow i find it hard to beleive you have never taken drugs...

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Is every thread you've posted in a revival?

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quite possibly im uninterested in trivial things such as date and time

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All you need to know is that all the pages past page 1 are a big NO NO, unless the forum is very active, like GD.

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