12-01-2007, 11:06 AM

For nostalgia's sake and because I am a perfectionist, I've been trying to compile a complete transcript of every possible bit of dialog in FFX. I know, there's so-called "complete" scripts out there, but even the best ones are missing key scenes like O'aka's conversation about his sister the summoner, plus a lot of NPC dialog. Shotgunnova's frustrates me by labelling all the NPCs as "man" or "woman" so you can't track specific individuals. (A surprising number of NPCs have continuity, personality, even story arcs).

Annnyway. I'm almost done, but 3 details are defeating me.

1) If you tell Clasko to become a chocobo breeder, you'll find him post-Zanarkand on the S.S. Winno playing with birdies. If you tell him to stay a knight, where's the alternate cutscene take place? I can't find the poor clod!

2) I last saw Elma and Lucil in Macalania Forest promising to attend Yuna's wedding. But they end the game on Besaid. Has anyone discovered a post-Zanarkand scene with them? There's scenes for Luzzu, Gatta, Shelinda, Isaaru (or at least his brothers), Maechen, O'aka, and Dona (two alternatives), which is nearly all the secondary characters, so I'm betting there's one for them.

3) I can't win the last chocobo race. What does the rider say when you beat her, and what does the guy blocking the path to Tidus' Celestial Weapon say?

Other than that, I've got pretty much everything.

12-02-2007, 02:38 AM
Whoops, correction to #1 -- Clasko appears on the S.S. Liki if you tell him to retire from the knights. Regardless, I can't find the alternate ending.

12-02-2007, 08:23 AM
I don't know about the International version, but the regular version has no alternate ending. It's just a rumor.

[edit] Oh... minor alternate endings... Well those guys don't have any bearing on the story past those points... I know that whichever one you pick for Clasko, he's given up on it by FFX-2.