12-08-2007, 03:48 AM
-- Ideas and Meanings --
I see the world destroying itself without even noticing.
I see people lying to each other to get something that it is not worth anything.
I see children being mislead to do something that has no meaning.
I see humanity trying to survive without their creator guiding them in their lives.

If the world becomes uninhabitable, what will be the last species standing?
If people deny their existence on the earth they step on, who are we going to remember?
If the sun goes out, what will shine on the path of progress?
If the wind is what keeps the fire marching, what are we going to do to keep the wind from blowing?

As lies are a way to protect something, truth is used to expose something that is protected.
That hero that betrays its people due to corruption will be feared of his underestimated and true power.
The person who advances forward will see the future and take advantage of the present.
Different theories of religion will forever fight to keep its name going strong.

The birth of artificial life will be when the world removes God from their memories and thoughts.
The soul of man that drives him to do what he does will make him do something that is unique and powerful.
The day when good and evil collide for its final battle,
People who choose the one side for �salvation� or �power� will have their soul used for the sake of winning the apocalyptic war.
The end of life will not be when humanity has exhausted the planet's resources of energy,
But when humanity has realized that without their creator, they're all going into a dark place that will torture their soul for eternity.

-- Death's View --
Man's weapons will eventually destroy the earth that gave life to us.
Celestial matter will strike the earth without mercy.
Light will abandon humanity when it is needed the most.
The air will be contaminated with man's cellular manipulation,
And will kill him form within.

The generation of the future will try to survive in their present,
And will blame the generation of the past for their ignorance.
A third-world country will start to form where the rich once called home.
Poverty and famine will increase rapidly because of the sake of Pride.
The thought of man will be to blasphemy God.
And their soul will tested for faith.

Darkness will consume man,
Only seeking destruction and death.
Their mind will be set to survive at any cost.
Their experience will be put to the test,
To determine who will survive in a hard environment and atmosphere.

And for Death,
Death goes everywhere where evil goes.
The sword of death will strike anyone whose time has come or passed.
Both sides of the battlefield will welcome Death until one person stands.
And that one person will laugh at Death's face.

-- Human Senses --
Look up in the sky, you'll see a second sun.
The rivers are filled with a red substance that spreads openly.
The trees are lifeless due to human intervention.
The sky has turned dark, with no clouds, and not at night.
And the sun has become to big,
It is giving warning of the end.

Listen to the explosion of man's weapon,
He has killed his own species.
People are wailing in the streets and in their homes,
Because of war has hit home.
They hear the scream of others in the distance,
Fear has entered them now.
They hear the command of their leader with an attentive look,
They're practically slaves now.
The sound of silence is nowhere to be found,
Their psyche is becoming more fragile to the idea of insane.

The feeling happiness is gone.
Staring at the souls that they once had.
Feel the fire that consumes you.
If you want relief,
You must go through painful torture.
You feel sad and anger at the same time,
I know because you've been betrayed and compromised by me.

You speak like you're in command.
Others speak against you,
What you're saying is wrong.
But others agree with you.
They are saying to believe in him.
The people have spoken.
It's time for change.

Taste the mud and your blood when you are shot in the back of the head.
That will be your last taste.
The food is now rotten.
You still eat it, no matter the consequences.
Your taste for human meat and the thirst of blood has you quenching for it.
Sooner or later, you become a cannibal,
Eating nothing but your own species.

The Dead bodies around you have you gagging from the stench.
The smell of burned human flesh has got you praying for those poor souls.
Along your journey, you smell roses, but you don't see any.
It must be you imagination.
You think back when you were in your mother's luscious garden.
Now you regret leaving home for the third world war.

-- Inner Pain --
I cannot stand this anymore.
I try to become something,
But something is always holding me back.
I feel the essence of loneliness sinking in every time.

People around me don't even notice my presence.
I fall down, no one tries to help me get back up.
I warn people of oncoming destruction,
But they just laugh at my stupidity.

I force myself to become stronger than everyone around me,
But my body and conscience says to stop.
I can never feel happy when the voices say what a disgrace I am.
I try to remember my past,
But they will just haunt me in my dreams.
I always felt like I wanted to be loved.
Why do I feel this?

This weakness of mine is destroying carefully.
I try to control,
But the pain comes back stronger.
I will eventually become useless, unstable, and undermined.
Maybe it's time to kill my enemies.

-- The Ending World --
Electric path flowing.
Earth rapidly spinning.
Magnetic filed creating super storms.
Bolts hitting at 1000 times per second.
Wind creating funnels.

End of the world coming to its revelation.
Destruction where the eye can see.
People crying for peace.
People shouting for freedom.
Children hide from fear.
Death looks over the people,
Choosing its next victim.
Our sins will determine our fate.

Storms washes away the filth.
Lightning illuminates the dark.
The wind reveals hidden secrets.
Ice freezes our past.
People run for shelter.

Gunmen prepare their weapons.
Roadblocks in every street.
The people silently march towards their revolution.
Rain pours over the government,
Telling to change its image.

Unknown cell rises from the ashes.
Becomes a virus that mixes with the bloodstream.
Infecting every cell that it encounters.
It duplicates itself to dominate its host.
More people fall as its victim.
It becomes more aggressive,
Repelling any vaccine.
Soon it becomes a worldwide epidemic infection.
Zero percent chance of survival.

-- World Leader --
People thought that you were insane.
When millions of people disappeared without an explanation,
You were there to change their belief.

You abuse your powers to make yourself look like a god.
You tell people your lies to get what you want.
People believe in you,
Now look what you have.

You talk low, then finish at a exploding rate.
You hear people cheering for you.
Now they're saying your name
Chanting it...
They're proclaiming that you're their savior.
They bow to protect your name from any means necessary.
They'll torture anyone who doesn't want to believe in you.
They'll kill anyone who opposes your name.
And you'll do the same.

Now it has come to this.
Your adversaries have declared war on you.
You have built a secret army acting as regular citizens.
You fight without any mercy.
Telling your soldiers it's for the greater cause.
You gave them the mark to make them superhumans.
And that mark is the mark of the beast.
The beast that represents all evil in all humans.

With the devil beside you,
You are not human.
You're just a pawn to make people in him.

As the apocalyptic war closes in on your line of sight,
God will strike you down before you go to far.
You will cry in his presence,
But he knows what your soul is,
And he will send you down to hell once again.
God will reclaim his creation and make life as it was in the beginning.

12-08-2007, 04:17 AM
These are poems I have written over the past 3 years when I'm at home or at school when I don't have any work to do. So far, I haven't written anything in a while as I'm trying to write a book and hoping to get it published when I'm done. I still have some unfinished poems, and when I'm done I'll post them up.

Thanks for reading.

Memento Mori
12-16-2007, 02:34 AM
Well, you're definitely opinionated, I'll give you that, but instead of cascading with beauty like most good poetry should, it just looks like a list of rants written with a standard poetic template. I think it's written well enough, I suppose, strongly enough evoking your point, but this would work better almost like a speech. And a pet peeve of mine is starting nearly every line with the same phrase or word over and over again. To me it just shows you simply cared about telling your point without showing some tlc to your work to make it memorable.

01-10-2008, 09:41 AM
reminds me of when i take acid

01-10-2008, 09:44 AM
how can reality be real if wat we perceive is just that?
how can you expect answers with questionable questions?
how can one expect a postive result from negative actions?

ahhh look at the flashing light... how does it do that?