SD Lead Sponge
12-29-2007, 09:37 PM
I reached Braska's Final Aeon (Jecht), realized I was just a little weak, and headed back via the airship to acquire the Nirvana.

I have the Cloudy Mirror, the Celestial Mirror, Nirvana, the Moon Crest (from Besaid) and all that is missing for Nirvana is the Moon Sigil. My understanding is that Begemine gives the Moon Sigil after defeating her Magus Sisters. I've already acquired Anima and Yojimbo and fought all her aeons (except the sisters) and have the Flower Scepter. All I'm missing (I think) is the Crown Blossom to obtain the Magus Sisters for the final fight with Begemine, and, hence, the Moon Sigil. But the Crown Blossom is given from the arena owner (near Calm Lands)--and hence my current problem.

Problem: I captured all ten fiends from the Calm Lands. I also went through the cave you get Yojimbo from (captured that ghost that casts doom, captured tonberry, the things that cast reflect on themselves, those fire plants, and, I believe, everything in that cave except those flower pots). I also went through the long Mt. Gagazet path, capturing everything I encountered and then went to the cave north of Gagazet (the cave with plenty of water and immediately after the place where Tidus touches a wall and has a dream with the Fayth) traversing the rivers and ground capturing everything encountered. That arena guy has not given it to me yet.

Am I missing something important? Could it possibly be because I captured the first ten fiends (from the Calm Lands) prior to acquiring Anima and the Cloudy and Celestial Mirrors, could that throw it off?


SD Lead Sponge
12-30-2007, 05:06 AM
I went ahead and played with Anima and 1 MP weapons for Rikku, Lulu and Yuna (and I would like to thank Scryer in Thread 42556 , who made comments about using the Three Stars for the 1 MP weapon abilities). The finishing touch was Yuna with Grand Summon on Anima, followed by an already charged Anima overdrive. Almost anti-climatic.

Great game, though I wish I hadn't seen the ending prior--spoiled some of it, but it was still great regardless. Made it in my favorites. Can't wait to play it again, has tons of replay value. Though disappointed that it is my first PS2 game, hard to imagine I'll find any that will top that.


12-31-2007, 12:57 AM
the signal that belgemine gives you has nothing to do with the cesteral weapon. Flower septor blossom crown and have all aeons, to get the magus sisters. If you want the nirvana, just get the mirror from the chocobo race, and go where you make the cestral weapons and the plant will bless the mirror and it becomes cloudy mirror, then open the box and you get nirvana, but in order to get the magus sisters you have to collect all the monsters from mtgagazet as well as calm lands.