01-02-2008, 06:20 PM
Yes, I know where to get Slime Oil, but just one thing I'm not sure about.

There's a bazaar item that you need Slime Oil for (Flask of Viscous Liquid), but while many places say you need four of them, I heard that you actually need just one. I have the BradyGames guide saying I need four, but it's possible that that's a misprint and that's why FAQs claim it, but nearly every faq I find says you need four when I google "Flask of Viscous Liquid", and few say one.

One makes more sense considering how you can only get it in the footracing thing (once) and stealing from Orthros. I saw a faq saying that Slimes in the Zertinan Caverns drop them but I'm pretty sure that's not true... unless someone begs to differ?

I know you can get four if you keep exiting and re-entering Orthros' lair before fighting it, but seeing as that's the only way it sounds retarded that the game-makers would expect you to do that to complete a bazaar recipe. Then again they didn't include any hint in the game for avoiding the Zodiac Spear chest so I can't really rely on what they expect, lol...

So... I'm about to fight Orthros and don't wanna waste my time if I don't have to, so... four or one?

01-05-2008, 01:15 PM
My guide says you need 4 of them - however the "Flask Of Viscous Liquid" is only a Hi-Ether, so unless you really want it I wouldn't bother