Scar Man
01-07-2008, 07:05 AM
I mean beating this freak the second time!

Anyone ever tried out?

I tried,man,it was definetly a near-death experience...

I tossed almost everthing i had,20 remedies,a few elixirs and ethers,and a bunch of potions and phoenix downs!

I started out onslaughting that annoying wolf,it took me 30 minutes.Next is to punch out that freak.He can kill one of my members in 3 hits,so just imagine how many phoenix downs i've used for expense!Hit-run-hit-run,this is my only stradegy,and it kept on like this for the next 90 minutes(2 hours finishing this battle).Yeah ,and at last i've run out of phoenix downs,but the same time the freak is near death ,too~and yeah,it's showdown!

Gosh,could you imagine?with only Panelo surviving at last,with only 1000hp(i'll be cut in pieces within one slash),and 10mp(i'm perparing the ethers!),running around like crazy!

But 阿彌陀佛﹗thank god,i made it,just before i got myself in pieces and thrown i n the sea feeding sharks,i had a chance to unleash  my quickenings with my remaining mp. Whoa,that's incredible!�