01-09-2008, 10:42 PM
Hi there guys!

Around 5 years ago I been in Europe and I beat FFX, I defeated all the dark aeons and side monsters.

Now, I'm in the US and I own the NTFS version. I'm replying the game and I noticed there are no dark aeons.

There is a problem. I left the destruction sphere in Besaid temple (the first one)

On the internacional version, when you go back you fight Dark Valefor. With these version as there is no dark valefor, I just can enter the village, however, there is a guy in front of the temple who says me to go before I'm seen... How can I reenter the temple? I need it for anima!


01-09-2008, 10:49 PM
I am not sure what is wrong, you should be able to retry all the temples up to Bevelle if you didn't get the bonus items. It may have something to do with it being the NTFS version.

01-09-2008, 10:51 PM
Yeah... I forgot accidentally to get that one. I have all the darn spheres (I learned the lesson on the PAL version, when I left Macalania one and then, I had to beat dark shiva to reenter...

But now... with this version there is no way to reenter... a boys says me to go away before I'm seen :S

Maybe I found the response (I hope)

I found in someplace this

After you have dealt with Maester Mika on the Highbridge (he's dead at last!), beam up to the airship.

That makes no sense for the international version (as I got anima before fighting Mika) but makes it for the ntfs (there are no aeons) and I can't enter the temple due warriors inside (lol... I wouldn't matter to be seen... I could crush them) So I hope after beating Mika, I can enter Besaid temple again (as that post only complains about Bevelle)

I just got the airship and flew straightforward to Besaid (without going to see Mika) so maybe it's that.


Yep... I did meet with Mika and I was able to reenter Besaid.
I have Anima now... however...

I'm sure Oblivion dealt 99,999 x amount of punches (around 25 times)... how comes the US version just does 99,999??? One time only?!

PAL or Internacional version is a lot better :(

01-12-2008, 06:02 AM
Rolf... Delta Attack is weakened as well... just 99,999 one time :eek:



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