01-13-2008, 12:14 AM
ok, ok, I've started FFXII again. last time I played it, I just gave each character whatever random weapon I thought suited them.
this time, I wanna do it right.

so I'm wondering, based on the character's stats, what are the best types weapons for each of them?

e.g. Penelo - Dagger,
Basch - Axe

and, what types of weapons did YOU give each character?

01-13-2008, 12:15 AM
I usually just used the strongest weapons available at a given time.

I finished the game, but I need to go back finish up Order of Ambrosia, so right now Ashe has the Zodiac Spear, Vaan has the Tournasol, and Penelo has the Masamune.

01-13-2008, 12:22 AM
but i plan on training all the characters.
and it saves license points if i only stick to one type of weapon for each person.

01-13-2008, 03:14 AM
I wouldn't use Axes, Hammers, or Handbombs. The damage dealt varies greatly, and though they can get some seriously powerful hits in, they also deal pitiful blows. I was using an axe at Lv 50 something and think it only did like 200 damage (my other characters were dealing consistent 2000ish damge)

As for the weapons I used, I pretty much stuck to what they started with (type). I know Fran's supposedly slowest with bows, I kept her with them. Penelo also uses a bow (and occasionally a crossbow). Vaan and Ashe use one-handed swords, Balthier uses guns (except when fighting flans and the like - then he uses a crossbow), and Basch uses either spears, katanas or greatswords. I'll probably change these when I finally get the ultimate weapons, though.

01-26-2008, 07:20 AM
I actually found a very good blog entry, I believe it is, about this exact topic.

(All credit goes to Trigon from Otaku Fridge Boards)

Vaan (all high stats): He can use anything, really. Vaan is tied for the highest Strength in the game after level 90 (and is always 2nd or 3rd throughout the game before that), so the Str weapons (Spear, Greatsword, Pole, Rod, Sword, Crossbow) are probably best. Magic is his lowest stat (even though he's the 3rd best mage in the game), so probably avoid Maces unless you build him as a primary mage.

Ashe (highest Magic, Vitality slightly above average, Strength slightly below average, low Speed): Mace is the best since it's damage is based entirely on Magic. She is also decent with Katanas and Staffs (Str + Mag). Daggers and Bows (Str + Spd) are the worst choices for her. Note that in the mid-to-late levels she has the highest Strength of the female characters, so if you're like me and want to use an all-girl party, she's your best choice for fighter.

Basch (highest Strength, Lowest vitality, low speed, average Magic): Greatsword, Spear, Rod, Sword, Crossbow, and Pole are best. He is decent with Katanas & Staffs (Str + Mag) or Bows (Str + Spd) as well. Hammers, Axes, and Hand-Bombs are his worst choices (Str + Vit).

Penelo (high Magic, lowest Strength, average Speed, high Vitality): Penelo has by far the lowest Strength for pretty much the whole game. Since most weapons are based on Strength in some way, this is bad for her weapon damage. Her Magic is second highest for most of the game, and is tied with Ashe as highest at level 99. Maces are the best choice her her. Staffs and Katanas are ok. She is worst with the pure Str weapons obviously. She's also pretty bad with Bows, Daggers, and ninja swords (Str + Spd). She's terrible with every ranged weapon. Sadly, since she's 0.2 seconds slower with Guns, she' worse with them them other characters. (Which is bad because they would ignore her otherwise low Strength).

Balthier (highest Speed, High Str & Vit, lowest Mag): Balthier has the lowest Magic for the entire game. His Strength is second or third highest for most of the game (and only behind Vaan or Basch by 1-2 points at most). He has the highest Speed (although sometimes tied with Vaan). He's good with Daggers and Ninja Swords (Str + Spd), and with Hamemrs, Axes and Hand-Bombs (Str + Vit). You can't go wrong with any of the Str weapons either (see Basch above). The 0.2 attack delay with all ranged weapons makes him worse than others using them. :(

Fran (all stats below Average): Poor, poor Fran. She's one of my favorite characters story wise, but her stats suck across the board. It seems like she's the Kimahri of this game. (I don't know what Square-Enix has against non-human characters, dammit!) She's not particularly good with any weapon. With the 0.2 attack speed penalty, she's especially bad with Bows. Maces are her best weapon (even though she's only 4th best with them behind Ashe, Penelo and Vaan). Daggers or Ninja Swords are ok (Str + Spd), but those weapons tend to stink. Probably best to slap a gun on her since it ignores all her stats, and she does not have an attack speed penalty with Guns.

Weapons are not created equal. The best weapon in the game is arguably a Spear (Zodiac). The next best are a Greatsword (Tournesol) and a Katana (Masamune). Other weapons are pretty close, and the list varies a bit depending on your level. (For example, the Gun is really good the lower your character's level, while Unarmed combat with the Brawler augment gets significantly better at higher levels.)

The Main Gauche is just a sick defensive weapon for the whole game. You won't deal a lot of damage with it, but it is crazy good for any tank.
(The Main Gauche is a weak dagger that offers up incredible evasion, +34, I believe)

Another thing that I can add. Fran, Balthier, and Penelo all have a 0.2 second delay on ranged weapons. Personally I don't understand it since Fran and Balthier start off with them, but that is how the game is made.

I do hope this helps!

01-26-2008, 07:54 PM
I gave vaan zodiac spear my bro sez vaan best with it cuz hes the fastest i gave balthier the formalhut ashe the masamune (aurons wep yay) penelo danjuro baschexcalibur and fran sagitarias (my star sighn yayhay)

01-27-2008, 09:17 PM
ahh Nightrikku, that has helped A LOT. thanks 0_0

01-27-2008, 09:19 PM
Yeah no problem. I went searching for this information not too long ago and this was the best I found!

01-28-2008, 10:57 AM
That blog entry exaggerates the actual stat differences. It's not actually that much of a difference between the best and worst characters in any given stat. Plus, they neglected to mention that Fran (whom I use frequently, and who I find to be an excellent character in battle if you know how to use her) has one of the best MP totals in the game. It's either the best or the second best, after Ashe, though I understand that stats can vary between save files, as there's a random factor too. Also, I never knew about the 0.2 second delay that supposedly occurs when you use ranged weapons on Fran, Balthier and Penelo, and I can't say I've noticed it either, despite the fact I've regularly used Fran and equipped her with Bows throughout the majority of most of my games. So it's probably not that big a deal.

As for weapons, the blog has some good ideas for maximising damage, but that's not always the best way to go about it. I often use a more defensive strategy that involves putting one or two tanks (maybe equipped with a Main Gauche) as the focal point of my attack and using ranged weapons and magic on the third character, who will typically be a magic user and have lower HP and Vitality. This will often be a better strategy that simply pounding away with high-damage strategies.

Also, remember that certain armour can influence your stats, so equip weapons accordingly. A Theif's Cap/Ninja Gear combo will give you a +5 or +6 bonus to Speed, for example, which is great when using Bows or Daggers. While using mystic armour will give you a magick power boost which can be useful when used in combination with a Mace.

Also, as Slavka says - avoid the random-damage weapons like the plague. They are seldom useful unless you find them at a point in the game when they are well ahead of the 'normal' damage weapons in terms of their position on the Licence Board. Basically, if you happen to stumble on one which is well beyond the selling price of the other weapons you have, use it, but otherwise, avoid them.

Generally, though, you should look to equip the most powerful weapons available to you. Character stats can enhance weapons' potency slightly, but there's no point equipping someone with a sucky weapon just because it matches their 'natural' weapon choice.

Marshall Lee
01-28-2008, 04:35 PM
ahh Nightrikku, that has helped A LOT. thanks 0_0

also stick with their default and only default weapon licenses if you want to save & stock points.



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