01-18-2008, 01:57 PM
Hey guys, just a note this is for the PSP 20th Anniversary Editions of FFI+II.
- - -

Recently, I bought FFI and II 20th Anniversary Editions for my PSP.

FFI was simple enough, as was the main part of FFII.

However, in FFII, the bonus dungeons (Arcane Labyrinth's NE, NW, S)
I'm having a bit of trouble.

I hear that to obtain the 'Revive' tome, you require a Key Item obtained in the 'Guardian' arena.

I have tried and tried to understand what Deumion's friend is telling you to do, and I have raced around the map endless amounts of times trying to 'head the guards off at the pass'.

Every time I go anywhere, the guards are always in the same spots immediately after talking to them:

1st - Just below the starting spot.
2nd - About 3 feet below their first position.
3rd - Deumions house.

I simply can't get there fast enough after talking to them the 2nd time, but when I go there before then, no-one is home and its just an empty house with the FFII theme music playing.

I'm wondering, is the 'Rod of Hope' or whatever it is, found somewhere else on the map? Is it found AFTER Deumion is taken? Or am I just doing something wrong?

Any advice would be great!