01-23-2008, 02:36 PM
Just curious, how does everybody here pronounce the names of the summons in this game? I'd been pronouncing Belias as "Bell-e-ihs" for a while, but more often lately, it's seemed better to me to pronounce it to rhyme with the name "Elias." Here are some of the others:

Mateus - "Ma-tay-ihs"
Adrammelech - "A-drah-muh-leck"
Zalera - "Za-lair-uh"
Shemhazai - "Shem-hah-zay"
Cuchulainn - "Coo-chool-ain"
Exodus - standard, the way anyone would pronounce "exodus"
Hashamal - "Ha-sha-mal"
Zeromus - "Zero-mis"
Famfrit - two syllables, seems obvious
Chaos - standard
Ultima - "Uhl-tih-muh"
Zodiark - same as zodiac, except with "ark" at the end instead

01-23-2008, 04:15 PM
Mateus - "Ma-tay-uus"
Shemhazai - "Shem-ha-zI" (like the letter 'I' at the end)
Cuchulainn - "Coo-choo-line"
Hashamal - "Ha-sha-mal"
Zeromus - "Zay-ro-muhs"
Famfrit - "Fahm-freet"
Ultima - "Uhl-tee-muh"

The others I pronounce the same~

Trance Moogle
01-23-2008, 11:37 PM
Pronunciations are always confusing to me.

Belias - bell-ee-us
Adrammelech -add-dra-mull-leck
Mateus - muh-tay-us
Zalera - zuh-lair-ah
Shemhazai - shem-haaz-ee
Cuchulainn -coo-choo-lawn
Exodus - way it's said
Hashamal -hash-mall
Zeromus - zero-mus
Famfrit - fam-freet
Chaos - way it's said
Ultima - way it looks
Zodiark - zode-ee-ark

01-24-2008, 02:58 AM
Belias - Belly-ass
Adrammelech - Ad-ra-ma-lek
Mateus - Ma-tay-uus
Zalera - Zal-ay-ra
Shemhazai - Shem-ha-za�
Cuchulainn - Coo-tchoo-lain
Exodus - Ex-o-dooss
Hashamal - Ha-sha-mal ("mal" as in a shoping mall)
Zeromus - zero-mus
Famfrit - fam-freet
Chaos - Ka-os (lol)
Ultima - Ul-ti-ma (:P)
Zodiark - Zo-dee-ark

01-24-2008, 03:04 AM
Belias - Baily-us
Adrammelech - Adram-melech
Mateus - Ma-tay-us
Zalera - Za-lair-a
Shemhazai - Shem-ha-za�
Cuchulainn - Ku-choo-lain
Exodus - duh
Hashamal - Hash-a-maal
Zeromus - zero-mus
Famfrit - fam-frit
Chaos - duh
Ultima - duh
Zodiark - Zodiac but with the ark at the end, like Agent

01-24-2008, 09:00 AM
Belias - Belly-Ahss (accented A)
Adrammelech - "Ad-ram-ma-lech" (you know the "ch" from the throat... lol I'm Israeli so naturally any foriegn word where "ch" is pronounced like "K", usually German. I may be wrong though but I think this Esper's name comes from Hebrew because "melech" is king, dunno about the first part.
Mateus - Muh-tay-us
Zalera - Zuh-lair-uh
Shemhazai - Shem-huh-zye
Cuchulainn - Koo-choo-lane (probably wrong but that's how I say it)
Exodus - ...
Hashmal - First of all, it's "Hashmal" and not "Hashamal". Secondly, it's funny because in modern Hebrew the word "Hashmal" (pronounced Chashmal with the throat "ch") means ELECTRICITY. That's immediately what I imagined when I first got to him, but here he is using earthy tricks. Makes absolutely no sense and sounds funny, but I pronounce his name like the word with the H as a throated "ch" like "Chahsh-mahl"
Zeromus - Sometimes Zero-miss and sometimes "zuh-roe-muss".
Fanfrit - How it's spelled, not to mention just how Cid pronounces it.
Chaos - ...
Ultima - ...
Zodiark - Like Zodiac with "ark" at the end.

01-24-2008, 05:24 PM
Belias - Be-ly-ass
Adrammalech - A-dram-ma-leck
Mateus - May-tee-us
Zalera - Za-leer-a
Shemhazai - Shem-hi-zai
Cuchulainn - Coo-shoo-lain
Exodus - As it's spelt
Hashmal - As it's spelt
Zeromus - Zeh-roe-muss
Famfrit - As it's spelt
Chaos - As it's spelt
Ultima - As it's spelt
Zodiark - Like zodiac with "ark" instead of "ac"