01-26-2008, 08:57 AM
I need your help!!!! I run a anime/ video game graphics website called Anime Phantom. www.animephantom.limedaisy.com.

I currently run this website on my own, without any help from anyone. being a college student, running this site on my own has become extremely difficult. Making new layouts, code the layouts, place them on my site, do ANY site editing that is needed, make new graphics, do frequent site updates (at elast once a week), adding new anime/manga summaries, hunt for affiliates, hunt for graphics stealers, and any other work that is associated with the site has to be done all on my own. This equates to about 256 hours that I have to put into this website every month in order to keep it running. As I said before, being a college student, aswell as double majoring in art and music, having classes that go until 6:30 pm everyday, being a member of a band, working on a manga, and taking saxophone lessons all take up too much for for me to work on this website. It takes so much time to do everything that I can't get everything done. I don't want to close the site, but I just can't keep running it on my own.

that's why I need staff members!!!! What does being a staff member entail? It includes making graphics, doing site updates, making layouts, editing the site, adding sections to the anime and manga summaries, monitoring the forums, and searching for theives.

Why would I want to help you, you may be wondering? Because there are many priviledges that come with being a staff member.

1.) If you own a website, your website gets to become a sibling (which means links to the site on every page)
2.) you get to help make graphics for the various sections of the site.
3.) If you are assigned to the role of manga section editor or anime section editor, you get to make the profiles and summaries for those anime.
4.) You get to make the layout for the site when Hiro announces you can (all layouts put up on the site MUST be approved by Hiro).
5.) staff gifts
6.) my website gets visitors from Australia, Canada, the US, Indonesia, the Phillippines, china, Japan, and many other countries. Putting your graphics on this site gives you a place to put them where the whole word can see.
7.) This website will be free forever, so you'll never have to pay for anything EVER!!

1.) You must have graphic designing experience
2.) You must have a link to examples of your work. at least one graphic and a button is required.
3.) You must know HTML
4.) you must be either an affiliate or sibling or have good history on the site
5.) you must not have EVER been caught stealing graphics or spamming the tagboards or guestbook, or any thing else that would get you added tp the Wall of Shame
6.) type in "Crosell" in a seperate line in the message so that I know you've read the rules.
7.) You can be someone I know so that I know I can trust you, but I can figure out impersonators by simply asking some questions, so don't even try.
8.) You must have a graphic design program (Photoshop, PSP, etc.) and you must tell me which program you have.
9.) You must be able to make table, div, and pop up layouts
10.) you have to have a website, and an email address that I can contact you at. an AIM, yahoo Instant messenger, or MSN screen name is also highly reccomended, but not required.

Rules 3 and 4 are not necessary, but are reccommended. You also don't have to know how or be good at everything I need, but if you can do only 1 or 2 of them well, I still need you!!!

If you have any question or are interested in helping me, send a me a message on myspace, email me at vegtio1989@yahoo.com, or IM me. my screenames are:
AOL Instant Messenger: urbansamurai431
MSN: urbansamurai431@hotmail.com
Yahoo: vegtio1989

Thank you for reading this and thank you sooooo much to anyone that wants to help.



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