02-26-2008, 03:38 AM
Why couldn't they just put a save point in the crystal tower post fighting Xande? I mean, maybe I did not level up my party correctly or something, but it was HELL handling the World of Darkness without one.

Just like tackling Pandemonium in Final Fantasy II.

Anyone else have similar problems?

Also, I heard that when Final Fantasy III was in the beta testing, they originally HAD a save point post Xande, but took it out saying it was too easy.

Does the word "grr" come to mind?

Trance Moogle
02-26-2008, 10:09 PM
That definately was disappointing to find out but I guess everyone just had to deal with it.

I put off doing the world of darkness after not being able to save, just turned the game off. I eventually came back to the game months later because I knew if I never got past it and beat the final boss I would never feel that sense of accomplishment towards FF III.

I beat the world of darkness and the final boss on the first try but it would really suck if you got up to the final boss and lost. having to do those 4 bosses beforehand over again. And I mean the final boss was a little harder then I expected so I know I would get so frustrated if that happened.